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As are the rest of the Dreadnoks, save for Zartan and his various relatives, Buzzer is a completely normal human - at least, in a physical sense. While he may be a bit addled in the head, and has psychotic levels of anger, he possesses no super-human powers to speak of.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Chain Axe: should he run out of grenades, much less fuel in the back-mounted gas tank for his chainsaw, Buzzer breaks out his custom-made axe on a chain. At his leisure, Buzzer can use this weapon to inflict his Brawn value +1 RS in Slashing damage.

Chainsaw: this gas-powered, motorized saw is Buzzer's favorite expression of modern technology. Equipped with diamond-tipped blades, this saw can cut through items of up to m.v. 75, and inflicts rank value 10 Slashing damage in melee.

Grenades: Buzzer carries a bunch of grenades pinned onto his makeshift vest. Fragmentary in nature, these miniature explosives can detonate to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage to anything within one sector that is not under cover somehow.

Motorcycle: as do all the Dreadnoks, Buzzer utilizes a motorcycle - and sometimes, that motorcycle actually belongs to him! Regardless of who owns it, Buzzer often rides this beast into battle when not sitting on the Thunder Machine. This ride has the following characteristics:

RV 20
RV 150
RV 20
RV 0




Archaeology / Sociology: this is the scientific field Buzzer was an expert in before his psychotic break. This skill allows him a certain understanding of how people behave, and he gains a +1 RS when when trying to guess what move an opponent may make next.

Driving: while most people are capable of operating a motorized vehicle, Buzzer excels in the use of motorcycles above all else. He should receive a +1 RS on Handling or Coordination ACTIONs that are called for while he's riding his (or someone else's) bike.

Skill / Chainsaw: his personal favorite, Buzzer usually wields this weapon above and beyond all others, even though he does carry grenades and a weird chain-axe thing at all times. He can use this weapon in melee as though his Melee trait was +1 RS in value.


As one of the original Dreadnoks, Buzzer can naturally rely upon his many fellows - both old and new - for help. Sure, they're all rowdy, violent thugs, but as far as the Dreadnoks are concerned, they're all family. Buzzer has also had considerable dealings with Cobra in his day.


Buzzer's singular set of clothing consists of a tan shirt with the sleeves ripped off, blue jeans with black leather pads attached, green web gear, a black leather belt with a skull and crossbones buckle, a black wrist guard, brown leather boots, and his steel goggles.


Arrogantly assured of his own superiority, Buzzer's ego often gets him and his fellow Dreadnoks in more trouble than its worth. This isn't helped any by his psychotic resentment for the relics of modern society, which he often feels compelled to destroy at a moment's notice.

Real Name: Richard Blinken-Smythe
Occupation: biker thug, former Cambridge sociology student
Legal Status: citizen of England with a considerable criminal record in several countries
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Dick Blinken
Group Affiliation: the Dreadnoks, Cobra

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: blond
Eyes: unknown (always wears Coke-bottle glasses or steel goggles)
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Buzzer usually wears his hair in a ponytail, though for a while he trimmed it off (or perhaps someone removed it in a fight.) He also has several tattoos, including one of a cobra coiling around a dagger on his left bicep.


Long ago, Buzzer was an extreme left-wing sociology don at Cambridge, who had decided to study the phenomenon of biker gangs in Australia. Something went wrong while he was down under, though, for after a short period of time, Buzzer had become the object of his research.

Years of intense intellectual displeasure, coupled with his extreme indignation at society's two-faced morality, finally came to a head in the form of psychotic anger towards the expensive gewgaws of society. That's when Buzzer started taking chainsaws to everything within reach.

Before the Man could take him to task for this behavior, Buzzer fled on a motorcycle that may or may not have been his own. He eventually resurfaced as one of the Dreadnoks, a gaggle of biker thugs in the service of Zartan, a notorious, Zen cosmic biker hitman.

While Zartan is in charge, Buzzer often finds himself in command of his fellows, as both Ripper and Torch are about as dim as a black hole. They don't really like Buzzer barking orders at them, but they nonetheless appreciate his ability to find new and expensive things to smash.

The thinker of the bunch, Buzzer often winds up in more trouble than he's worth. Since Zartan works for Cobra, so do the Dreadnoks, and some of Buzzer's more creative impulses tend to get him on the bad side of the GI Joe team - but then, Buzzer is good at that.

For instance, during an escape from GI Joe, Buzzer started a chain of events that got Ripcord's girlfriend, Candy, killed outside Cobra's Springfield headquarters. Then there was the time Buzzer took his chainsaw to Mutt's dog Junkyard (which he paid for soon enough).

As time went on, though, most of the Dreadnoks' thinking was done by Zandar and Zarana, as Zartan himself became too busy to deal with such trivial concerns. Each of these siblings had a group of Dreadnoks to call their own, or so it seemed, and Buzzer rode with Zarana's bunch.

Much to the chagrin of Zarana's boyfriend, Road Pig. This state of affairs lasted until Zarana quit working for Cobra, and the Dreadnoks resumed their motorcycle-based crime spree... this time in the United States proper.

(Historical Divergence)

When Zartan returned to them, they even got serious.

These days, the Dreadnoks are a national phenomenon, a wide-ranging gang numbering in the thousands, with numerous bases and meeting houses. They have their fingers in all kinds of criminal operations, including mercenary work, which is how they returned to Cobra's tangled web.

Though it was wiped out a few years after the Dreadnoks left its ranks, Cobra recently made a startling comeback in America, and needed help that only the Dreadnoks could provide. As such, Buzzer and company resumed working for these would-be rulers of the earth.

Though their initial association with this group almost got the Dreadnoks' leadership arrested after a failed attack on Washington DC, they escaped at the last minute. So, Buzzer continues to work for either Cobra or the Dreadnoks in various criminal enterprises to this very day!

2004 Variations


Dying his clothing for a time, Buzzer wore a red-brown shirt with the sleeves ripped off, red-brown jeans with gray leather pads attached, black web gear, a black leather belt with a skull and crossbones buckle, a brown wrist guard, brown leather boots, and his steel goggles.

2007 Variations


Shoulder Armor: Buzzer inexplicably began wearing medieval armor on his left shoulder this year. His pauldron and rerebrace offer that portion of his body rank value 10 protection against physical attacks, but are otherwise just for show.


Buzzer's third ensemble includes a tan shirt with ripped off sleeves, blue jeans, a black leather belt with a skull and crossbones buckle, green web gear, a brown right wrist guard, a black leather left glove, gray leather boots, steel goggles, and a pauldron and rerebrace on his left shoulder.

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