the Jet Pack

Though developed several years later than the competition's comparable technology, Cobra's Jet Pack is designed to counter GI Joe's JUMP. While it's heavier and bulkier, there's no denying that trading off man-portable capability is made up for with sheer capability.

The Jet Pack is faster and more heavily armed than its counterpart, after all, even if it isn't quite so easily transported into position - flying it there directly notwithstanding. Overall, Cobra's Jet Pack features the following vehicular capabilities:

Flight (a): utilizing its boxy, twin Double Pack 5M/LB thrust turbo-fan engines, the Jet Pack can achieve speeds of around 225 miles per hour, possessing this ability at intensity 6. This allows almost any Cobra operative to become air support in an instant!

Multi-laminate Body (s): the vast majority of the Jet Pack, its engines, are constructed from a heat-resistant, multi-laminate frame. This gives it a material strength of 8, offering like, or +2, protection to operators who can get it between them and incoming attack.

Neutralizers (i): mounted on each wing of Cobra's Jet Pack, these AIM-44 air-to-air missiles allow its pilot an additional offensive option while in flight. They inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage when fired singly, raised by +1 if both strike a target at once.

Quad Blast Machine Guns (a): the Jet Pack's primary armaments are four twinned, axial machine guns that can swivel horizontally. They can fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or fire continuously to inflict their Agility +8 in damage.

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