the Crimson Guard

Elite operatives, the Crimson Guard are those Cobras who show great promise, not to mention absolute loyalty to their Commander. In order to become a member of the Crimson Guard, prospective applicants must be in top physical condition, and have a college degree.

Once their training is complete, in a hideous ceremony deep within the bowels of Cobra headquarters, members of the Crimson Guard are unleashed. Insinuating themselves undercover, they assume influential positions within society, acting ceaselessly to further Cobra's interests.

Considered too valuable to waste on the battlefield, those Cobras who earn their place in the Crimson Guard fight to overthrow democracy. While not subject to direct combat with great frequency, the penalty for failure is perhaps worse than death for these skilled saboteurs.


Leaders of the Guard:

Tomax: a cutthroat financier, accomplished acrobat, and amoral mercenary, Tomax is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Xamot. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Tomax (MSH Classic)

Tomax (4C System)

Tomax (Marvel Saga)

Xamot: an accomplished acrobat, amoral mercenary, and cutthroat financier, Xamot is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Tomax. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Xamot (MSH Classic)

Xamot (4C System)

Xamot (Marvel Saga)

the Faceless Legions:

the Crimson Guard: Cobra's elite shock troops, the Crimson Guard are expert infiltrators and saboteurs. Possessing advanced degrees in addition to their subversive training, those targeted by the Guard rarely, if ever, see them coming. Availability:

the Crimson Guard (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Guard (4C System)

the Crimson Guard (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Strike Vipers: Vipers who show great promise, and are recruited by Tomax, Xamot, and the Baroness before moving up through Cobra's ranks join the Crimson Strike team. The elite hit squad of their new masters, these Vipers answer only to them! Availability:

Vipers (MSH Classic)

Vipers (4C System)

Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Notable Members:

the Baroness: while not a direct member of the Crimson Guard, the Baroness has often sided with Tomax and Xamot on various projects tangential to Cobra's overall agenda. During such oblique association with the Guard, she wears their Crimson colors. Availability:

the Baroness (MSH Classic)

the Baroness (4C System)

the Baroness (Marvel Saga)

Wade Collins: a former POW disillusioned with America after the Vietnam war, Wade was easily seduced by Cobra's promises. It wasn't until he became one of their elite Crimson Guard that, with the help of friends, he saw through their lies. Availability:

Wade Collins (MSH Classic)

Wade Collins (4C System)

Wade Collins (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: like the Baroness, Firefly is not a member of the Crimson Guard. He lacks loyalty to Cobra's cause, after all! Nonetheless, the Guard's leaders occasionally make use of his services on special missions, those which require his special touch. Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Fred 7 / Cobra Commander 2: after he thought he had murdered the original Cobra Commander, Crimson Guardsman Fred 7 stole his identity, and claimed Cobra for himself! Naturally, the rest of Cobra's command structure fought him on this every step of the way. Availability:

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (4C System)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (Marvel Saga)

Professor Appel: one of the older Crimson Guard operatives, Professor Appel is arguably its smartest. The genius behind the successful, diabolical plot to create Cobra Island, Appel is one of the few scientists that Cobra Commander trusts. Availability:

Professor Appel (MSH Classic)

Professor Appel (4C System)

Professor Appel (Marvel Saga)


the Crimson ASP: a towable weapon system equipped with two Eliminator cannons, the Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a menace to all Cobra's enemies. Capable of striking foes on land, sea, or air, the ASP excels for providing security or fire superiority! Availability:

the ASP (MSH Classic)

ASP (4C System)

ASP (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT): the target of Cobra espionage for years, the GI Joe team's MOBAT tank was finally duplicated by that organization's Crimson Guard. As such, the Guard has finally rolled out its functional equivalent, the Crimson Attack Tank! Availability:

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (4C System)

the Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS): as they did with the MOBAT, the Crimson Guard stole technical details of GI Joe's MMS for Cobra's use. Reproducing its functionality in the form of its Crimson Missile System, the Guard has staggering destructive capability! Availability:

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (4C System)

the Crimson Missile System (CMS) (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Sentry: the Sentry is a Cobra HISS modified (repainted) for use by the Crimson Guard. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the Sentry delivers serious fire power that is second only to an actual tank in practice. Availability:

the Crimson Sentry (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Sentry (4C System)

the Crimson Sentry (Marvel Saga)

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