the Dominator

Perhaps the ultimate expression of Destro's design asthetic, his Dominators are dual-mode fighting vehicles. With the flip of a switch, they can transform between their tank and their helicopter modes, allowing their operators to combat enemies almost anywhere!

The Dominator has a primarily red body, with black engine components and tinted canopies. Its deployable rotors are yellow in hue, while its tank treads / undercarriage possess a gray coloration. Destro's Dominator is known to possess these vehicular characteristics:

Air-to-air Missiles (i): fired from a chin-mounted launcher, these projectiles are designed for aerial combat, most often versus other flying vehicles. The dominator can only fire one of these at a time, but each can inflict intensity 10 damage on enemy aircraft.

Body Armor (s): though not armored any better than the rest of the Dominator, its personnel compartments all feature considerable defense against enemy assault. Having shatter-proof canopies, its operators thus benefit from intensity 12, or +3, body armor while inside.

Communications Suite (i): to facilitate information exchange, Destro's Dominators feature top-of-the-line communications gear. It functions with intensity 6 ability, having a fifty mile maximum range, and features signal encryption of intensity 10 complexity.

Dual Guns (a): mounted on each tank tread panel, these twinned weapons can each swivel one hundred and eighty degrees. Both can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or can be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Flight / Levitation (a): the whole purpose of its helicopter mode, the Dominator can soar through the skies while in this configuration. Though heavy, the Dominator can achieve speeds of up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour, giving it this ability at intensity 4.

Mini-Guns (a): each of these afterburner-mounted chain guns grant a +1 to hit via their laser range finders. They can fire short bursts of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or can be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Missile Pod (i): mounted on the left side of the Dominator, this launcher stores numerous 3.5mm dumb missiles. Essentially rocket-propelled bullets, they can be fired singly to inflict one's Agility +5 in damage, raised by +1 for each doubling of such used (sixteen maximum).

Propulsion (a): moving through the environment on treads protected by titanium reinforced panels, the Dominator can proceed apace despite its considerable weight. Having this ability at intensity 2, the Dominator can drive on or off the road at up to sixty miles per hour.

Radar Array (w): using the same, built-in antenna as does its communications array, the Dominator can also transmit and receive radiowave signals for the purposes of tracking targets in its environment! It can do this with intensity 5 ability, within a maximum range of twenty-five miles.

Shape Change (a): the 'gimmick' of the Dominator, this function is what makes it shine in comparison to the Iron Grenadiers' other equipment. Normally configured as a tank of sorts, the Dominator can transform into a high-flying helicopter over the course of a single turn!

Surface-to-surface Missiles (i): the Dominator carries two of these on each tread. They can be fired at other ground-based targets, inflicting intensity 10 damage each, but add a +1 to the damage inflicted for each additional missile that strike a target simultaneously.

2002 Variations

Twelve years after they were initially fielded by the Iron Grenadiers, Destro pulled a few of his Dominators out of mothballs, putting them to work for Cobra once more! Of course, by this time they'd become a bit rusty, after a fashion, so Destro updated all their electronics.

To demark the differences between the two, all refurbished Dominators received a new paint job. While similar, the Dominators' red body has been painted gunmetal gray. Other than this, and their modernized circuitry, the newer Dominators work exactly as did their predecessors.

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