the Sea Ray

After seeing GI Joe field an effective flying submsersible vehicle for years, Cobra decided to develop their own. The Sea Ray is capable of operating on, above, or below the surface of the water, and often serves in a ground support role when not lurking in the wings.

The Sea Ray's most notable feature, however, is its ability to split into two distinct vehicles: a jet-powered glider and a miniature submarine. This allows its operators to function in both of its intended environments at once! The m.s. 10 Sea Ray has these specific capabilities:

Communications Array (i): Sea Rays are equipped with Cobra-built radio transceivers, which generally ignore conventional communications standards. They work with intensity 7 ability, having like signal encryption and range, which is a maximum of 100 miles at a high altitude.

Flight (a): the Sea Ray, or its jet-powered glider, can soar through the skies! It can achieve intensity 11 flight, moving at Mach 2 when intact, though its glider is limited to intensity 6 speeds, or 225 miles per hour, lest air friction pulp its exposed operator.

Impact-proof Canopy (s): made from space-age materials, possibly lifted from their own space program, Cobra has made the defense of its Sea Ray pilots a priority. In conjunction with its durable frame, this feature provides intensity 12, or +3, armor to its front occupant.

Invisibility to Radar (i): the entirety of the Sea Ray is coated in a rubberized damper that plays havoc with radio waves, causing them to send an indistinct 'bounce' back to their source. This makes the vehicle effectively invisible to radar systems with intensity 8 ability.

Jet-Powered Glider (i): when the Sea Ray splits in two, one of its components is a powered glider. The Cobra operating this rear half of the Sea Ray is strapped in but otherwise exposed to the elements, but is compensated for this with a large missile bank.

Miniature Submarine (i): when the Sea Ray splits in two, one of its components is a mini-sub. The Cobra within this front half of the Sea Ray benefits from far greater defense against enemy assault, but is arguably a much easier target in battle.

Passengers: overall, the Sea Ray is a somewhat small vehicle. Its cockpit only holds one Cobra operative, as does its rear section, which can break off to become the jet-powered glider. But a third individual can cling to the bottom of the Sea Ray's cockpit (or mini-sub).

Pulverizer Cannons: straddling the Sea Ray's cockpit, these twinned 30mm weapons are usable by the mini-sub or the combined vehicle. Together, they inflict one's Agility +7 in damage when firing a short burst, or their Agility +8 in damage when firing continuously.

Snake Attack Missiles (i): these eight air to surface missiles can be launched from either component of the Sea Ray, with six on the glider and two on the mini-sub. They inflict intensity 10 damage by themselves, adding +1 for each additional projectile that hits.

Super Swimming (a): thanks to its hydrojet thrust mechanism, the Sea Ray, or just its mini-submarine, can glide rapidly through the water. It can do this with intensity 2 ability, allowing it to achieve speeds of 60 MPH, or 52.1386 knots, beneath the waves.

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