Professor Appel (deceased)

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ty -5



As is the case with the rest of the Crimson Guard, Professor Appel is only a regular human, lacking special powers of any variety. He's nonetheless a highly skilled Cobra operative, having numerous skills with which to assist that organization, both in and out of combat.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



AK-47: Professor Appel may discharge a single round with this Crimson Guard weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, a short burst of fire to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, or fire it continuously to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage.

Bayonette: used by itself or attached to his AK, Professor Appel may wield this implement to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee. Made from Remarkable (30) m.s. materials, it may also be utilized to cut through items of up to like m.s., given the time and inclination.

Helmet: the Crimson Guard are distinguished by their crimson uniforms, which are topped off by their equally distinguished helmets. This black and crimson headgear provides Professor Appel Good (10) protection against physical attacks striking him anywhere in the head.

Sidearm: in the event that his AK is disabled or drained of ammunition, Professor Appel may discharge this backup piece to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, or Good (10) Shooting damage when engaging in semi-automatic fire.




Demolitions: saboteurs par excellence, each member of the Crimson Guard is a highly trained and experienced demolitionist. As such, Professor Appel is allowed a +1 CS on any FEAT called for when either planning or executing the destruction of a structure or vehicle.

Detective / Espionage: their primary purpose, Siegies are adept in posing as mundane citizens, easily blending in to whatever position they have been assigned to infiltrate. They should receive a +1 CS bonus on any FEAT called for while attempting to maintain their charade.

Geology: a genius geologist, Professor Appel bent his skills towards furthering Cobra's goals, the masterpiece of which was his plan to create Cobra Island. Where all geological matters are concerned, his Reason should be considered +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Guns: like all Cobra operatives, Professor Appel is proficient in the use of firearms. Whether wielding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, this member of the Guard may discharge such weapons at a +1 CS to the Agility score listed above.

Martial Arts types A and B: Professor Appel is trained in both of these fighting styles, at the very least. A allows him to Slam or Stun opponents regardless of their comparative Strength or Endurance scores, while B grants him a +1 CS to hit in unarmed combat.

Military: even more than most Cobras, the Crimson Guard are all indoctrinated into the Commander's way of doing things. Though Cobra's organizational structure is complicated to say the least, Professor Appel can navigate it with an almost instinctual ability.


Professor Appel is not only a member of the Crimson Guard, but is one of its most prominent operatives. As such, he can readily rely upon the rest of the guard, even Tomax and Xamot, for any assistance required of them when working towards the completion of Cobra's plots.

He can also consider Cobra in general a reliable contact, for he is highly placed within that organization, and has Cobra Commander's favor in particular. After all, unlike so many of his other minions and underlings, Professor Appel has never failed his leader.


Professor Appel's uniform includes a crimson jacket with silver cuff stripes over a white T-shirt, adorned with silver medals and a silver Cobra sigil, crimson trousers with silver side stripes, black leather boots, gloves, and belts, and a crimson helmet with a black face plate.


Like most of the Crimson Guard, Professor Appel is a zealous Cobra operative. Cheerfully utilizing his considerable genius in the service of that organization, Professor Appel doesn't come across as a mad scientist, so much as a supremely smug one.

At the same time, the Professor is also a loving father, and would do virtually anything to ensure the proper care and well-being of his daughter, Candy. In fact, the only thing that could cause him to betray Cobra would be that organization putting her in danger.

Real Name: Professor Appel (first name unknown)
Occupation: terrorist, geologist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States, and later Cobra Island, with no known criminal record, legally deceased.
Marital Status: seemingly either divorced or a widower
Alias(es), if any: Agent Jones
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: gray, with white streaks at his temples
Eyes: blue
Weight: 200 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: for a member of the Crimson Guard, Professor Appel seems somewhat out of shape.


Professor Appel is a geological genius who had radical ideas about forming new land masses, ideas not shared by the scientific community. Taking a keen interest in this notion, seeing how it could greatly benefit his organization, Cobra Commander recruited Appel into his group.

Trained how to do things the Cobra way, Professor Appel excelled in the organization, and quickly found his way into the nascent Crimson Guard. There, he went about proving his theories with the Commander's blessing, and found an ideal candidate location in the Gulf of Mexico.

The only difficulty was that Appel needed a massive explosion as a catalyst to spur the creation of an island well beyond the three mile limit of surrounding nations. To this end, he decided that the United States military would be the perfect donor for said explosives.

Having Cobra build a dummy facility below the waves, the Professor then had Cobra operatives plant evidence implicating himself as a member of the organization. Investigating, GI Joe failed to capture him and the crimson twins, but found hints of a plot in the Gulf of Mexico.

However, they did take his daughter, Candy, into custody. She'd arrived at home moments after a battle between GI Joe and the Crimson Guard had totaled it, and the Joes wanted to question her about the Cobras lurking in her house, as well as the data they'd found within.

They held her until the Pentagon got wind of the fact that both she and the Dreadnok known as Buzzer were being kept in the Pit, at which point they were ordered to remand them to the military police. Shortly thereafter, Buzzer escaped his captors, and took Candy with her.

Though Buzzer had no idea who she was, he nonetheless had amorous inclinations towards the young girl, which Candy reacted to more than a little bit negatively. She was sort of dating the Joe known as Rip Cord at the time, and besides, she found Buzzer completely repellent.

Escaping the Dreadnok, Candy made her way to Springfield, where she believed she could find her father. Of course, she had no idea that the town was a massive Cobra front, just as she had no clue that the Professor was himself a Cobra operative until GI Joe told her so.

Meanwhile, GI Joe investigated Cobra's dummy bunker, only to discover something killing marine life within a fifty mile radius of it! After GI Joe proved unable to destroy the undersea base, the Pentagon opted for the desperate measure of dropping a nuclear bomb on the threat.

Instead of enacting this plan, the Joes dumped a staggering amount of munitions on Cobra's undersea base, timed to detonate all at once. When it did, Professor Appel's theory proved successful, as the explosion was enough to upset the tectonic plates beneath Cobra's fake base!

Having caused a huge chunk of Gulf floor to suddenly rise to the surface, Cobra occupied it even as their Crimson Guard lawyers approached numerous embassies in nations surrounding the island. Their goal: the recognition of the new Cobra Island as a sovereign state!

While GI Joe tried their hardest to dislodge Cobra from their Island before it was too late, they were mere moments from capturing its high command when they were called off. With Cobra's lawyers proving successful, the Joes had to vacate Cobra's new, legitimate turf.

After this massive victory, Professor Appel gained much prestige within Cobra, and had a large part in the development of the newly formed island nation. Things were not perfect, however, for Appel's daughter, Candy, was still missing after a run-in with Buzzer.

She had almost arrived in Springfield, hitchhiking to the town along with Cobra Commander's son, Billy. Unfortunately for them both, their driver was highly intoxicated, and managed to crash into a railroad crossing sign just outside of town when attempting to avoid a train.

At the same time, the so-called Soft Master had just violently infiltrated Springfield for his own purposes, and was being pursued by Firefly, Scrap-Iron, and Buzzer. The Soft Master and these bystanders were subsequently pelted by rocket fire from Scrap-Iron's launcher.

Cobra forces had no idea who they had mangled, aside from the Soft Master, so as far as they knew Candy was still missing. And this wore upon Professor Appel, who continually needled the Cobra Commmander about her whereabouts, much to his chagrin.

In time, Rip Cord made his way to Cobra Island, having assumed that Candy had traveled there with her father. He did so against orders, and thus had no support when he was ambushed by Zartan shortly after ejecting from a Skystriker that was flying high over the island.

After defeating Rip Cord, Zartan then assumed his identity, and allowed the GI Joe team to extract him so he could infiltrate their base. He didn't kill Rip Cord, however, instead dressing the Joe as himself - the better to sow confusion amongst both GI Joe and Cobra.

Eventually found by a Cobra patrol, Rip Cord was taken to the Terror Drome, where Professor Appel quickly realized he wasn't dealing with the head Dreadnok. Upon regaining consciousness, Rip Cord told Appel why he was there, and that Candy had been missing for some time.

Upon learning that Cobra Commander had been deceiving him, Appel arranged to send Rip Cord to Springfield in a new Firebat. The Terror Drome was suddenly under siege, however, by Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, both of whom wanted to kill Zartan for various reasons.

Thinking Rip Cord was actually Zartan, since the Joe was still dressed as that villain, Storm Shadow tried to kill him within the Firebat cockpit. However, Professor Appel shielded the Joe with his own body, and was cut down by the ninja in the process.

However, Rip Cord's Firebat successfully launched in time, saving him from angry ninjas and allowing him to try and locate Candy. Of course, neither the Professor nor the Joe knew that she was dead, meaning that both had disobeyed their superiors for absolutely nothing.

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