Cobra: 1987 Personnel and Equipment


Big Boa: despised by GI Joe and Cobra operatives alike, Big Boa is the chief drill instructor of the latter group. A seeming force of nature gone wrong, Big Boa has what it takes to whip even Cobra's teeming masses of criminal scum into fighting shape! Availability:

Big Boa (MSH Classic)

Big Boa (4C System)

Big Boa (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Croc Master: obsessed with crocodiles all his life, the man known only as Croc Master founded Guard Gators, Inc., to sell his babies as a deadly security system. This endeared him with Cobra's leadership, who needed to secure its large tropical Island! Availability:

Croc Master (MSH Classic)

Croc Master (4C System)

Croc Master (Marvel Saga)

Crystal Ball: the seventh son of a seventh son, the man known only as Crystal Ball has honest to goodness psionic powers! Though limited in scope, these powers have helped him get far in life, and serve him well in the teeming, villainous ranks of Cobra! Availability:

Crystal Ball (MSH Classic)

Crystal Ball (4C System)

Crystal Ball (Marvel Saga)

Gyro-Vipers: those Air-Vipers who demonstrate advanced aptitude with rotary-wing aircraft and a reckless disregard for their personal safety are ideal candidates for the Gyro-Viper corps, and if they survive the training course, are given their own Mambas! Availability:

Gyro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Gyro-Vipers (4C System)

Gyro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Ice-Vipers: those Snow Serpents who undergo vehicular operation and maintenance training from the Techno-Vipers earn the right to wear an Ice-Viper uniform! In addition to better pay and the prestige, this rank comes with a sweet ride: Cobra's WOLF! Availability:

Ice-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Ice-Vipers (4C System)

Ice-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Raptor: an eccentric accountant with a penchant for falconry, Raptor found himself on Destro's bad side when caught poaching on his grounds. Pulled into Cobra's orbit, Raptor began to use his various skills in their service to pay off his debts to them! Availability:

Raptor (MSH Classic)

Raptor (4C System)

Raptor (Marvel Saga)

Sea Slugs: Cobra Eels who learn who to pilot aircraft are given the option of becoming Sea Slugs. These elite aquatic operatives receive greater pay, a flashier uniform, and a highly advanced, flying submersible craft in the form of the Sea Ray! Availability:

Sea Slugs (MSH Classic)

Sea Slugs (4C System)

Sea Slugs (Marvel Saga)

Techno-Vipers: the combat engineers of the Cobra forces, Techno-Vipers are former Vipers who have demonstrated skill in the construction and maintenance of mechanical and electronic things of all kinds, making them popular members of that organization! Availability:

Techno-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Techno-Vipers (4C System)

Techno-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

WORMS: Cobra's Weapon Ordnance Rugged Machine Specialists are valuable artillery specialists who operate their Maggot vehicles. Though in relatively high demand, Cobras are often reluctant to join their ranks, as they are priority GI Joe targets! Availability:

WORMS (MSH Classic)

WORMS (4C System)

WORMS (Marvel Saga)


Citizens of Cobra-La: humanoid beings descended from reptilian life forms, and hidden away in a secret civilization for thousands of years, the people of Cobra-La are unknown to humanity. At least, they were until they tried to wipe out mankind, that is! Availability:

Citizens of Cobra-La (MSH Classic)

Citizens of Cobra-La (4C System)

Citizens of Cobra-La (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version): a brilliant geneticist altered while experimenting with mutagenic spores, Golobulus charged the Commander with infiltrating human society to conquer it from within - paving the way for Cobra-La's global domination! Availability:

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, 4C System)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, Marvel Saga)

Golobulus: last of the Serpent Kings and the unquestioned ruler of what's left of Cobra-La, Golobulus has ruled his civilization's remnants for untold millennia. He dreams of conquering the earth anew, however, which is why he's meddling in human affairs! Availability:

Golobulus (MSH Classic)

Golobulus (4C System)

Golobulus (Marvel Saga)

Nemesis Enforcer: born when Golobulus breathed life into various dead things he'd collected, Nemesis Enforcer is that being's single-minded, merciless right hand. Through the eons, he has wanted nothing more than to further his creator's dread agenda! Availability:

Nemesis Enforcer (MSH Classic)

Nemesis Enforcer (4C System)

Nemesis Enforcer (Marvel Saga)

Pythona: chief courier and assassin of Golobulus, Pythona is a singularly dangerous citizen of Cobra-La. The left hand of that secret civilization's leader, Pythona works to subvert and annihilate her peoples' enemies before they even know what hit them. Availability:

Pythona (MSH Classic)

Pythona (4C System)

Pythona (Marvel Saga)

the Royal Guard: painstaking eugenics and surgical augmentation produce the large, durable warriors that serve as Cobra-La's Royal Guard. Fanatical followers of its leader and his minions, the Royal Guard are a small, yet nigh-unstoppable fighting force! Availability:

the Royal Guard (MSH Classic)

the Royal Guard (4C System)

the Royal Guard (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard:

Cobra Commander 2: after he thought he had murdered the original Cobra Commander, Crimson Guardsman Fred 7 stole his identity, and claimed Cobra for himself! Naturally, the rest of Cobra's command structure fought him on this every step of the way. Availability:

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (4C System)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (Marvel Saga)


Zanzibar: born in the Cayman Islands and raised on a garbage scow, Zanzibar grew up to respect no one and nothing. Basic manners escape him, as does the notion of personal property, at least respecting others. Even the Dreadnoks despise the man! Availability:

Zanzibar (MSH Classic)

Zanzibar (4C System)

Zanzibar (Marvel Saga)


the Buzz Boar: possibly the world's first tactical boring device, the Buzz Boar is a one-man subterranean assault vehicle used by Cobra to deposit weapons and other materials underground for safe keeping or later use, and to ambush enemies from below! Availability:

the Buzz Boar (MSH Classic)

the Buzz Boar (4C System)

the Buzz Boar (Marvel Saga)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories: bucking the trend of most Cobra equipment at the time, these devices are small, and can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide Cobra various useful capabilities. Availability:

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

the Jet Pack: bulkier and heavier than GI Joe's JUMP, Cobra's Jet Pack nonetheless serves as a foil for that older technology. This is because, while the Joes' flight pack has a ray gun, Cobra's has four twinned machine guns and dual missiles onboard! Availability:

the Jet Pack (MSH Classic)

the Jet Pack (4C System)

the Jet Pack (Marvel Saga)

the Maggot: this vehicle is a powerful anti-tank weapon Cobra can field against GI Joe - or any other fools who get in their way. It is able to either split into three separate (yet equally dangerous) components, or terrorize its driver's foes as a whole! Availability:

the Maggot (MSH Classic)

the Maggot (4C System)

the Maggot (Marvel Saga)

the Mamba: featuring two counter-rotating, layered-exoxy rotors, and two manned, detachable aerial assault pods, Cobra's Mamba is a high speed powerhouse. Though lightly armored, it more than makes up for this with seemingly impossible maneuverability! Availability:

the Mamba (MSH Classic)

the Mamba (4C System)

the Mamba (Marvel Saga)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball: a vehicle of Fred 7's design, the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball can launch itself into the air via short-burst rockets, and continue to bounce around, firing on anything within its domain, on three pneumatically enhanced legs! Availability:

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (MSH Classic)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (4C System)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (Marvel Saga)

the Sea Ray: built with stealth in mind, the Sea Ray is a submersible aircraft, which can lurk in the sky or beneath the waves, as is required. Furthermore, it can also split into two distinct vehicles: a miniature submarine and a jet-powered glider! Availability:

the Sea Ray (MSH Classic)

the Sea Ray (4C System)

the Sea Ray (Marvel Saga)

the WOLF: Cobra's Winter Operational Light Fighting vehicle, or WOLF, is their response to numerous defeats against specialized, cold-weather GI Joe vehicles! Featuring numerous missiles, guns, and ski torpedoes, the WOLF can stand toe to toe with any of them! Availability:

the WOLF (MSH Classic)

the WOLF (4C System)

the WOLF (Marvel Saga)


the Air Skiff: whether he built it himself or stole it from someone else, Zanzibar has made his Air Skiff a vital component of his criminal self-identity. A self-proclaimed air pirate, he uses it to pilfer goods from targets on both land and sea! Availability:

the Air Skiff (MSH Classic)

the Air Skiff (4C System)

the Air Skiff (Marvel Saga)

the Tri-Cycle: each of these Dreadnok combat trikes are unique, being custom-built, by hand, using whatever parts and materials those bikers manage to steal from Cobra or other groups. Rugged and aggressive, the Tri-Cycles are a Dreadnok favorite! Availability:

the Tri-Cycle (MSH Classic)

the Tri-Cycle (4C System)

the Tri-Cycle (Marvel Saga)

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