Cobra Battle Field Kits

In addition to their large stock of vehicles, Cobra maintains a small selection of pre-packed, prefabricated kits that are ready to be shipped and assembled to virtually any location on earth when needed. Some are more involved than others, but all are vital to the team's never-ending campaign to slowly, but surely, take over the world! Known Cobra Battle Field Kits include the following:

1985 Field Kits

the Bunker

Cobra's Bunkers are small fortifications that can be quickly assembled to provide operatives both cover and shelter. Each Bunker is a round structure that has two gun ports ninety degrees apart from each other. Each gun port's rotary-fed D-133 mini-machine gun can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +5 in damage, or fire continuously to inflict their Agility +6 in damage.

The Bunker itself is of m.s. 13, and provides its occupants (usually up to two) intensity 12 (or +3) protection against incoming assaults. If they brave enemy fire, Cobras stationed at a given Bunker can step out to launch an MK-91H surface-to-air missile at any flying threats beyond the range of their D-133s. These radar-guided projectiles inflict intensity 10 damage upon whatever they hit.

the Rifle Range

Though they're not nearly as disciplined as a real military, Cobra nonetheless does its best to train its operatives in the fine art of gunplay. As such, they developed rifle range kits to rapidly deploy a proper firing range with which to hone individual Cobras' skills. This is better in the long run, as it tends to keep them from getting bored and shooting at any old thing.

From behind a short wall of m.s. 12, Cobras can fire one of several different firearms. These inflict one's Agility +4 in damage when firing a single round, their Agility +5 in damage when firing short bursts of ammunition, or their Agility +6 in damage during continuous fire. The targets included with the Cobra Rifle Range are of m.s. 12, allowing them to last a good long while.

1986 Field Kits

the Surveillance Port

Primarily intended for espionage and early warning, Cobra Surveillance Ports are equipped with powerful radar systems. Functioning at intensity 9, they can spot any object within their line-of-sight, to a maximum range of 500 miles. They also have a powerful radio transceiver, which has a 25 mile range (intensity 5), that can encrypt and decrypt both allied and enemy signals with intensity 10 ability.

Possessing an effective material strength of 9, the Surveillance Port will offer its occupants intensity 8 (or +2) protection from injury if inside, or if ducking behind its steel walls when manning its guns. Both of these firearms function per the machine guns included with the Rifle Range, and are generally supplied with a lot more ammunition, to hold the line for as long as possible during enemy advances.

2017 Field Kits

LAW Battle Station

The LAWBS (Laser Artiller Weapon Battle Station) is a powerful laser array with a very low vertical profile that Cobra can get running at a moment's notice. The 'star' of this kit is the Infinity variable-intensity dual beam emitter, mounted on a turret that can rotate 360 degrees - or pivot up to 90 degrees in the vertical. This powerful laser beam can inflict the gunner's Agility +7 in Armor Piercing energy damage.

The rest of the LAW Battle Station is devoted to operating the laser. From a powerful DC electrical supply to perimeter video sensors to thermal imaging sensors (which Cobras can use as intensity 5 night vision, if using them to target in the dark), this support gear lets the team use this weapon to inflict devastating damage to GI Joe forces before they even know what hit them!

While the original, 1986 GI Joe version of this apparatus came with an Army green base, the purloined Cobra variation on this technology naturally used their typical, almost Navy blue coloration - the better to tell the two apart.

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