Wild Weasel

Gd 10
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
In 40
Ex -20



Though almost sinister in speech and seemingly supernatural in skill, Wild Weasel is naught but a normal human. While he has access to incredibly advanced equipment through his employment by Cobra, Wild Weasel has no ascendant powers to speak of.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Flight Suit: Wild Weasel's flight suit allows him to pilot just about anything, whether or not it has an open canopy. His flight suit affords him Excellent (20) resistance to cold thanks to being electrically heated, as well as like resistance to fire.

Helmet: in addition to his flight suit, Wild Weasel usually wears his helmet while on the clock. This is because it provides him Good (10) protection against physical attacks that strike him in the head, which is a good thing when you work for reprobates.

Knife: in the event that he must cut parachute lines or perhaps an enemy, Wild Weasel always has a blade strapped to his flight suit. He can inflict Edged Attack damage with this blade, or cut through items of up to its Remarkable (30) m.s.

the Rattler: while Wild Weasel can operate most planes in a pinch, the one he's most famous for is the Rattler. This ground support aircraft is based on the A-10 Thunderbolt II, and is described much more thoroughly in its own vehicular entry.

Sidearm: should he find himself under attack outside of an aircraft, Wild Weasel always has a firearm handy. He may fire a single shot with such weapons to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised by +1 CS when discharging a multi-round burst of ammunition.


Loner: aside from being a somewhat poor conversationalist, Wild Weasel doesn't really have a use for most people. Generally going it alone, he must pass a Psyche FEAT at -2 CS to remain within large crowds for a significant period of time.


Aerial Combat: not just an excellent pilot, Wild Weasel is a top notch combatant in the skies! He may add a +1 CS to any fighting FEAT called for, whether offensive or defensive, while in the air - this when using onboard weapons or the aircraft itself.

Guns: while he prefers to take down his enemies from above, Wild Weasel isn't at a loss on the ground. He can fire most standard, semi-automatic, and fully automatic rifles and pistols as though his Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type B: when all else fails, Wild Weasel can just deck someone giving him guff. He may attempt any unarmed melee attacks as if his Fighting score, listed above, was +1 CS higher. This applies whether punching, kicking, or head butting a foe.

Military: though it is unclear whether or not he got his start sponsored by some government or another, Wild Weasel has picked up this talent over the years, thus allowing him to either give or take orders effectively while working within a fighting unit.

Piloting 2: his claim to fame, Wild Weasel is an astounding pilot. He can often coax aircraft into performing maneuvers that few think possible, even other pilots, and may attempt Agility or Control FEATs (whichever is lower) while flying at a +2 CS.


As one of Cobra's most capable pilots, the organization looks on him generally favorably. This extends to numerous individual members of that group, who have been saved from GI Joe and other enemies by his aerial antics over the years, and respect him as a result.

Having fought in numerous conflicts before, during, and after his stints with Cobra, Wild Weasel also has numerous additional contacts around the world, with groups about as well-liked as Cobra. Most mercenary groups would rather pay to have him on their side, after all!


Wild Weasel's original uniform is the one he wears the most. It has a red flight suit as its base, complemented with black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, a black firearm holster, a black knife sheath, a black flight harness, and a red flight helmet with a black visor.


Generally shunned by others, Wild Weasel likes to think this is because others are in awe of his sheer capability. In truth, it's primarily because he has a tendency to bore them with the minutiae of piloting, something every conversation with him invariably leads to.

Of course, his eerie, sibilant speech pattern may have something to do with that, as well.

When flying aircraft of any type, Wild Weasel is a ruthless and capricious pilot. He will perform every trick in the book to down his airborne opponents, no matter how underhanded, and tends to terrorize friend and foe alike with his showboating maneuvers.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: fighter pilot, smuggler
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality wanted by numerous governments for various crimes
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: Halo, Kenneth P. Leggitt
Group Affiliation: Cobra, the Phoenix Guard

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: though he rarely reveals anything about his appearance, it is possible that he is scarred near the neck or mouth, due to the injury that presumably caused his characteristic, sibilant speech.


Little has been revealed about the origins of Wild Weasel, including his nation of origin. He may or may not have formal training, likely being a self-taught pilot, with knowledge of aircraft from the most improvised civilian conversions to bleeding edge military warplanes.

Loyal to no nation, Wild Weasel earned his chops performing ground support in various bush wars throughout Africa and South America over the years. With a reputation as one of the best pilots in the world, he was eventually drawn into the orbit of Cobra.

Needing pilots to operate their new Rattlers, Wild Weasel was one of many the organization hired for this purpose, though he quickly proved to be the best of the bunch. As such, he has often served as Cobra Commander's personal pilot when the Baroness was unavailable.

Of course, on his very first mission with Cobra, Wild Weasel was sent with Firefly to eliminate the Commander, doing so to help the rest of the Cobra Command overthrow him. This got them captured first by Zartan, and then by GI Joe itself, before the duo managed to escape.

Wild Weasel was next seen in action flying an upgraded Rattler with the Baroness. The intent of the mission was to simply test the aircraft out, but a chance encounter with Ace and Lady Jaye in a nearby Skystriker prompted an all out aerial battle over suburban New Jersey.

Though this battle ultimately ended in a draw, Wild Weasel proved himself to the Baroness and the rest of the Cobra Command as a result. This basically ensured he would have a steady paycheck from the terrorist organization until it ultimately disbanded late in 1994.

(Historical Divergence)

Suddenly without a job, Wild Weasel fell back on older contacts around the world, engaging in various smuggling and mercenary work to pay the bills. Having avoided burning his bridges, he continued to stay afloat, and remained in that state until Cobra's resurgence years later.

Upon rejoining Cobra Commander's renewed effort to conquer the world, Wild Weasel was made the overall head of Cobra's air force, though he had a tendency to stick with his favorite aircraft, the Rattler, unless testing out some new vehicle or another of Cobra's design.

Late in his second association with the group, Wild Weasel was chosen to join a group of Cobra operatives in an undercover operation. Given false credentials by the Commander while he posed as the White House Chief of Staff, Wild Weasel was placed in the new Phoenix Guard.

Posing as the airborne infantry specialist known as Halo, Wild Weasel assisted his fellow Cobras in their undercover attempt to blindside and lay low the GI Joe team. Unfortunately for him, this dastardly scheme failed, and all of the Guard save for Firefly were apprehended.

Thrown in a special prison that the GI Joe team utilized to house captured Cobra operatives, Wild Weasel was grounded for a time. This lasted until he and several other Cobras were liberated by the organization, who needed everyone on deck while it waged World War III.

This scheme ultimately failed as well, though Wild Weasel's fate after this latest, greatest fall for Cobra has yet to be revealed. Though he can presumably still get by flying for the highest bidder, the price on his head might make such work a bit more difficult!

2002 Variations


Wild Weasel's second uniform once more has a red flight suit as its base. This is accented with gray leather boots, gloves, and arm bands, a gray leather belt and vest featuring a gold Cobra air force logo, black sheathes and holsters, and a gray flight helmet with a gold visor.

2003 Variations


Cobra Raven: not to be confused with the Night Raven, Cobra's Raven is a BTR field-transformable vehicle that can be configured as either a small aircraft or boat. Wild Weasel was happy to test out this new aeronautic concept in 2003, described in its own entry.


Wild Weasel's third uniform also has a red flight suit as its base. Adding to this is a black leather jacket, black leather boots, red leather gloves, a steel belt, steel accessory containers, and a red and black flight helmet equipped with silver goggles.

2004 Variations


Night Adder (v1): once he was done testing out the Raven, Wild Weasel was given another new Cobra aircraft to shake down: the Night Adder! This serpent-themed airframe is heavily armed, can carry Wild Weasel and another gunner, and is described in its own vehicular entry.

Uzi 9mm (v2): when working for Cobra while not actually flying an aircraft, Wild Weasel carries this firearm. It can inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage firing a single shot, raised by +1 CS when firing semi-automatic, or +2 CS when firing fully automatic.


Wild Weasel's fourth uniform has a black flight suit as its base. This is accessorized with black leather boots, black and red leather gloves, red flight gear, a steel belt, red equipment pouches, steel equipment containers, and a red flight helmet equipped with black goggles.

His fifth uniform once more relies on a red flight suit to start. This is augmented with red leather boots, brown leather gloves, brown knee pads, blue arm bands, brown leather belts and equipment pouches, brown flight gear, and a red flight helmet accented with golden goggles.

2005 Variations


Night Adder: overhauled after his initial shake down flights, the Night Adder is once again part of Wild Weasel's personal arsenal. This serpent-themed airframe is heavily armed, can carry Wild Weasel and another gunner, and is described in its own vehicular entry.


Wild Weasel's sixth uniform has a dark gray flight suit as its base. It is supplemented with midnight blue leather boots and gloves, similarly hued flight gear, steel belts and knee pads, midnight blue equipment pouches, and a midnight blue flight helmet accented with black goggles.

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* Note: 2004 saw two verisons of Wild Weasel being released (Versions 4 and 5).

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