the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT)

The Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank, or MOBAT, is the greatest weapon in the original GI Joe arsenal. Featuring a powerful cannon atop a treaded vehicle base, the MOBAT is ideal for cracking even the hardest of installations, having these characteristics:

RV 10
RV 6
RV 40
RV 30

As you can see, the MOBAT can travel at up to forty-four miles per hour, and has a maximum range of 350 miles. Its armor plating can withstand all but the most powerful of assaults, a defense which readily extends to its pilots (and it can hold up to four).

Beyond its base, vehicular statistics, the MOBAT has these additional features:

50 Cal Machine Gun Turret: when its main cannon is simply overkill, the commander of the MOBAT tank can instead utilize its secondary offensive weapon, which may be fired to inflict rank value 30 Piercing damage per deadly, fully automatic burst.

130mm/140mm Cannon: the MOBAT's primary offensive weapon, this turret fires incredibly lethal shells that are capable of inflicting rank value 50 Piercing damage to a target, usually a vehicle or structure - as well as anything else within said target's sector.

Armored Side-Skirts: these steel plates offer the MOBAT's treads its base Body score. However, they don't totally shield the things from enemy fire, so a called shot will hit them normally. They do, however, have a material value of 30 all by themselves.

Commander's Cupola: resting at the center of its cannon's swiveling turret, this unit allows the MOBAT commander to direct it from without, if he or she so chooses. The .50 Cal machine gun is mounted on the cupola, so the commander can use it directly from here if desired.

Communications Suite: the MOBAT is equipped with a radio transceiver system, allowing its pilots to send battle-field data to a central command, and then receive new orders in turn. This functions at rank value 20, having a maximum range of about 100 miles.

Gear Cases: the MOBAT has, spread about it, various cases filled with useful gear. It has a fully stocked first aid kit, tool kit, and a small case for its pilots' arms and ammo, should the MOBAT be disabled and its occupants have to fight it out directly.

Periscope: this thing allows the MOBAT's pilots, if one is not in the commander's cupola, to perceive all 360 degrees of terrain around them. The periscope only works if somebody is constantly manning the thing, which is why the MOBAT has so many seats.

SLUGS Targeting Unit: the System Laser Guiding Sight (or SLUGS) unit is, as you may've guessed, a laser sighting system used by the MOBAT pilots to lock onto specific targets while in combat, offering them a +1 RS to hit with its main cannon.

1985 Variations

the CAT, Mark 1

Instead of developing the Crimson Attack Tank all its own, Cobra's Crimson Guard simply repurposed GI Joe's MOBAT. Cobra's version of this vehicle is functionally identical, save for coming primarily in black, save for its crimson barrel, cupola, and tank wheels.

1998 Variations


Running on a smaller budget in '98, the GI Joe team didn't roll out much new equipment, instead retrofitting several older devices to fit newer purposes. The MOBAT was one such device, which works the same as the original, save for its new, camouflaged color scheme.

2003 Variations

the CAT, Mark 2

When its many HISS tanks proved insufficient for their needs, Cobra reactivated its old Crimson Attack Tanks in '03. Aside from new electronics, the only other notable difference is that the Mark 2 CAT is primarily red in hue, save for its black barrel, cupola, and tank wheels.

2008 Variations


Because the design has a proven track record, the GI Joe team pulled a few more MOBATs out of mothballs in '08. Save for some modernization in its electronics, this version of the MOBAT is identical to the original - it even has the same, olive drab color scheme!

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