the Flight Pod

Cobra Flight Pods, also known as Trubble Bubbles, are one-man aerial vehicles. They primarily consist of a control chair strapped to dual jets, which provide lift and propulsion, and give their operators the ability to see for a wide distance around them in all directions.

Heavily armed for such a small ride, the Flight Pod is an excellent choice for patrol or surveillance operations, or simply when attempting to attain the high ground in a given conflict. Cobra's Flight Pods have an m.s. of 7, and are equipped with the following features:

30mm Cannon (a): the primary armament on the Flight Pod, this front-mounted gun can be used to harrass targets on the ground or in the air! It can be fired to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage in a short burst, or their Agility +7 in damage during sustained fire.

Domed Canopy (s): this transparent dome covers the top half of the Flight Pod, allowing it to grant intensity 4 (+1) armor. While it can be targeted easily enough, it is designed to remain mostly intact, and will not give the vehicle's operator a face full of shattered glass if broken.

Flight / Levitation (a): the twin turbofan engines on the Flight Pod allow it to vertically take off and land, allowing a lot of them to be stored in a relatively small space. They can fly anywhere from zero to eighty miles per hour, giving them intensity 3 flight and levitation.

SNK-7 Aerial Mine (i): each Flight Pod can be programmed remotely to drop one of these devices, instead of holding a passenger. They hover in place via retro rockets, and detonate on contact with something to inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage.

Warlock LR-3.8 Missiles (i): one of these small, laser-guided projectiles are mounted on each side of the Flight Pod. They can inflict +1 damage if both are used (and hit) a singular foe, but otherwise inflict intensity 9 fragmentary damage upon impact.

1997 Variations

While the original Flight Pod was available in an off-white color scheme, the 1997 model came in a white and gray camouflage pattern, and a tinted dome canopy. Other than this, however, the second release of the Flight Pod is functionally identical to the original model.

2008 Variations

When reissued in 2008, the Flight Pod came in two different colors: the original off-white, and Cobra blue. Despite being visually refreshed, and having the mechanical components modernized slightly, these Flight Pods are functionally the same as the first.

Extra Goodies:

Flight Pod Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of Flight Pod:

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