the Weather Dominator

Ever the inventor of bleeding edge technology, Destro had conceived of a means by which he could weaponize the weather itself! He managed this using a hydro-master, which controls water vapor, and an ion correlator, which can electromagnetically energize matter.

Each of these components function with rank value 75 ability, allowing Destro to control the weather with like ability. Together, they directly affect the weather within a 44 sector (1 mile) radius of a target area, and indirectly do so to the weather within six miles.

While terribly effective, the Weather Dominator is limited to six miles without a third component. This, the laser core, is a source of nigh-unlimited power, and when installed between the hydro-master and ion correlator, granted the Weather Dominator a global range!

Stolen from the GI Joe team, this last component allowed Destro, and by proxy Cobra, to hold the world hostage. Tinkering with the world's weather at a whim, Cobra wreaked havoc on the earth, at least until GI Joe devised a counter to the Weather Dominator's power.

Reflecting its menacing power back on itself, the GI Joe team shattered the Weather Dominator, scattering its three main components to the most remote areas of the globe. Though ultimately reunited, the Weather Dominator was completely destroyed shortly thereafter.

Despite this, the threat of the Weather Dominator persists, in that Cobra has already built it once. Though lacking the technology behind the laser core, unless they devise something similar of their own design, Cobra can nonetheless rebuild the other two components if desired.

And thus continue to subvert the power of nature itself to its own ends!

Extra Goodies:

Weather Dominator 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

Weather Dominator Imagery

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Weather Dominator:


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