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3 (17)


Like most Dreadnoks not related to Zartan, Torch is only a normal human, at least in the physical sense. Sure, he's an uneducated boor who likes to terrorize the countryside on his 'cycle, and spews flames from his namesake with some frequency, but he has no powers to speak of.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Acetylene Torch (i): the source of his nickname, this tool-turned-weapon is Torch's favorite implement of destruction. He can use the intense flames from this device to cut through items of up to m.s. 16, or emit a potent flame capable of inflicting intensity 10 fiery (energy) damage.

Knife (s): carried in a sheath on his right leg, this knife is not only visually impressive thanks to it's spike-knuckled finger guard, but it's also pretty handy, too. Made from m.s. 14 metals, Torch's favorite sharp implement of doom can inflict his Strength +2 damage in melee.

Motorcycle (i): as is the case with all Dreadnoks, Torch has a motorcycle - this is a requisite of being a Dreadnok, of course, but the man truly loves these powerful vehicles. Harry's very own, personal land chariot can move with intensity 7 propulsion.

Pistol (a): a backup for his torch, should he find himself unable to use that particular weapon, Torch carries a handgun in a holster on his left leg. This gun can be fired to inflict +4 damage with a single shot, or a much better +5 damage in a magazine-burning hail of lead.


Boating (a): a little known skill of Torch's is his ability to perform basic maritime duties, thanks to his time with the Merchant Marines. Whenever he's piloting a ship, charting a course, or even swabbing the deck, Torch may attempt related actions at a reduced difficulty.

Brawling (s): not really skilled in the fine art of fisticuffs, per se, Torch is nonetheless quite the competent brawler. Whenever he engages in unarmed melee with someone, he will render them comatose if he drops them to zero (0) Health or cards while fighting.

Skill / Flamethrowers (a): his claim to fame, this weapon is why people call Torch 'Torch'. Whenever he's using it to cut through metal, or silly law enforcement types, Torch may attempt required actions at one difficulty level lower than would otherwise be required.


One of the three original Dreadnoks, Torch can readily rely upon his fellows for assistance should it become necessary - they've worked together for too long to leave each other in the lurch. Also, Torch's got his very own 'hard grape soda' company to draw funds and such from!


Demolisher: Torch excels at destroying stuff, and thoroughly enjoys it, too. Sure he's a surly, greedy type, but his prime motivation for committing crimes seems to be the sheer thrill of breaking other people's stuff, typically with a prodigious application of fire.


When he first hooked up with Zartan's bunch, Torch wore the same basic outfit. It consists of a ratty pair of blue jeans, gray leather boots and gloves, a gray arm band, a black leather vest (no shirt, mind), a chain belt, a small 'skull' necklace, a red headband, and a black visor.


There's not much nice to say about Torch, really. He's an uneducated, unrepentant criminal thug, who even finds himself disliked by his fellow Dreadnoks from time to time. A veritable powder keg, Torch is capable of going from zero to violent in almost no time flat.

Real Name: Tom Winken
Occupation: criminal, thug-for-hire
Legal Status: citizen of Australia with a considerable criminal record in quite a few countries
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Dreadnoks

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: unknown (he's always wearing sunglasses)
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Torch usually has rather large mutton chops, tied together by his moustache, at all times. He also has a very large number of tattoos on his arms, including the Dreadnok logo.


Torch was always a problem child - never paying attention in school, and usually being a troublemaker when he bothered to show up. He was remanded to the Borstal reform school when he was but fourteen, and continued to apply himself towards not learning anything whatsoever.

He did like motorcycles, though. For a time, he rode with the Melbourne Maulers MC, but they didn't keep him around for long. Something about him being too much of a powder keg caused them to ditch Torch, but he wasn't meant to be a loner, for Zartan collected him soon enough.

This 'zen cosmic biker hit man', recently deranged after losing the inner peace he'd always strived for, was on a criminal rampage - and needed thugs like Torch. Along with two other bikers, Torch comprised the original Dreadnoks trio, though this group would become much larger in time.

Having had dealings with the terrorist organization known as Cobra, Zartan worked for them on and off over the next dozen years, and brought the Dreadnoks with him. Sure, Cobra has much more effective soldiers than the likes of Torch, but they needed Zartan's abilities.

So, Cobra had to put up with the lot of Zartan's many, many cronies.

Over time, Zartan's brother and sister, Zandar and Zarana, began to manage the Dreadnoks in Cobra's employ for Zartan, and Torch wound up in a group of the Dreadnoks managed by Zandar for a time. At least, he was until Cobra broke up back in '94 due to a massive military strike.

(Historical Divergence)

This freed the Dreadnoks up to go their own way, and as Zartan had been turned freshly 'evil' by Doctor Mindbender recently, he was more than willing to apply his considerable intelligence towards the enhancement of the Dreadnoks into a vast, nationwide criminal empire.

As this took place, though, Torch had perfected his own, unique alcoholic beverage, and began to brew it under the auspices of his own company. His drink, 'Uncle Winkin's Hard Grape Soda', was an instant hit, and the Dreadnok found himself rolling in money once it had established itself.

This hasn't deterred him from riding with his fellow Dreadnoks still, however. Whether or not they're tied up in some hare-brained scheme of Cobra's or engaging in mayhem of their own accord, Torch still sees the Dreadnoks as his one and only family!

2005 Variations


Grenades (i): since more is more, Torch has taken to carrying a few grenades with him on the job, held in place by a handy bandoiler. He can fling these devices to inflict intensity 10 slashing damage to every uncovered target within near missile distance of their detonation area.


Torch's second outfit is a new ensemble. It includes blue jeans with flames airbrushed onto the lower right leg, black leather boots and knee pads, gray leather belts, bandoilers, and fingerless gloves, steel wrist chains, a gray bandana, black sunglasses, and a gray turtleneck vest.

2009 Variations


Torch's third field 'uniform' is a variation on his first. It includes dark blue jeans, brown leather boots, gloves, and holsters for his gear, a black leather belt with a silver buckle, brown arm bands, a brown, chained leather vest, a black bandana, and a silver visor.

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