Cobra Commander (Animated Series Version)


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Cobra Commander is one of the citizens of Cobra-La, a noble of this alien species that may or may not have originated on another world. Furthermore, he has been mutated over the course of his work with genetics, and has a vast array of high tech devices at his fingertips.


Circular Vision (w): before being devolved into a giant, cobra-like snake seemingly reset his genome, Cobra Commander's face was covered with a hideous array of eyes. This allowed him to see all around himself, or view multiple mini-monitors within his helmet simultaneously.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Abnormal Attribute: though you wouldn't know it thanks to his normal wardrobe, Cobra Commander is possessed of sky blue skin. Furthermore, his eyes are solid green and slitted, and after being mutated by a laboratory accident, he has ten of them, five on each side of his head.

The specific nature of this hindrance changed over time, however. For instance, Cobra Commander was a literal cobra for a while! When returned to a humanoid configuration, his extra eyes vanished, though he retained golden scales and a hybrid appearance for quite some time.

Allergy / Cold: the phenomenon that destroyed Cobra-La's grip on prehistoric earth, its citizens are highly susceptible to cold damage. They resist cold effects at an increased difficulty, and any cold-based damage they suffer is increased by four (4).


Battle Helmet (s): his original combat gear, this device protects Cobra Commander's head against physical attack at intensity 12, or +3, obscures his features completely, and takes advantage of his unique, induced mutation. It has these inherent capabilities:

* Anti-Tampering Safeguards (i): to prevent anyone from unmasking him, or to avenge himself upon anyone who kills him, Cobra Commander has armed his battle helmet with enough plastic explosives to inflict intensity 13 slashing (fragmentary) damage upon detonation.

* Cellular Phone (i): ahead of his time, Cobra Commander had portable communications on the go. This system works at intensity 3, granting it a 5 mile communications range (assuming he doesn't dial into a remote operator service), with intensity 12 signal encryption.

Body Armor (s): for a time, after recovering from his transformation into a cobra, the Commander wore a suit of combat armor! This armor gave his entire body the same protection from injury his helmet provides, and its helmet functions the same as his original.

Laser Pistol (a): his weapon of choice, Cobra Commander carries a laser pistol on his person at all times. It can be fired to inflict his Agilty +4 in Armor Piercing energy damage per deadly assault, being capable of getting six blasts off before its power cell is depleted.


Boxing (s): while he values his personal safety above all else, Cobra Commander isn't completely useless in a fight. In unarmed melee, he may divide his pre-card play between two unarmed assaults, the last of which he may attempt as a contingent action.

Crime (i): how else do you fund a terrorist organization determined to rule the world? Telemarketing scams, door to door salesmen, money laundering, and more - if a financial scheme will add to Cobra's coffers, the Commander is a veritable master of making it happen.

Electronics (i): though his society despises unliving, inorganic devices, Cobra Commander has bent his considerable intellect towards mastering human technlogy - and even improving on it! He may design, build, or repair electronic items at a reduced difficulty.

Genetics 3 (i): one of the most brilliant geneticists the world has ever seen, Cobra Commander excels at tinkering with the building blocks of life itself! When performing such affonts to nature, the Commander may do so at a reduced difficulty, with the benefit of an autotrump.

Guns (a): his only real hobby, aside from consigning captured GI Joe operatives to over-the-top death traps, Cobra Commander is an avid target shooter. Whether firing standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols, Cobra Commander does so at a reduced difficulty.

Manipulation (w): More than anything else, Cobra Commander is a master manipulator. He can easily bend evil men and women to his line of thinking, often subverting their own goals in the process, and may do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Marksman (a): proficient in all the hardware Cobra produces, the Commander knows how to effectively utilize its every weapon. Whether a mortar, a rocket launcher, or even a main tank cannon, Cobra Commander may utilize line of sight weaponry at a reduced difficulty.

Military (w): whether he simply studied military science from afar, or even attended a military school as he has claimed, Cobra Commander knows how armed forces function. This talent gives him a reduced difficulty in military matters, whether concocting or coordinating some violent mission.

Piloting (a): finally, in order to fully make use of the gear at his organization's disposal, Cobra Commander has been trained in the operation of his various kinds of aircraft, and may attempt actions to control airborne vehicles at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.


In the decades that he has headed the clandestine terrorist outfit known as Cobra, the Commander has acquired countless contacts in criminal, political, and legal circles. With the exception of the Cobra Command itself, the legions of Cobra are fanatically loyal to him.


World Domination: it pretty much goes without saying, but more than anything else, Cobra Commander wants to rule the world. To this end, he's schemed endlessly, plunging countless nations into chaos and - in one of his most brilliant schemes, making his very own.


Cobra Commander's uniform consists of blue trousers with red racing stripes, a long sleeved black, collared shirt beneath a blue jacket with a large, red Cobra sigil in the center, a holster for his laser pistol, black leather boots and gloves, and a black belt with a shiny red buckle.

Supplementing this basic ensemble, the Commander also wears either a blue executioner's hood or his custom-built, mirrored helmet. He's also been known to accessorize his look with a magnificent cape with a black exterior and a red interior.

For a time, the Commander wore a suit of combat armor instead of his usual ensemble. This protective costume is made of beryllium plates, using an unknown black alloy on the joints, and is covered in places with a blue, bullet-proof fabric. It also features a new helmet design.


Both audacious and craven, Cobra Commander has immense goals and the will to achieve them, yet a considerable aversion to personal risk. This leads him to punching far above his weight, and then shooting himself in the foot when things become more difficult than anticipated.

Nonetheless, Cobra Commander has completely bought into his own hype, and luxuriates in all the frills of costumed villainy. After all, what's the point of going to all the effort to conquer the world if you can't enjoy the finer things in life now and then?

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: ruler of Cobra
Legal Status: a citizen of Cobra-La on the outs from its leadership, wanted worldwide for various crimes against humanity
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: too many to count
Group Affiliation: Cobra, which he founded at the direction of Cobra-La's leader

Height: 6'
Hair: none
Eyes: Cobra Commander's eyes possess a green sclera, and are slitted like some snakes
Weight: 165 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: a citizen of Cobra-La, the Cobra Commander originally possessed sky blue skin, though he otherwise looked human. After his initial mutation, he developed eight additional eyes, scattered across his head.

Upon his second exposure to mutagenic spores, Cobra Commander devolved into an oversized, golden-scaled hooded snake, though this transition took some time. His primary mutation persisted for quite a while, though even his extra eyes faded after a year or so.

Finally, when the Baroness attempted to restore his 'humanity' using Dragonfire, Cobra Commander was advanced into a humanoid, reptilian man. His form stabilized into something resembling a human soon afterwards, but his alien nature is impossible to miss.


A long time ago, the man who became Cobra Commander was not a man, but in fact a citizen of Cobra-La. This isolated, secret civilization had been hidden away from earth's other inhabitants for thousands of years, after the Ice Age shattered their domination of our world.

Brilliant in the field of genetics, possibly even beyond that of Cobra-La's Serpent King himself, Cobra Commander experimented tirelessly with various mutagenic substances. One of these inadvertently affected him directly, disfiguring him and giving him multiple sets of eyes.

Impressed by his intellect, Golobulus sent the Commander out into the world, to infiltrate humanity and subvert its unliving, inorganic technology for Cobra-La's own ends. Mastering their science in no time, the Commander began to form an army with which to conquer mankind.

Called Cobra, this organization rapidly grew into an international threat, utilizing highly advanced technology, as well as knowledge of genetic manipulation that only the Commander had access to. The problem was that there were some humans that were willing to fight Cobra.

This group, GI Joe, continually foiled Cobra Commander's schemes, preventing him from overthrowing the governments of earth. To this end, the Commander recruited more and more elite operatives to form his Command structure, though their own agendas rarely aligned with his own.

Unhappy with his progress, Golobulus infiltrated the very mind of Cobra Commander's subordinate, Doctor Mindbender, and compelled him to create a new leader for Cobra. One built using the genetic information contained within earth's greatest conquerors: Serpentor!

This composite genetic construct easily overthrew the Commander, taking Cobra for his own, but Cobra's founder was no fool. When Serpentor's first mission against the United States failed catastrophically, the Commander came to an arrangement with the artificial man, buying time.

Eventually, the forces of Cobra-La made themselves known to Cobra, and gave them their marching orders. In the process of this, Cobra Commander was tried by Golobulus for his failures, and as punishment for them, was exposed to the devolution spores he himself had developed!

Rapidly devolving from his humanoid form into something resembling an oversized cobra, the Commander opted to help GI Joe defeat his Serpent King, hoping to save humanity and avenge himself at the same time. And, in the end, he took part in the final battle against Cobra-La's forces.

With Cobra-La's annihilation, Cobra Commander's intellect was trapped within the bestial mind of his snake form, and kept as a pet by Serpentor. Tired of him and Destro, who she was currently on the outs with, the Baroness seized the Commander and exposed him to Dragonfire.

Though his mind recovered, Cobra Commander's body was hardly restored to its original state - at least, not at first. Resembling a reptilian, scaly humanoid, the Commander used the combination of his animal strength and alien intellect to quickly retake command of Cobra.

With Cobra-La gone, the Commander was under no one's thumb, and could seize control of the earth for himself! The problem was that he rapidly fell into old habits, and the GI Joe team was ready to stymie his plans, one after another, even when they were particularly brilliant.

In time, Cobra fell apart, and its Commander faded into obscurity. Ever on the lookout for new angles with which to conquer the world, Cobra Commander even mixed it up with various other aliens, including Cybertron's Autobots, who he almost managed to defeat all by himself.

What he's been up to since then has yet to be revealed, though it's no doubt no good for humanity - or anyone else!

Snake Form


Hand Size:
3 (17)

Cobra Commander's snake form, something of a cross between a cobra and a constrictor snake of some kind, possessed brilliant golden scales, a large hood, and of course ten eyes, a carryover from his original induced mutation - though the extras faded soon after his transformation.

While possessing a serpentine form, Cobra Commander had fangs with which he could inflict +2 slashing damage, poison glands which allowed him to inflict intensity 8 metabolic damage after a successful bite, and for a time, the circular vision he 'enjoyed' as a humanoid.

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