the Assault System Pod

The Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a portable weapon that can be towed by any Cobra vehicle with a hitch, and deployed to fire upon GI Joe or other enemy personnel, equipment, or buildings in mere moments. Furthermore, due to its design, these targets can be anywhere!

This is because an ASP can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, or up ot 90 degrees vertically. Furthermore, the guns themselves can be adjusted in a 90 degree arc, allowing its operator to fire upon anything within the ASP's line-of-sight. The ASP has these specific capabilities:

Eliminator Cannons (a): though the precise diameter of these cannons varies based on the source, they have the same effect either way. A single Eliminator cannon can be fired to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or both can be fired together to raise this damage to +8.

Infrared Targeting Monitor (w): the ASP's operator can target foes by using their own heat signature against them. This capability functions at intensity 5, allowing an ASP gunner to assault Cobra's foes even under conditions of complete darkness!

Rollcage (s): though not a vehicle, the ASP is towed from place to place by one. Should it flip or roll while its operator is still inside, he or she benefits from the protection this safety gear provides, protecting against damage caused during such incidents at intensity 4 (+1).

Stabilizer Legs (s): the ASP is fully equipped with hydraulic stabilizer legs, enabling it to be utilized in almost any solid terrain. Deepest desert, darkest jungle, or iciest tundra - it makes no difference, as the ASP can fire the same in any environment.

1989 Variations

the Python ASP

When Cobra assembled its Python Patrol in '89, they refurbished numerous older Cobra and captured GI Joe devices, subjecting them to their Pythonization process. The resultant Python ASPs thus benefit from this ability, in addition to the above:

Invisibility to Infrared and Radiowaves (i): the Pythonization process is essentially an advanced stealth technology, which acts to absorb these forms of electromagnetic radiation with intensity 15 ability, rendering Python ASPs effectively invisible to sensors utilizing them.

2004 Variations

the Crimson ASP

One of the many devices that the Crimson Guard has appropriated from conventional Cobra arsenals is the ASP. Adopted for the Guard's use in 2004, this weapon system functions the same as the original, 1984 model, but benefits from the application of a new, crimson paint job.

Extra Goodies:

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