the Moray

Possibly Cobra's greatest sea-going vessel, the Moray is a powerful and fast hydrofoil. It can move at speeds of up to 48 knots, and that's before its operators extend its vanes! It is a great vehicle for the purposes of high speed pursuit and attack missions.

In addition to their speed, the Moray are armed to the teeth. They have two main guns on the side, two secondary guns, four tertiary guns on the back, two torpedoes, a hidden missile bay, and even depth charges! In game terms, the Moray has these handy features:

Black-Ray Torpedoes (i): these powerful projectiles can be used to target craft either on or below the surface of the water. They are fast, and inflict intensity 13 damage each, adding a +1 if both strike a singular foe at the exact same time.

Body Armor (s): the Moray is built tough - it's meant for high speed combat after all. It has a carbon-fiber reinforced laminated single-v hull, which gives it an effective m.s. of 10, as well as providing its occupants like (or +2) protection from injury.

Cobra-band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Moray in particular has comm gear with a intensity 5 range (25 miles), and benefits from intensity 8 signal encryption as well.

Depth Charges (i): kept in two remote-release, rear-mounted binnacles, the Moray has the use of a bevy of these explosives. While they cannot be aimed, per se, they can be dropped on a submerged foe to inflict intensity 13 explosive damage upon impact.

HE-07A Low Flight Missiles (i): both of these projectiles are mounted on the upper sides of the Moray's cockpit. These missiles inflict intensity 11 damage when they hit singly, adding a +1 for each additional projectile that strikes the target at once.

Jumpstart Missiles (i): there are four of these in the Moray's hidden missile bay, each of which is a surface-to-surface projectile. These missiles inflict intensity 10 damage when they hit singly, adding a +1 for each additional projectile that strikes the target simultaneously.

Lateral Machine Guns (a): the Moray's rear half has room for a large contingent of passengers, and there are two machine guns mounted on each side of the craft for their use. They inflict the gunner's Agility +5 damage in a short burst, raised to +6 under sustained fire.

Passengers: the Moray Hydrofoil can carry a lot of Cobras. In addition to seating its pilot, it has seats for a co-pilot and a turret gunner, as well as two armored seats embedded in the front hull, and at least room for four more occupants towards the engine in the rear.

Remote-fire Machine Gun (a): just in front of the space between the pilot and co-pilot seat in the Moray is a 19mm machine gun. It can only fire straight ahead, but can inflict the pilot's Agility +5 damage in a short burst of lead, raised to +6 when opened up fully automatic.

Shore Assault Cannons (a): these twinned 55mm cannons are situated on each side of the Moray; one port, one starboard. They are fired in tandem, and will inflict the gunner's Agility +7 damage in a controlled burst, or their Agility +8 damage when fired full auto.

Spotlight (i): in front of the co-pilot seat of the Moray is a large spotlight that its occupant can use to, well, spot targets. It projects intensity 10 illumination, and can do so anywhere within firing distance of the Moray, to find its foes.

Super Swimming (a): the Moray is fast - very fast. It can move at intensity 2 speeds (48 knots) normally, raising this to intensity 3 (around 75 MPH) when it deploys its hydrofoils, thanks to its high-flow 775 HP Destro v-12 gasoline engine.

Twin-barrel Cannon (a): mounted on a turret atop the Moray, this twinned gun can be pivoted horizontally or vertically, to handle targets on the ground or in the air. It inflicts the operator's Agility +6 damage in short bursts, raised to +7 when fired full auto.

1989 Variations

the Night Ray

Night Rays are Morays that the Night Force captured from Cobra operatives, and then repainted in a midnight black color scheme, aside from a few red missiles here and there. Save for their new look, a Night Ray is functionally indistinguishable from a Moray.

2004 Variations

the Tiger Ray

Tiger Rays are Morays that the Tiger Force captured from Cobra operatives, and then repainted in a bright orange and black color scheme, save for a few yellow missiles here and there. Aside from its new look, a Tiger Ray is otherwise as capable as Cobra's Moray.

2005 Variations

the GI Joe Moray

GI Joe Morays are Night Rays that the Night Force have repainted in a black and camouflage green color scheme, aside from a few yellow missiles here and there, along with updating their onboard electronics. GI Joe Morays are otherwise the same as conventional, Cobra Morays.

the Stealth Moray

Since GI Joe keeps 'confiscating' their Morays, Cobra figured that they may as well make more to counter all those Tiger Rays and Night Rays. The Stealth Moray is essentially the same as the regular model, modernized electronics and striking, Cobra blue paint job notwithstanding.

Extra Goodies:

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Moray Imagery

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