the Water Moccasin

The Water Moccasin is a medium-sized attack boat driven by a powerful Destro v-12 airfan engine. It's fast and quiet, and packs quite a lot of punch. Usually piloted about by Copperhead or other aquatically inclined Cobra goons, the Water Moccasin has these capabilities:

Ex 20
Pr 4
Ex 20
Gd 10

Body Armor: the Water Moccasin's hull is built from a boron-epoxy composite to form a proper, military-grade hull. This heavy duty construction provides it the Body and Protection scores listed above, and makes it considerably resistant to enemy damage.

Cobra-band Radio: Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Water Moccasin in particular has comm gear with a Good (10) range (25 miles), and benefits from Excellent (20) ranked signal encryption as well.

Destructor Cannons: these two 44mm guns are each mounted flanking the Water Moccasin's cockpit; one port and one starboard. They can be fired singly to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage, or fired simultaneously to achieve a +1 CS to the damage inflicted.

DES-20b Machine Guns: these twinned 20mm cannons inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised +1 CS when fired fully automatic. The difference between them and the Destructors, though, is that they're on a pivoting and rotating ring turret.

Exterior Crew Decks: though the Water Moccasin primarily seats two (the pilot and the gunner), it can also carry several additional folks as is necessary. It can do this on two rear-mounted panels, though these hangers-on don't benefit from the Protection listed above.

Gator Torpedo: mounted on the bottom of the Water Moccasin is a small, remote-guided torpedo. This small vehicle is propelled by a water jet and can rapidly strike other boats with ease, thanks to its high speed operation. It has these characteristics:

Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30 Edged Attack (fragmentary)

1988 Variations

the Tiger Shark

Utilizing captured Water Moccasins in an effort to equip their nascent Tiger Force, the GI Joe team gave them a new paint job, cleaned out any troublesome Cobra electronics, and gave them a wild new paint job. Functionally, however, they are identical.

2009 Variations

the Sting Raider

Pulling their own Water Moccasins out of mothballs twenty-five years after their initial issue, Cobra has refurbished and modernized the electronics and other features of this venerable ship. Renamed the Sting Raider, they are nonetheless functionally identical (just cheaper).

2011 Variations

the Python Patrol Water Moccasin

Since Copperhead was an original member of the Python Patrol, he made sure that his sub-group acquired several of the 'new' Sting Raiders for it own use. These Python Patrol Water Moccasins benefit from the following, in addition to their other capabilities:

Invisibility to Infrared and Radiowaves: the Pythonization process is essentially an advanced stealth technology, which acts to absorb these forms of electromagnetic radiation with Amazing (50) ability, rendering Water Moccasins effectively invisible to sensors utilizing it.

Extra Goodies:

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