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Pythona is not a normal human - or even human, for that matter. No, she is one of the citizens of Cobra-La, who are descended from reptiles and may or may not have originated on our world. Furthermore, she possesses exceptional abilities above and beyond that of her people.

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs / Tentacles: though rarely seen, Pythona possesses eight tentacles, hidden beneath her 'clothing' most of the time. Each has only rank value 4 Brawn, but combined can act with her usual Brawn, and can hold a foe while she dispatches them at her leisure.

Claws: typically a normal length while at rest, each of Pythona's fingernails can be extended at will, to about a foot long - give or take an inch. Thanks to these deadly instruments, she can readily inflict Slashing damage in melee, at least against living targets.

Corrosion: though they are not particularly durable, Pythona's claws can also exude a terribly caustic chemical. This acidic substance is likely poisonous at well, but its principal use is against inanimate matter, which it can dissolve with rank value 50 ability.

Fangs: for the most part, Pythona utilizes her claws while in hand-to-hand combat. However, she does possess fangs, likely as a result of her peoples' reptilian background. This allows her to inflict her Brawn value in Slashing damage with every painful bite.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Crossnake: this bizarre, four-headed, eel-like thing can gnaw through most impediments - or people! It seems to possess rank value 10 Brawn, deadly fangs, and resistance to electricity - possibly due to it being a mutated variety of an electric eel that can breathe air, maybe?

Facehugger: to disable her foes before putting them down for good, Pythona often utilizes a facehugger. This creature consists of a spherical body with four tentacles, which can grapple one's head with rank value 20 ability, both blinding and suffocating them.

Living Finery: while her chitinous, living clothing does not provide her defense, as does that of the Royal Guard, Pythona's permanent ensemble does serve one purpose: it acts to support and protect her many, many living weapons while they are not in use.

Stunshroom: like Nemesis Enforcer, Pythona carries at least one fungus with her, whose spores have been weaponized. Her particular stunshroom emits spores that can suffocate her opponents, with rank value 30 ability, rendering even the strongest of foes unconscious.

Tape Clam: this mollusc-like creature can, when prompted, emit numerous streams of a tape-like substance, generally mummifying a human-sized target in mere seconds. This is a rank value 20 grappling attack, which inflicts a -2 RS penalty to escape once bound.

Trilobombs: living explosives, the trilobombs of Cobra-La are seemingly ordinary examples of their species. However, on impact they can detonate with staggering force, each inflicting rank value 20 Slashing damage, to everything within their current sector.


Abnormal Attribute: whether you're talking about humans or citizens of Cobra-La, Pythona doesn't look remotely normal. Surprise tentacles aside, her eyes are blue and reptilian, she has noticeable fangs and claws, and radiates an aura of 'menace'.

Allergy / Cold: the phenomenon that destroyed Cobra-La's grip on prehistoric earth, its citizens are highly susceptible to cold damage. It affects them as if their armor, if any, was -2 RS in value, and if a given citizen of Cobra-La possesses none, it inflicts +1 RS damage.


Acrobatics: her natural ability augmented by considerable training and exercise, Pythona is quite the acrobat. She is allowed a +1 RS on any dodge, escape, evade, feint, or weave maneuvers, as well as any non-combat ACTION that relies upon either dexterity or balance.

Martial Arts styles A, D, and E: Pythona's combat training and experience grant her a +1 initiative modifier in unarmed combat, and the ability to Pound or Concuss foes regardless of their comparative Brawn or Fortitude, ignoring body armor for such after two turns of studying an enemy.

Natural Weapons: while she gains no bonus to hit in otherwise unarmed combat, Pythona excels in the use of her innate, biological weaponry. When attacking with her claws, whether or not they are currently corrosive, Pythona may strike as if her Melee was +1 RS in value.

Stealth: even when uncloaked, Pythona is a master of moving unnoticed by the unobservant. When attempting to remain inconspicuous, Pythona inflicts a -1 RS penalty to the Awareness trait of anyone who is likely to perceive her entering, exiting, or occupying the area.

Tumbling: greatly augmenting her acrobatic ability, Pythona is also a competent tumbler. Whenever she falls (or is propelled) any distance which would not inflict damage on impact, Pythona may attempt a Coordination ACTION roll to land on her feet - and keep on fighting.


One of Golobulus' chief lieutenants, Pythona can readily consider all the people of Cobra-La as a reliable contact. Whether out of loyalty or fear, its citizens would rarely, if ever, refuse any request she made of them, for fear of her wrath - or that of their leader.


Like all of Cobra-La's residents, Pythona makes use of a living second skin as her 'clothes'. Hers is a soft chitinous membrane that is primarily light purple in hue, which covers all but her face and hands, though it is marked throughout with various round, violet blobs of color.


Pythona works with a single-minded devotion to Cobra-La, buying into Golobulus' philosophy wholesale. Confident and competent, Pythona strives to destroy humanity so her people can retake the earth, and no action in the pursuit of this goal is too extreme for her sensibilities.

Real Name: Pythona
Occupation: Golobulus' assassin
Legal Status: citizen of Cobra-La
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra-La

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue, with snake-like pupils
Weight: 150 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Pythona possesses bone-white skin, seemingly alien eyes, and conspicuous purple markings on the sides of her face.


Most details about Pythona's background remain a mystery. Unlike her counterpart, Nemesis Enforcer, Pythona isn't the creation of Cobra-La's leader, but has nonetheless benefited from various genetic modifications at his direction, which serve to make her singularly deadly.

One of the nobles of Cobra-La, Pythona serves as the messenger of Golobulus' will, letting his subjects know his various edicts, and ensures that they are carried out. Furthermore, her duties include journeying out of the ice dome that shelters Cobra-La's remnants, to various ends.

On one such mission, she gave Serpentor, the emperor of Cobra, details about his own origins. After doing so, she charged him with the task of seizing the Broadcast Energy Transmitter from the GI Joe team, who were actually testing it near their hidden civilization.

Though he initially failed in this, Serpentor ultimately succeeded on a second attempt after Pythona broke him out of GI Joe's holding facility, aided by Nemesis Enforcer and the Dreadnoks. However, the capture of this device turned out to be the death knell of Cobra-La itself!

Used in a plot to devolve humanity into mindless beasts, the idea was to take over the world once its people could no longer fight back. However, GI Joe wasn't about to let Cobra-La keep the BET, journeying to Cobra-La to take it back, and destroyed its people in the process.

While Cobra-La was annihilated during the overload of the BET, triggered by the GI Joe team to defeat their genetically engineered devolution spores, Pythona herself seems to have survived its overdue end. What she has been up to since then, though, is as of yet unrevealed.

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