Cobra Commander 2 (Fred 7, deceased)

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RV 10
RV 6
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RV 30
RV 10
RV 30
RV 50
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Fred 7, the man who would be Cobra's Commander, is a normal human. He lacks special powers altogether, whether they be based on a physical deviation from the norm or obscure knowledge. He's really good with gadgets, however, and can readily be considered a high tech villain.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



AK-47: like all members of the Crimson Guard, Fred 7 may discharge a single round with this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, a short burst of fire to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or fire it continuously to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage.

Bayonette: used by itself or attached to his AK, Fred 7 may wield this implement to inflict Slashing damage in melee. Made from m.v. 30 materials, it may also be utilized to cut through items of up to like m.v., given enough time and motivation.

Combat Armor, Mark 1: designed and built by Fred 7 for Cobra Commander's use, this astoundingly advanced and expensive powered armor makes its wearer a dangerous man. Too bad for the Commander that Fred 7 ultimately kept it for himself! It is capable of the following:

* Anti-Tampering Safeguards: to prevent anyone from unmasking its wearer, the Combat Armor's helmet is armed with a quarter pound of plastic explosives. If activated, they'll detonate to inflict rank value 40 Slashing damage to everyone within its current sector.

* Battle Helmet: Fred 7 incorporated the original Commander's battle helmet technology into the upgraded model. In addition to protection it provides, Fred 7 has granted the armor's wearer the capability to make use of its rank value 10 infrared sensors.

* Body Armor: this suit is comprised of beryllium steel plate components lined with bullet-proof polymer fabrics. These layers of protection combine to provide Fred 7 rank value 30 protection from attacks, reduced -2 RS on the joints. This protection breaks down as follows:

RV 30 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Cellular Phone: even back in 1987, Fred 7 had access to cellular telephony. This unit works at rank value 4, allowing it a 5 mile range (assuming Fred 7 doesn't dial into a remote operator service), and is equipped with rank value 30 transmission encryption.

* Sealed Systems: this Combat Armor actively filters out poisons and airborne biological threats with rank value 30 ability. Furthermore, its miniature air tanks, stored throughout the armor, allow Fred 7 to subsist without air altogether for at least an hour at a time.

* Super Strength: one handy feature of Fred 7's combat armor is that it greatly enhances the Brawn of its wearer. Bolstered by +3 RS, the suit raises Fred 7's Health to 70, but offers a maximum increase to rank value 40, should he ever work out more.

* Resilience: rank value 20.

Helmet: the Crimson Guard are distinguished by their crimson uniforms, which are topped off by their equally distinguished helmets. This black and crimson headgear provides Fred 7 rank value 10 protection against physical attacks striking him anywhere in the head.

Sidearm: in the event that his AK is disabled or drained of ammunition, Fred 7 may discharge this backup piece to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage when firing a single shot, or rank value 10 Piercing damage when engaging in semi-automatic fire.


Unpleasant Habits: while otherwise highly disciplined, Fred 7 is something of a chain smoker, and almost always has a cigarette lit when not in his uniform (or armor). This reduces his Repute for the purposes of NPC reactions to those who dislike smokers by -2 RS.


Detective / Espionage: their primary purpose, Siegies are adept in posing as mundane citizens, easily blending in to whatever position they have been assigned to infiltrate. Fred 7 should receive a +1 RS bonus on any ACTION called for while attempting to maintain his charade.

Electronics: an adjunct to his engineering talent, this skill allows Fred 7 to design, repair, or build any number of electronic components to bolster his mechanical creaions. His Intellect in all electronic matters should be considered +1 RS in value.

Engineering: a gear-head at heart, Fred 7's intellect ultimately lies in the making of things - not the command of others. He may attempt to design, build, repair, or even destroy structures or things at a +1 RS to whatever ACTION roll is required to do so.

Guns: like all Cobra operatives, Fred 7 is proficient in the use of firearms. Whether wielding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, this Crimson Guardsman may discharge such weapons at a +1 RS to the Coordination trait listed above.

Martial Arts styles A and B: each Siegie is trained in both of these fighting styles, and Fred was no exception to this rule. A allows him to Pound or Concuss opponents regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude traits, while B grants him a +1 RS to hit in unarmed combat.

Military: even more than most Cobras, the Crimson Guard are all indoctrinated into the Commander's way of doing things. Though its organizational structure is complicated to say the least, Fred 7 can navigate it with an almost instinctual ability.


As a member of the Crimson Guard, Fred 7 presumably has a large array of Cobra that he can rely upon for assistance, should it not directly counter their current goals. While acting as its second Commander, however, he literally had the entire organization at his disposal!


Fred 7's distinctive, Crimson Guard uniform consists of a crimson jacket over a white T-shirt, adorned with silver medals and a silver Cobra sigil, crimson trousers with silver side stripes, black leather boots, gloves, and belts, and a crimson helmet with a black face plate.

His second ensemble, powered armor he'd originally built for Cobra Commander, is mainly comprised of beryllium steel plates, giving it a lustrous shine. The joints were built using an unknown black metal, while other sections are covered with a synthetic blue, bullet-proof fabric.


Fred 7 is a bit too smart for his own good. While he's a veritable mechanical genius, the man lacks intelligence in several other areas, including leadership. Though a compentent member of the Crimson Guard, Fred 7 simply doesn't have what it takes to effectively run Cobra.

Nonetheless, he possessed the greed, ambition, and ruthlessness that Cobra calls for in its hierarchy, which got him pretty far while posing as their Commander. Unfortunately, being petty, stubborn, and vindictive prevented him from managing much more for himself.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: infiltrator, saboteur, engineer, terrorist leader
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Cobra Commander
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Fred 7 is one of hundreds of Crimson Guard members that, over the years, have had their appearance surgically modified to match the original in their line, Fred Broca (Fred 1).


The man initially known on the world stage as Fred 7 got his start as did any other member of the Crimson Guard. Showing particular promise in various areas, he was recruited by Cobra and trained in the arts of infiltration, subterfuge, and sabotage - and then surgically altered.

One of several prominent Crimson Guardsmen, his appearance was changed until he resembled the Cobra known as Fred Broca. The first of the 'Fred' series of these Guardsmen, Fred Broca hobnobbed with the Cobra hierarchy, though his zeal to prove himself ultimately got him killed.

Fred 7, on the other hand, was content to get on with the job of the Crimson Guard, namely to infiltrate society and become a pillar of the community - at least, until called upon to strike! A mechanical genius, Fred 7 set himself up in Denver as an automotive mechanic.

Mind you, he didn't just fix cars all day. No, Fred 7 was working on numerous special projects in the back of his shop, a cybernetics lab that produced revolutionary vehicles and other gear that he felt Cobra could make use of in its war against the free peoples of the world.

His efforts were bolstered by Raptor, an eccentric falconer who was an utterly amoral accountant. Drawn into Cobra's orbit after committing crimes against Destro's property, Raptor worked to help the organization's fronts maintain their cover, primarily by making them look legitimate.

The two, in addition to their normal Cobra duties, thus kept thousands of their fellow operatives stay inconspicuous in the face of increasing government red tape. This all changed, however, when Cobra Commander himself arrived on Fred 7's grease-covered doorstep!

Thought long dead by the forces of Cobra, the Commander notified Fred 7 that reports of his demise had been highly exaggerated. He did have his son Billy in tow, however, who had been brutally injured after getting mixed up in a conflict with Cobra forces some time ago.

Replacing his missing limbs with robotic stand-ins, Fred 7 then showcased some of his creations to the Commander, including a powerful jumping vehicle, and powered combat armor built specifically for him! Impressed, the Commander then led the two on a few missions against the Joes.

When Billy recovered from his injuries, he disowned the Commander, prompting him to abandon his criminal lifestyle. Furious beyond reason, after having worked so hard for Cobra, Fred 7 shot the Commander in the back, and then made Raptor help him bury the body outside town.

Realizing that it could be just about anyone inside that armor he'd built for the Commander, Fred 7 suddenly had an idea. Opting to replace his leader, Fred 7 assumed the Commander's identity, and then made for Cobra Island, leaving Raptor to his own devices.

Arriving in a spectacular fashion, Fred 7 announced his 'return' to his fellow Cobras. His effort to install himself as Cobra Commander was almost derailed by the Baroness, who knows what the real Commander looks like, but she decided to play along with Fred 7's ruse for the time being.

Taking command of Cobra alongside Serpentor, the two vied for supremacy for some time, each pursuing their own agenda to push the other out. This culimated in a Civil War on Cobra Island, during which most of Cobra was on Fred 7's side - save for, curiously, the Crimson Guard.

Ultimately winning that conflict despite GI Joe's interference on Serpentor's behalf, Fred 7 had the undisputed rule of Cobra - at least, until he crossed Destro's forces. Soundly trounced by the more experienced villain, Destro then took control of Cobra away from the new Commander.

Nonetheless highly placed in the organization, Fred 7 continued to be the 'face' of the organization in its global efforts, at least until the first Commander returned to wrest Cobra away from him. As it turned out, you see, he wasn't as dead as Fred 7 thought when he buried the man!

Having been spied upon by Fred 8, Fred 7 was seen burying the Commander, and having been dug up before he could suffocate, he was given medical attention by yet another Fred. Using the Guard's irrationally motivated labor, he then rebuilt his fortunes, and then returned to his Island.

Staging a coup that reinstalled him as the leader of Cobra in but a single afternoon, the Commander then rounded up all those operatives of the organization that he perceived as traitors, whether justifiably or not. And, naturally, Fred 7 was at the very top of this list.

Buried alive in the land-locked freighter at the heart of Cobra Island, Fred 7 attempted to escape along with everyone else trapped underground, but by this time the forces of Cobra weren't about to follow his commands. It didn't help that the food stored onboard the ship was bad.

Eating cheaply bought rations tainted with botulism, Fred 7, along with numerous other Cobras that had displeased the Commander, died an ignoble death beneath the surface. At the very least, his armor was put to good use by the Commander when Fred 7 was unearthed months later.

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