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RV 20
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RV 30
RV 10
RV 20
RV 30
RV -10



A genius weaponsmith, Scrap-Iron typically designs and builds the high-explosive systems he wields in battle. Though he otherwise lacks ascendant abilities, he often wields technology far beyond that of his fellow man, thus making him a high tech villain.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Flak Jacket: because he both develops and utilizes explosives, Scrap-Iron generally wears this vest while on the clock. It affords him rank value 10 protection against physical attacks of all types, as long as they strike him in the torso.

Grenades: when dealing with closer targets, Scrap-Iron usually chucks grenades. These weapons can inflict rank value 30 Slashing (fragmentary) damage to anything within the sector they detonate inside, anywhere within his usual range for thrown objects.

Helmet: supplementing his flak jacket, Scrap-Iron wears a helmet at all times while working. This implement provides him rank value 10 protection against physical attacks striking him in the cranium, and has a reinforced visor to do the same for his eyes.

Rocket Launcher: a system of his own design, Scrap-Iron always hauls his launcher into battle. It fires one or two laser-guided, rocket-propelled piezo-electric fused anti-tank weapons, adding +1 RS to the listed damage if two missiles hit simultaneously:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Armor Piercing Slashing (fragmentary)

Sidearm: should all of his explosives fail, Scrap-Iron usually carries two sidearms. He can fire a single shot with these to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing a semi-automatic burst of lead.


Unattractive: Scrap-Iron's face, and possibly the rest of his body, is heavily scarred - possibly due to explosions not quite going to plan. As such, he suffers a -2 RS to his Repute for the purposes of NPC reactions, unless they're completely unfazed by his visage.


Electronics: Scrap-Iron is an electronics whiz. He excels in the design, construction, and repair of various circuits and components, and may attempt ACTION rolls to accomplish such actions as if his Intellect trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Engineering: supplementing his ability with electronics, Scrap-Iron excels in the building of all things, whether or not circuitry is involved. He may consider his Intellect +1 RS higher than is listed above when attempting to design or assemble objects.

Guns: because missiles and grenades are finite, Scrap-Iron has received training in the use of various firearms. Whether standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic in nature, Scrap-Iron may fire rifles or pistols at a +1 RS to his Coordination trait.

Martial Arts style B: because it never pays to find oneself flatfooted while unarmed, Scrap-Iron has been taught the fine art of fisticuffs. He may attempt any unarmed attack, such as punching, kicking, or even elbow smashing, at his Melee value +1 RS.

Military: it is unknown whether or not Scrap-Iron was initially trained by some military or other, but he has definitely received training in the Cobra way of fighting upon joining that group, and can generally function effectively in a group of combatants.


A member of Cobra in generally good standing, Scrap-Iron can consider that organization a reliable contact... for the most part. As an on-again, off-again employee of MARS, Scrap-Iron can also consider that corporation (and its owner, Destro) a useful contact as well.


Scrap-Iron's first costume has a Cobra blue jumpsuit over a red T-shirt as its base. On top of this, he wears a red flak jacket, red leather boots, black leather gloves, black knee pads, a red leather belt, a red holster for his firearm, and a black visored helmet.


Doing everything with compulsive precision, Scrap-Iron cannot abide the imperfect. He obsesses over such things when they are in his presence, and he longs to obliterate them, most often with a bullseye strike utilizing rocket propelled grenades of his own design.

This is most likely why he left MARS to join Cobra. Needing an outlet for his inherent need to destroy pretty much everything in the world, Scrap-Iron exults in the opportunities Cobra grants him to engage in rigorous and regular mayhem, destruction, and murder.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: anti-tank specialist, arms designer
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality wanted by numerous governments for various crimes
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: Mech, Timothy P. Janes
Group Affiliation: Cobra, MARS

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: 190 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Scrap-Iron has numerous scars scattered across his face, and possibly the rest of his body. Perhaps these are the reason he demands perfection from the weapons he utilizes?


While the full details of Scrap-Iron's background have yet to be unearthed, it is known that he worked for MARS for some time, developing cutting edge anti-tank systems for Destro's arms manufacturing company. While the money was good, this just wasn't enough for him.

Burdened with deep revulsion for all that is imperfect in the world, Scrap-Iron years to destroy all that irks his ire. This is how he ultimately wound up working for Cobra - either he approached them on his own or Destro pointed him in their direction.

Providing security for Springfield, a Cobra controlled town, Scrap-Iron first saw action when it was invaded by a ninja master known only as the Soft Master. Scrap-Iron killed him with a rocket, when the Soft Master tried to prevent him from blowing up several bystanders.

He was next put in harm's way when GI Joe invaded the town upon determining its true nature, tasked with guarding the freshly created Serpentor to ensure he wasn't a liability. Luckily for him, Firefly, and everyone else present, Serpentor saved all their lives.

When the second Cobra Commander launched a spacecraft to oppose the GI Joe team's Defiant, Scrap-Iron served as its weapons officer, since he'd designed several of its munitions. Despite the shoddy nature of Cobra's vehicle, Scrap-Iron and company survived that operation.

Soon afterwards, the Cobra Island Civil War broke out, a conflict that Scrap-Iron readily participated in. As the second Commander was the victor in that war, Scrap-Iron benefited from having already found himself in the man's good graces during that space mission.

Later, Scrap-Iron led a covert mission into Nexus-Tech, who had hired Cobra to destroy records that proved its corruption, to avoid imminent government scrutiny. This was ultimately a success, but Scrap-Iron's attempt to steal Nexus-Tech's technology failed.

Scrap-Iron may very well have been captured as a result of this failure, as he disappeared for some time afterward. Whether in jail or simply working to develop new armaments, Scrap-Iron was not seen by the GI Joe team again until Cobra's collapse late in 1994.

(Historical Divergence)

Working on numerous new projects for Destro after Cobra seemingly shut down, Scrap-Iron ultimately returned to the organization a few years after the original Cobra Commander reassemled it, doing so in time to participate in a second Cobra Island Civil War.

When the Commander infiltrated America's government and set up the Phoenix Guard to ambush GI Joe, Scrap-Iron was one of his operatives chosen for the job. Assuming the alias of Mech, he joined the rest of the Guard in assaulting GI Joe's headquarters: the Rock.

Inflicting heavy casualties on the Joes' support staff, the Phoenix Guard's mission was undone when its leader, General Rey, found out his subordinates were all undercover Cobras. Scrap-Iron was captured shortly afterward, and shipped off to a secret prison in Greenland.

Broken out soon after, Scrap-Iron participated in Cobra Commander's final attempt to conquer the earth, wherein he instigated World War III. This failed in the end, leaving Scrap-Iron, and the rest of the Cobra Command, scrambling to hide from justice!

2004 Variations


Grenade Launcher: wielded instead of his usual rocket launcher in '04, this weapon lets Scrap-Iron bloop grenades anywhere within three sectors of his person, where they will detonate to inflict rank value 30 Slashing (fragmentary) damage to uncovered targets.

Knife: though he didn't previously bother with one, Scrap-Iron's Urban Strike duties made this implement a must. It allows him to inflict Slashing damage in melee, and can be used to cut through items of up to its m.v. of 30 if necessary.

Rifle: though he didn't originally carry it, this weapon has pretty much become standard-issue for Scrap-Iron. It can be discharged to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short, controlled burst, or rank value 20 Piercing damage when firing it in a fully automatic fashion.


Scrap-Iron's second uniform is like his first, though with a base of a black jumpsuit. On top of this, he wears a red flak jacket, brown leather boots and gloves, black knee pads, a red leather belt, a brown leather knife sheath, and a gray helmet with a black visor attached.

2005 Variations


Body Armor: instead of his usual flak jacket, Scrap-Iron tried out a full suit of body armor this year. It provides him rank value 10 protection against physical attack, and rank value 4 protection against energy attack, anywhere on his body.

Rifle: Scrap-Iron continued to carry this firearm in 2005. It can be discharged to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short, controlled burst, or rank value 20 Piercing damage when firing it in a fully automatic fashion.


Scrap-Iron's third costume, a full body armor suit, is a departure from his previous ensembles. It has a base layer made of gray bullet-resistant fabric, with blue padding on the legs and chest, red knee pads and shoulder guards, a gray belt, and a blue and gray helmet.

2008 Variations


Knife: though he doesn't always carry one, Scrap-Iron's work with the Arctic Assault Squad sometimes calls for a sharp edge. It allows him to inflict Slashing damage in melee, and can be used to cut through items of up to its m.v. of 30 if necessary.

Rifle: while serving with Cobra's Urban Strike team, Scrap-Iron carries this firearm. It can be discharged to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short, controlled burst, or rank value 20 Piercing damage when firing it in a fully automatic fashion.


Scrap-Iron's fourth costume is another variation on his first. It includes blue jeans, a gray long-sleeved, collared shirt, black leather boots, gloves, and belts, gray straps and holsters for his gear and sidearms, a black flak jacket, and a gray helmet with a black visor.

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