the Chameleon Swamp Skier

Zartan's Chameleon is a small, high-powered swamp skier. Built from lightweight, polycarbonate materials, it possesses high-strength front and rear skis, and a handy, 212-A microjet rocket engine to provide it significant speed. This curiously green water vehicle, the chromatic template for numerous Dreadnok vehicles to come, was built with the following characteristics:

Blending (a): thanks to the veritable magic of Zartan's holographic technology, the Chameleon has the ability to blend in with its surroundings - much like its creator can. This power works at intensity 10, but does not function properly when the vehicle is actually moving, which prompts one to see a highly conspicous blur if attempted.

Pre-Fabriated Construction (a): another handy feature that was worked into the design of the Chameleon is its ability to be quickly broken down into its component units, for fast storage, transport, or disguise purposes. It can quite easily be mistaken for a pile of scrap metal in its disassembled state, which lends itself to a more traditional misdirection asthetic.

Ink Jets (i): when Zartan (or anybody else operating the Chameleon) wants to avoid persistent pursuit, they can simply activate the twin, rear-facing, wide dispersal ink jets on the back of the vehicle. These devices create a black cloud that obscures vision with intensity 10 ability - and stings the eyes of those within like nobody's business.

Propulsion (a): after a fashion, the Chameleon has this power at intensity 3, since it seems capable of speeds ranging between 60 and 75 miles per hour while skimming about on the surface of water. This can be very dangerous in a swamp, however, considering the constant threat of objects, animate or otherwise, that might be lurking mere inches beneath the surface.

Water Cannon (a): working with what was available, Zartan built a front-facing, high capacity water jet into the Chameleon, to waylay any opponents in front of him. This cannon inflicts +4 concussive damage with each burst, and can clear objects in the Chameleon's path in a jiffy. It can fire continuously as long as the vehicle is on (or possibly within) the water.

Extra Goodies:

Chameleon Swamp Skier Saga System 13 Text File Download

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