Cobra's 1984 Personnel and Equipment


Air-Vipers: the core of Cobra's air force, Air-Vipers are those pilots the organization has lured into its service. Whether highly skilled fighter pilots or washed out commercial operators, Air-Vipers either get good on the job or crash and burn. Availability:

Air-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Air-Vipers (4C System)

Air-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Baroness: after her brother was seemingly killed by an American soldier, the girl who would become the Baroness was consumed with a need for vengeance, and her foray into international terrorism ultimately led to an association with Cobra. Availability:

the Baroness (MSH Classic)

the Baroness (4C System)

the Baroness (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Copperhead: an unsuccessful speedboat racer who bet on himself too often, Copperhead found working for Cobra a great way to pay off his gambling debts. Of course, he enjoys numerous other advantages of being on that organization's payroll, as well! Availability:

Copperhead (MSH Classic)

Copperhead (4C System)

Copperhead (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Scrap-Iron: originally just an employee of Destro's MARS corporation, Scrap-Iron joined Cobra in an effort to field test his latest armament designs. The never-ending opportunities to destroy the imperfect are simply a fringe benefit of the job! Availability:

Scrap-Iron (MSH Classic)

Scrap-Iron (4C System)

Scrap-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Stinger Drivers: those Cobra officers who show a special dispensation for vehicular violence are often trained in the fine art of driving the Stinger 4x4 Night Attack Vehicle, making them even more dangerous and destructive than ever before! Availability:

Stinger Drivers (MSH Classic)

Stinger Drivers (4C System)

Stinger Drivers (Marvel Saga)

Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, Cobra's greatest ninja, didn't originally start out with evil aims. Thanks to the machinations of Cobra Commander, however, he was swept into a life of crime and terrorism, one that continually comes back to haunt him! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)

Wild Weasel: a self-made man bearing loyalty to no nation, Wild Weasel gleefully supports Cobra as long as the checks keep coming. Widely considered Cobra's best pilot, Wild Weasel is infamous for his seemingly supernatural mastery of the Rattler! Availability:

Wild Weasel (MSH Classic)

Wild Weasel (4C System)

Wild Weasel (Marvel Saga)

Zartan: a 'zen cosmic biker hitman', the man known only as Zartan is a criminal with astounding powers of camouflage, regeneration, and super-human strength. Though no one really knows why he did so, Zartan is also the founder of the Dreadnoks. Availability:

Zartan (MSH Classic)

Zartan (4C System)

Zartan (Marvel Saga)


the ASP: a towable weapon system equipped with two powerful Eliminator cannons, the Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a menace to all Cobra's enemies. Capable of striking foes on land, sea, or air, the ASP excels for providing security or fire superiority! Availability:

the ASP (MSH Classic)

ASP (4C System)

ASP (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon Swamp Skier: Zartan's original vehicular masterpiece, this water-based device is basically a rocket mounted on four high-strength skis, allowing it to zip along in swampy waterways at reckless speed - just the way Zartan likes it! Availability:

the Chameleon Swamp Skier (MSH Classic)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (4C System)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (Marvel Saga)

the CLAW: with GI Joe fielding multiple inexpensive vehicles with which to dominate the skies, Cobra had no choice but to innovate. Enter the CLAW, or Covert Light Aerial Weapon, which is essentially two jet engines held together by a single wing! Availability:

the CLAW (MSH Classic)

CLAW (4C System)

CLAW (Marvel Saga)

the Rattler: Cobra's single most infamous fighter, the Rattler itself is based loosely upon the designs of the A-10 Thunderbolt. Of course, Destro put in a few gotchas when he made the Rattler, such as VTOL capability, to make it even more interesting! Availability:

the Rattler (MSH Classic)

Rattler (4C System)

Rattler (Marvel Saga)

the Stinger: after finding itself on the receiving end of punishment by the GI Joe team's VAMPs one time too many, Cobra re-engineered it for its own purposes. Enter the Stinger: a deep blue, off-road, heavily armed combat vehicle! Availability:

the Stinger (MSH Classic)

Stinger (4C System)

Stinger (Marvel Saga)

the Water Moccasin: Cobra's Water Moccasin is a medium-sized air boat that's light and fast despite its heavy arms and armor. Cobra typically uses this vehicle on fresh water assaults, and it comes in very handy in swamps or river basins! Availability:

the Water Moccasin (MSH Classic)

Water Moccasin (4C System)

Water Moccasin (Marvel Saga)

the Weather Dominator: devised by Destro, the Weather Dominator allows Cobra to weaponize the weather itself! Though initially suffering range constraints, the addition of the GI Joe team's laser core extended the Weather Dominator's effects worldwide! Availability:

the Weather Dominator (MSH Classic)

the Weather Dominator (4C System)

the Weather Dominator (Marvel Saga)

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