the Mamba

Cobra's Mamba is a light combat helicopter with a low vertical profile, equipped with two counter-rotating rotors. This revolutionary feature allows it unprecedented control sensitivity, which helps to make up for the fact that its armor is relatively light, overall.

Perhaps the Mamba's most notable feature are its three cockpits. One belongs to the vehicle's pilot, of course, while the other two consist of detachable pods. The heavily armed MOLTs can fight on their own or while attached to the Mamba, which has these characterisics:

Body Armor (s): the lightweight, futuristic 'lifting body' aerodynamic frame of the Cobra Mamba allows it staggering maneuverability, at the expense of protection for its occupants. Though having an m.s. of 10, it only offers operators intensity 4, or +1, protection from injury.

Bombs (i): these explosives can be dropped on a hapless foe from above, and while they cannot otherwise be targeted, these stop and drop devices inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage each. Though unguided, they are a powerful tool for the Gyro-Vipers.

Bunker Buster (i): equipped beneath its cockpit, the Mamba has one heavy duty, bunker-busting bomb. This powerful, guided explosive homes in on its predetermined target, typically a fortified installation, and inflicts devastating, intensity 14 armor piercing fragmentary damage.

Communications Array (i): Mambas are equipped with Cobra-built radio transceivers, which generally ignore conventional communications standards. They work with intensity 7 ability, having like signal encryption and range, which is a maximum of 100 miles at a high altitude.

Diablo Missiles (i): the Mamba has four Diablo air-to-air, supersonic missiles equipped, allowing it to fight against any aircraft it may encounter. These projectiles inflict intensity 10 damage, improved by +1 for each additional missile that strikes their target.

Flight / Levitation (a): Cobra's Mamba can hover in place, as can most helicopters, or soar forward at two hundred ten miles per hour. It has these abilities at intensity 6, thanks to its Servo-Tox NT-58 turboshaft engine and Thrasher counter-rotating, layered-epoxy rotors.

FLIR (w): the Forward Looking, Infrared Radome unit on the front of the Cobra Mamba gives it unparalleled awareness of its surroundings. It can use radar to map long range targets with intensity 5 ability, within 25 miles, or closer foes with its infrared sensor suite.

SMASH (i): the Sensor System: Mamba Air Suppression and Heat-reduction array, spread throughout the vehicle, dampens the Mamba's noise and heat emissions, allowing it to approach much closer before being noticed. Its sound and heat output are capped at intensity 4.


The MOLTs, or Mamba Offensive Light Tactical assault pods, are mounted flanking the vehicle's primary cockpit. The pilot can fire their weapons when they're not occupied, greatly improving his or her offensive capability, but when piloted the MOLTs have these features:

Body Armor (s): built from the same lightweight, composite materials as the rest of the Cobra Mamba, its MOLTs are durable in and of themselves, but provide their occupants little protection from injury. It only offers them intensity 4, or +1, defense against attack.

Communications Array (i): MOLTs are also equipped with Cobra-built radio transceivers, which ignore conventional communications standards as well. They work with intensity 7 ability, having like signal encryption and range, which is a maximum of 100 miles at a high altitude.

Flight (a): unlike the Mamba, its MOLTs are not equipped to levitate in place. They are propelled through the air through a short-range jet propulsion unit, which provides intensity 8 flight, for perhaps one hundred miles, depending on its occupants' weight.

Nemesis Mini-missiles (i): each MOLT is equipped with two of these projectiles. Though the overall damage they inflict is lower than the Mamba's Diablos, they are built to penetrate even a tank's armor, and each inflicts intensity 8 Armor Piercing fragmentary damage.

Serpentor RRFs (a): the Mamba has two sets of these twinned 9mm, rapid rate of fire (RRF) machine guns, one under the cockpit of each MOLT. They inflict one's Agility +6 in damage when firing a short burst, or their Agility +7 in damage when fired continuously.

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