Cobra: 1985 Personnel and Equipment


Eels: those Cobras who excel as divers, whether in that position officially or from personal experience, can train to become Eels. These experts in underwater combat and demolitions are the elite forces of Cobra's various naval operations. Availability:

Eels (MSH Classic)

Eels (4C System)

Eels (Marvel Saga)

Lampreys: Lampreys are Eels who have been extensively trained in ship to ship combat maneuvers, and are assigned their own Moray hydrofoils. They use these craft to patrol Cobra-controlled beachfronts, and regularly engage in battle with other ships. Availability:

Lampreys (MSH Classic)

Lampreys (4C System)

Lampreys (Marvel Saga)

Snow Serpents: Snow Serpents are Eels who've been extensively trained in cold weather operations, and are trained extensively in Arctic and Antarctic survival techniques. Capable of fighting on the ice or under the waves, Snow Serpents are intractable foes! Availability:

Snow Serpents (MSH Classic)

Snow Serpents (4C System)

Snow Serpents (Marvel Saga)

Tele-Vipers: vital cogs in Cobra operations, Tele-Vipers are the men and women who relay messages back and forth between the Cobra command and its subordinates. As such, it's rare to see Cobra's leadership without a Tele-Viper handy. Availability:

Tele-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Tele-Vipers (4C System)

Tele-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard:

the Crimson Guard: Cobra's elite shock troops, the Crimson Guard are expert infiltrators and saboteurs. Possessing advanced degrees in addition to their subversive training, those targeted by the Guard rarely, if ever, see them coming. Availability:

the Crimson Guard (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Guard (4C System)

the Crimson Guard (Marvel Saga)

Wade Collins: a former POW disillusioned with America after the Vietnam war, Wade was easily seduced by Cobra's promises. It wasn't until he became one of their elite Crimson Guard that, with the help of friends, he saw through their lies. Availability:

Wade Collins (MSH Classic)

Wade Collins (4C System)

Wade Collins (Marvel Saga)

Professor Appel: one of the older Crimson Guard operatives, Professor Appel is arguably its smartest. The genius behind the successful, diabolical plot to create Cobra Island, Appel is one of the few scientists that Cobra Commander trusts. Availability:

Professor Appel (MSH Classic)

Professor Appel (4C System)

Professor Appel (Marvel Saga)

Tomax: a cutthroat financier, accomplished acrobat, and amoral mercenary, Tomax is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Xamot. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Tomax (MSH Classic)

Tomax (4C System)

Tomax (Marvel Saga)

Xamot: an accomplished acrobat, amoral mercenary, and cutthroat financier, Xamot is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Tomax. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Xamot (MSH Classic)

Xamot (4C System)

Xamot (Marvel Saga)


Buzzer: a former Cambridge sociologist, Buzzer joined an Australian biker gang after studying it, finding it a great outlet for his new hatred for modern life. Too much for them to handle, Dick eventually wound up working for Zartan. Availability:

Buzzer (MSH Classic)

Buzzer (4C System)

Buzzer (Marvel Saga)

Ripper: evincing antisocial behavior since he was a toddler, Ripper grew up into a life of crime. This culminated with his joining the Dreadnoks, the only group that would have him, and occasionally performing freelance work for Cobra! Availability:

Ripper (MSH Classic)

Ripper (4C System)

Ripper (Marvel Saga)

Torch: violent and dim-witted, Torch has been an unrepentant discipline problem since birth. Too much for conventional motorcycle gangs to handle, Torch eventually wound up in Zartan's orbit, ultimately becoming one of that villain's Dreadnoks! Availability:

Torch (MSH Classic)

Torch (4C System)

Torch (Marvel Saga)


the Cobra Battle Field Kits: Cobra maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to the overall success of their plans. Availability:

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

the Ferret: the Ferret is fast and heavily armed, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. It allows Cobra operatives to rapidly dash into or out of a combat zone, and doubles as an excellent vehicle for either sentry patrols or surveillance missions. Availability:

the Ferret (MSH Classic)

the Ferret (4C System)

the Ferret (Marvel Saga)

the Flight Pod: colloquially known as the Trubble Bubble, Cobra's Flight Pod consists of a domed control chair held aloft by dual turbofan engines. Armed with a 30mm cannon and twin Warlock missiles, it's perfect for patrol and surveillance duty. Availability:

the Flight Pod (MSH Classic)

the Flight Pod (4C System)

the Flight Pod (Marvel Saga)

the Moray: arguably Cobra's greatest water-borne craft, the Moray is a high speed hydrofoil that lends itself to pursuit and attack missions. It is fast even before its hydrofoils are deployed, and is armed with numerous guns and missiles. Availability:

the Moray (MSH Classic)

the Moray (4C System)

the Moray (Marvel Saga)

the Night Landing: this small, lightweight raft, a self-inflatable nylon/polyskin composite, is great for aquatically inserting small forces into enemy territory. It can be driven with a large, outboard motor, or rowed for additional stealth. Availability:

the Night Landing (MSH Classic)

the Night Landing (4C System)

the Night Landing (Marvel Saga)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment: designed and built by Doctor Venom, these battlesuits make an ordinary infantryman as powerful as a tank. Additionally, Brainwave Scanner components in the armor allow a remote operator to seize control of its pilot. Availability:

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (MSH Classic)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (4C System)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (Marvel Saga)

Transport Helicopters: being either heavily modified or directly based upon the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, Cobra's transport helicopters are the workhorse of their air force. Though only lightly armed, they can haul lots of things or people far - and on the cheap! Availability:

Cobra Transport Helicopter (MSH Classic)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (4C System)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard:

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT): the target of Cobra espionage for years, the GI Joe team's MOBAT tank was finally duplicated by that organization's Crimson Guard. As such, the Guard has finally rolled out its functional equivalent, the Crimson Attack Tank! Availability:

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (4C System)

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS): as they did with the MOBAT, the Crimson Guard stole technical details of GI Joe's MMS for Cobra's use. Reproducing its functionality in the form of its Crimson Missile System, the Guard has staggering destructive capability! Availability:

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (4C System)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Sentry: the Sentry is a Cobra HISS modified (repainted) for use by the Crimson Guard. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the Sentry delivers serious fire power that is second only to an actual tank in practice. Availability:

the Crimson Sentry (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Sentry (4C System)

the Crimson Sentry (Marvel Saga)

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