The SNAKE armor (System: Neutralizer - Armed Kloaking Equipment) is an advanced, prototype combat armor system devised by Doctor Venom in 1983 to be used against the Joe team. While extremely expensive to produce, the large and bulky SNAKE armor suits are invaluable to standard infantry forces in a firefight. SNAKE suits have these capabilities:

Ability Boost (w): a SNAKE unit affords its pilot exceptional increases in physical ability. Special targeting and environmental sensors increase one's Agility somewhat, and the sheer bulk and hydraulic power of the SNAKE's design enhances his or her Strength considerably. This power functions at intensity 4, adding a like amount to the pilot's Strength and Agility.

Body Armor (s): the SNAKE armor suits have been designed to withstand all manner of extreme physical assaults. Covered with inch thick armor plating that completely shields their pilots from incoming attacks, as well as a bullet proof viewing shield, the SNAKE suits provide intensity 16 (+4) protection against offensive activity, protection that allows the SNAKE to dominate virtually any fire fight.

Brain-Wave Scanner (w): every suit of SNAKE armor is armed with a miniature version of Doctor Venom's brain-wave scanner. This device allows Doctor Venom, or anybody with the proper control panel, to operate the SNAKE armor as they see fit, compelling the pilot of the suit to do whatever he or she wishes. This mind control functions at intensity 10 against the SNAKE pilot.

Fire Extinguishing System (i): mounted on the back legs of the SNAKE armor, this system is included for two reasons: to protect the pilot from being burnt alive in the event of a catastrophic flamethrower failure, and to extinguish dangerous flames in the immediate vicinity if necessary. This foam-based system can extinguish flames of up to intensity 8 in strength.

Life Support Systems (s): the SNAKE suit has been designed to not only protect its pilot from direct assault, but to keep him or her alive in the event of an air-tainting environmental occurrence in their immediate vicinity. The armor is equipped with a supply of highly compressed atmosphere that is good for a full twenty-four hour period, which is usually enough to get its pilot to safety.

Modular Weapons Array (a): what makes the SNAKE armor so versatile is the simple fact that its weapons systems are highly modular. Both of the SNAKE's lower arms have a special bracket that allow it to be quickly fitted with any one of four implements of destruction. As such, each SNAKE suit can be armed with two of the following weapons at any given time:

* Remote Claw Arm (s): this weapon allows the SNAKE to actually make full use of its enhanced Strength rating, and can be used to punch, grasp, or crush an opponent, if other weaponry would be overkill and/or inappropriate.

* Remote Flame Thrower Arm (i): this weapon fires powerful jets of flame that inflict intensity 10 energy damage with each strike, and has enough fuel for ten streaming attacks. Hence the emergency fire extinguishers the SNAKE is equipped with.

* Remote Machine Gun Arm (a): this fully automatic firearm fires a hail of lead that inflicts its operator's Agility +4 damage in a short burst, or +5 damage when fired fully automatic, and has enough ammunition for twenty turns of fully automatic fire.

* Remote Rocket Projectile (i): this nasty, one-shot rocket launcher fires a deadly projectile that inflicts intensity 10 damage to everybody within near missile distance of where it hits, whether targeting foes on the ground or in the skies!

Sensor Array (w): in addition to the basic sensors that serve to enhance its pilot's Agility score, the SNAKE armor is equipped with a fully functional night vision system. Making use of the infrared portion of the light spectrum, this array can also spy intense heat sources when present. This sensor array (and its secondary backup array) functions with intensity 10 effectiveness.

1985 Variations

Functionally speaking, the mark 2 version of the SNAKE armor is identical to the mark 1. Some of the electronics and hydraulics have been updated to meet the latest technical capabilities that Cobra has mastered, naturally, but think of this as a refinement - one which made these things cheaper to manufacture. Oh, and they've also got a sleek, Cobra blue color scheme, as opposed to the original white.

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