Hand Size:
5 (30)


Poison (cartoon variant power) (s): while the comic book version of Serpentor has no powers to speak of, the cartoon version of this tyrant had a deadly form of this power, namely his own toxic blood. By piercing his skin with a dart and throwing it at an opponent, Serpentor can usually strike him or her down with an intensity 10 poison assault, if he passes an easy Poison (strength) action.


Air Chariot (i): his primary weapon should he find himself in battlefield conditions, Serpentor uses this small flying craft - built by Doctor Mindbender - to lead his forces into conflict. This regal, snake-themed hovercraft is armed with impressive weaponry, and has a decent turn of speed in a pinch. Serpentor's air chariot is detailed in its own entry, so check that out for information on this aeronautic marvel.

Combat Armor (s): also designed for him by Doctor Mindbender, this suit of advanced combat armor is rather effective in battle, though it may be flashier than is necessary. The suit itself provides +2 protection against both physical and energy attacks (having ray shielding on the armor plating), and raises his effective Str score to 12 (Ability Boost of 2).

Combat Armor (cartoon variant) (s): in the animated GI Joe series, Serpentor's armor was of a decidedly more... biotech nature. While it had the same abilities listed above, in the 'regular' suit, the twin snakes on Serpentor's suit were actually alive, and he could pull them out and throw them as venomous, +3 javelins (with intensity 6 poison) - they even grew back when so used!

Dagger (s): being a traditional combatant at heart, Serpentor carries a dagger with him at all times, should his advanced gear be denied him in battle; Serpentor has about a thousand years of practical combat experience at his disposal, and knows better than to rely on high tech frippery. He can use this dagger as a +2 weapon in melee combat (the blade itself is made of strength 13 materials).

Pistol (a): though he generally prefers to utilize the cannons on his air chariot to assault his foes, Serpentor does carry a sidearm on his person should he need it. This semi-automatic pistol can be fired as a +4 weapon in a single shot, +5 in a semi-automatic, clip-expiring burst; Serpentor carries at least two extra clips, should he need extra firepower.




Boxing (s): while he's good with weapons - real good - Serpentor can also do some damage with his bare hands, feet, or any other body part, for that matter. When executing punches, kicks, head butts, knee smashes, and the like, Serpentor may divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

First Aid (i): while he's excellent at tearing people up, Serpentor is also skilled, to some extent, at putting them back together in a pinch. When treating a fallen trooper, Serpentor can help them to recover a card of health, if it was lost in the last exchange, thus allowing them to fight on. He's no doctor, however, and must remand seriously wounded folks to the proper medical personnel.

Knives (s): when you get down to it, Serpentor can use virtually any weapon with competence, save for certain high tech implements of mass destruction. However, he likely practices in the use of his personal blade, as well as most other knives, to function at maximum effectiveness in battle. Serpentor can make blade attacks with knives at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Languages / Egyptian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, and Mongolian (i): built from the minds of various conquerors from days past, Serpentor has the ability to speak these languages fluently, though some of them may be a bit out of date. Furthermore, he may have several more languages lurking around in the back of his head, to be revealed at a later date (his total make-up is still unknown).

Leadership (w): though he's a competent combatant, Serpentor truly excels at leading others - whether into battle or in other aspects of life. When he's leading a body of men, Serpentor's efforts add a +1 bonus to actions (-1 if this leadership is lost in that exchange). Of course, his presence alone seems to inspire others to greatness, making their relative morale much higher while he's present.

Marksmanship (a): part of Serpentor's vast array of combat knowledge involves knowing how to effectively fire a gun - he's got lots of experience with such weapons, if not as much as he has with other implements of destruction. Serpentor can fire any standard, semi-automatic, fully automatic, or directed energy rifle or pistol at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Martial Arts (a): his centuries of combat training, as well as the absorbed skills of the ninja Storm Shadow, grant Serpentor many unarmed combat options. He can trump on melee attacks utilizing either his Strength or Agility, whatever is more convenient at the time, and can reduce the difficulty of any attempt to dodge attacks or to catch thrown objects or weapons.

Military (w): having been a part of a fighting body for a large percentage of his collective existence, Serpentor can execute a battle no matter how many men he has under him. Furthermore, he definitely knows his way around military culture and protocol, and can easily pose as a member of virtually any armed body - he's literally world-class in his military expertise.

Swords (s): though he can really use any melee weapon with competence, Serpentor's years of battlefield experience have likely bequeathed upon him a much higher level of skill in the use of the sword - the weapon of choice until the advent of the firearm. Serpentor can make blade attacks with a sword at one difficulty level lower than is usually required in combat.


World Domination: what else would drive the mind of a man literally built from the genetic material that produced the world's greatest military leaders? Serpentor dreams of conquering the world, or at least a very, very large portion of it, and his every plot and action is meant to further that ultimate goal. Anything else would simply be ... a waste of time for him.


Serpentor wears a flashy, regal suit of combat armor whenever he's not sleeping or otherwise being seen by others. It is a suit plated with gold (or gold covered metal) and serpent-like scaling, coupled with green and gold boots, green and gold gauntlets, green thigh pads, and two green serpents welded onto the suit around his back. He tops it off with a green cape and a large, snake-like cowl worn on his head.


Serpentor is a savvy, charismatic man, combining the leadership qualities of at least ten different would-be conquerors; in other words, he's a master at getting people to do what he wants. Of course, he doesn't suffer fools lightly, and tends to have moments where his behavior swings wildly, thanks to the varied component minds that make up his consciousness.

Real Name: Serpentor (name given him upon his creation)
Occupation: Cobra operative, former sovereign ruler of Cobra Island
Legal Status: Citizen of Cobra Island, legally deceased (though he has a tendency to come back now and then...)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 185 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: being a genetic construct of Doctor Mindbender's design, Serpentor has no belly button (no, really).


Serpentor's history is quite tricky, in that his story is that of several other people's. You see, he is a genetic construct that was generated using the DNA remnants of the ten greatest conquerors to ever walk the earth. The genetic blueprints of Julius Caesar, Gengis Khan, King Solomon, and many others were used to fabricate both his body and his basic neurological patterns.

This all was done in a grand experiment masterminded by Doctor Mindbender, who wanted to create the world's single greatest soldier. Of course, to 'freshen up' the mix some, the evil Doctor added the corpse of then-dead ninja Storm Shadow into the mix, and used the late Doctor Venom's brain-wave scanner to impart a knowledge of modern politics and Cobra loyalties into his mind.

As the finishing touches of his master work were being completed, however, Firefly and the Dreadnoks had managed to capture the Joe known as Ripcord, who had infiltrated Cobra's main American stronghold, the quaint town of Springfield. As Serpentor was coming into sentience, the Dreadnoks strapped Ripcord into the scanner to see if he'd told the Joes where Springfield was.

This may have had a powerful effect on Serpentor's mind, giving him a working knowledge of American Army practices and stratagems, making his military capability complete; this has yet to be determined, of course, but since he was still cooking while Ripcord was scanned in Venom's masterpiece, this may or may not have aided the construct in his first mission, which was given to him immediately.

You see, the Joes had indeed gotten a message from Ripcord, and they attacked Springfield immediately afterwards. When Destro began to evacuate the large Cobra civilian populace from the town, Serpentor took it upon himself to fight a holding action against the Joe invaders who wished to end Cobra's threat once and for all, and thanks to his centuries of combat experience, Serpentor succeeded.

Truly impressed by his apparent heroism, Destro returned to collect Serpentor and the troops assigned to him before departing with the rest of his evacuees to Cobra Island. However, things went sour once Cobra Commander figured out that Serpentor would naturally want to usurp his position, being an amalgamation of the world's greatest conquerors and leaders.

He tried to have Serpentor killed several times, one particular attempt involving Zartan, his mutant siblings, and the Dreadnoks, but Serpentor managed to outsmart Cobra Commander in every one of these schemes. All the while, he was oozing his way into the Cobra hierarchy, and generally making the troops worship him like a true hero and patriot, work that would pay off quickly.

Once Cobra learned the location of the Pit, the GI Joe team's headquarters, Cobra launched a massive assault upon the facility to pay the heroes back for the destruction of Springfield. Wishing to stop Serpentor's momentum before it became too much to bear, Cobra Commander led the assault along with Destro, and being tricked by Hawk, the two villains were buried under the Pit when Hawk destroyed it.

Upon returning to Cobra Island, Serpentor quickly assumed command of the nation, much to the glee of his many supporters. Over the next year or so, he cemented his place as the emperor of Cobra's high tech forces, and ruled unchallenged until Cobra Commander returned from his apparent demise - at least, somebody calling himself Cobra Commander did, at any rate.

Once this second, armored Cobra Commander arrived on the scene, supported by the Baroness, Serpentor quickly grew tired of co-ruling Cobra alongside this ersatz impostor - even if he couldn't prove this armored Commander was a fake - and the tension between the two culminated in a civil war on Cobra Island. When the sides were chosen, however, Serpentor was at something of a disadvantage.

Though he could have conceivably won despite his misfortune, especially since the second Cobra Commander was a tactical imbecile, Serpentor sent Doctor Mindbender to enlist the aid of the US government. Offering them the choice between a fascist dictatorship and a constitutional monarchy, Mindbender swayed the Americans into aiding his side.

Of course, the return of a special black box, stolen by Cobra recently, helped his position considerably.

Within hours, the American forces, consisting of a majority of the GI Joe team, arrived and took the Cobra Island airport, though a three way battle between the Joes, Cobra Commander's forces, and the suddenly arriving Iron Grenadiers, in Destro's employ, caused all sides to flee at once. Catching the Commander's forces on the run, Serpentor wished to press his advantage.

Though the Joes weren't ready for this just yet, Serpentor managed to throw Cobra Commander's army into complete disarray, and the impostor would have lost the war if not for the actions of Zartan - the only competent person left on the Commander's side. As Serpentor advanced on the front of his lines towards the Commander's fortress, Zartan laid him low with a single arrow.

In the eye.

Once Serpentor died, things quickly settled down on Cobra Island, and Doctor Mindbender stored Serpentor's body away for ... future reference. Destro seized it for a time, once he took command of Cobra away from the inept, second Cobra Commander, though he eventually returned it to Doctor Mindbender. The scientist never got to do anything with the corpse of Serpentor, however.

This because it was buried in the land-locked freighter on Cobra Island, along with dozens of living folks,when the one true Cobra Commander returned. Cleaning house, he dumped all the people he considered traitors to his rule in the boat, and then buried it under the Island's volcano. When it was later learned that Zartan escaped, Cobra Commander then burnt the rest of the remains to ash.

(Historical Divergence)

But this was not the end of Serpentor. Over the years, it was revealed that Doctor Mindbender had created thirteen genetic constructs as a part of his Serpentor project. The first ten were clones of Serpentor's individual DNA donors, while the other three were full combinations of their genes. The first died during the first Cobra Island Civil War, of course, but two others remained.

One was surgically altered to have a separate appearance, and given the identity of General Rey through various means. But the other, he was activated by renegade Cobra scientists, and soon after formed an organization known as the Coil. Using this organization, Serpentor re-took Cobra Island, proving that he somehow possessed all the memories of his previous incarnation - and a desire for payback.

Of course, neither Cobra nor GI Joe would stand for this, and in a nasty three-way conflict the Coil was routed. In fact, Serpentor was defeated in personal combat with Cobra Commander - the original, this time - thanks to a bomb that villain had secreted in his helmet. Falling to his doom, Serpentor was presumed lost again by all involved parties, but his body was retrieved by the American military.

Apparently, the so-called Jugglers thought they could 'reprogram' Serpentor into a servant tp further their desires, but this plot was foiled by a Red Shadows operation. The question, however, is whether or not the Red Shadows terminated Serpentor, or merely absconded with his comatose body for their own, sinister purposes. Considering they themselves were defeated shortly thereafter, the world may never know.

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Hand Size:
2 (10)

Serpentor apparently had a pet snake that he hung out with while he wasn't busy leading Cobra, one whose existence he didn't tend to share with others. This snake was larger than a normal cobra (of varying colors, depending on who you ask). This snake's poison abilities are identical to those generated by his biotech armor (see above), though it has a +3 bite, the Natural Weapons skill, and the statistics listed above.

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