Cobra: 2002 Personnel and Equipment


Alley-Vipers: Cobras who excel in urban combat, Alley-Vipers spearhead that organization's inner-city warfare initiatives. Strong, tough, and brutal, Alley-Vipers are notorious for the heinous crimes they commit while active in high population areas. Availability:

Alley-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Alley-Vipers (4C System)

Alley-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Baroness: after her brother was seemingly killed by an American soldier, the girl who would become the Baroness was consumed with a need for vengeance, and her foray into international terrorism ultimately led to an association with Cobra. Availability:

the Baroness (MSH Classic)

the Baroness (4C System)

the Baroness (Marvel Saga)

Battle Android Troopers: BATs are mass-produced in various Cobra Island factories, using factory seconds for microprocessors and mechanical components built in third world sweat shops. Though dumb as hammers, BATs are heavily armed and dangerous! Availability:

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (MSH Classic)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (4C System)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Mindbender: formerly a mild-mannered orthodontist, Doctor Mindbender came into being after the man tested out brain-wave altering devices meant to alleviate dental pain on himself. His personality polarized, he became a literal mad scientist! Availability:

Doctor Mindbender (MSH Classic)

Doctor Mindbender (4C System)

Doctor Mindbender (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Serpentor: built from the genetic remnants of history's greatest military geniuses, (and a few more recent ingredients), the being known as Serpentor was naturally inclined to take command of Cobra for himself, and in time, that's precisely what he did! Availability:

Serpentor (MSH Classic)

Serpentor (4C System)

Serpentor (Marvel Saga)

Slice: a rogue member of the already infamous Arashikage ninja clan, Slice isn't interested in perfecting his martial prowess. No, he only wants to utilize it to line his pockets, something he and his partner, Dice, easily manage working for Cobra! Availability:

Slice (MSH Classic)

Slice (4C System)

Slice (Marvel Saga)

Snow Serpents: Snow Serpents are Eels who've been extensively trained in cold weather operations, and are trained extensively in Arctic and Antarctic survival techniques. Capable of fighting on the ice or under the waves, Snow Serpents are intractable foes! Availability:

Snow Serpents (MSH Classic)

Snow Serpents (4C System)

Snow Serpents (Marvel Saga)

Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, Cobra's greatest ninja, didn't originally start out with evil aims. Thanks to the machinations of Cobra Commander, however, he was swept into a life of crime and terrorism, one that continually comes back to haunt him! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)

Vipers: those Cobras who show great promise as combatants are often promoted to that organization's light infantry: the Vipers! These thoroughly trained, highly motivated, and well-equipped operatives are a serious threat to freedom world-wide! Availability:

Vipers (MSH Classic)

Vipers (4C System)

Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Wild Weasel: a self-made man bearing loyalty to no nation, Wild Weasel gleefully supports Cobra as long as the checks keep coming. Widely considered Cobra's best pilot, Wild Weasel is infamous for his seemingly supernatural mastery of the Rattler! Availability:

Wild Weasel (MSH Classic)

Wild Weasel (4C System)

Wild Weasel (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard:

Tomax: a cutthroat financier, accomplished acrobat, and amoral mercenary, Tomax is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Xamot. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Tomax (MSH Classic)

Tomax (4C System)

Tomax (Marvel Saga)

Xamot: an accomplished acrobat, amoral mercenary, and cutthroat financier, Xamot is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Tomax. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Xamot (MSH Classic)

Xamot (4C System)

Xamot (Marvel Saga)


Ripper: evincing antisocial behavior since he was a toddler, Ripper grew up into a life of crime. This culminated with his joining the Dreadnoks, the only group that would have him, and occasionally performing freelance work for Cobra! Availability:

Ripper (MSH Classic)

Ripper (4C System)

Ripper (Marvel Saga)

Zartan: a 'zen cosmic biker hitman', the man known only as Zartan is a criminal with astounding powers of camouflage, regeneration, and super-human strength. Though no one really knows why he did so, Zartan is also the founder of the Dreadnoks. Availability:

Zartan (MSH Classic)

Zartan (4C System)

Zartan (Marvel Saga)


Headman: creator of the Headhunters, the Headman is one of the most odious criminals alive! Whether stealing social security checks or dealing drugs to kids, no act is too base for him, as long as it lines his pockets with the one thing he cares about: money! Availability:

Headman (MSH Classic)

Headman (4C System)

Headman (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers:

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no qualms about working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)

Undertow: the underwater combatants of the Iron Grenadiers, Undertow are excellent spies and saboteurs. Stalking the polluted waterways of all industrialized nations, Undertow steal what secrets they can, and destroy what they can't carry home with them. Availability:

Undertow (MSH Classic)

Undertow (4C System)

Undertow (Marvel Saga)


the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 3: during Cobra's first major renewal, they updated one of their old standbys: the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter. The Mark 3 has most of the original's capabilities, as well as modernized electronics and hardware. Availability:

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 3 (MSH Classic)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 3 (4C System)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 3 (Marvel Saga)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 4: another iteration of Cobra's tried and true HISS technology, the Mark 4 bears the best features of its predecessors. Furthermore, its cab can elevate in close quarters combat, helping it to quickly establish fire superiority! Availability:

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 4 (MSH Classic)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 4 (4C System)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 4 (Marvel Saga)

the Mantis: an incredibly small vehicle, the Mantis is a one-man submarine. This tiny ride can glide beneath the waves to attack GI Joe's aquatic vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes before the so-called heroes even know what has hit them! Availability:

the Mantis (MSH Classic)

Mantis (4C System)

Mantis (Marvel Saga)

the Rattler: Cobra's single most infamous fighter, the Rattler itself is based loosely upon the designs of the A-10 Thunderbolt. Of course, Destro put in a few gotchas when he made the Rattler, such as VTOL capability, to make it even more interesting! Availability:

the Rattler (MSH Classic)

Rattler (4C System)

Rattler (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard:

the Crimson Strike HISS: the Sentry is a Cobra HISS modified (repainted) for use by the Crimson Guard. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the Sentry delivers serious fire power that is second only to an actual tank in practice. Availability:

the Crimson Strike HISS (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Strike HISS (4C System)

the Crimson Strike HISS (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers:

the Dominator: a dual-mode marvel of modern engineering, Destro's Dominator can easily transform between its tank and its helicopter configurations, allowing its operators to outgun and outmaneuver their opponents whether fighting them on land or in the skies! Availability:

Destro's Dominator (MSH Classic)

Destro's Dominator (4C System)

Destro's Dominator (Marvel Saga)

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