Golobulus (deceased)

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Am 50
Rm 30
Gd 10
Ex 20
Am 50
Gd -10



Golobulus is one of the citizens of Cobra-La. Whether he was born with his lower, serpentine body or it was grafted onto him as were his crustacean parts, is unknown. His is a composite form, however, with very little of Golobulus' original body remaining to call his own.

Known Powers:

Aciurgy: the ability that allows him to craft living beings as he sees fit, Golobulus has the power of aciurgy. He may modify, excise, graft, and transplant tissues around the body as he wishes, or even between vastly different organisms, with Amazing (50) skill.

Agelessness: the benefit of continuously replacing worn out body parts with all-new ones is that Golobulus is, for all intents and purposes, ageless. Sure, he can be slain in battle, or perhaps crushed under a collapsing mountain, but he'll never die of old age.

Animal Control: his principal ability, weird mutations aside, Golobulus has vast control over the behavior, and possibly very nature, of animal life forms. He can exert this power with Amazing (50) ability, bending the non-sentient creatures of Cobra-La (and beyond) to his will.

Battle Tail: Golobulus' lower body is that of a snake, as opposed to what you'd normally expect from a humanoid. Useful for conventional, serpentine locomotion, it can also be used to inflict +1 CS Blunt Attack damage, or Edged Attack if striking with its very tip.

Body Armor: whether you're talking about the scales covering his lower half, or the selectively bred crustation bits grafted on top of his body, Golobulus benefits from Good (10) ranked body armor, protection from injury which breaks down as follows:

Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

Claws: whether it's his ordinary looking arm or the green, scaly one, both of Golobulus' hands have digits that end in sharpened, deadly claws. He can use these dangerous implements to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee combat, should he have to sully his hands thus.

Growth: though he's no giant, Golobulus simply seems larger than ordinary humans - and that's before you take his excessively long, serpentine lower body into account. He possesses this 'power' at Feeble (2) rank, making him dwarf conventionally sized humanoids.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Golobubus: when out of combat, Golobulus often makes use of an immense, pod-like being, one large enough to contain his serpentine lower half. This green... thing has tentacles, eyes, and a mouth, and even gives Golobulus the ability to fly with Poor (4) ability (at up to 60 MPH).

Sidearm: this bizarre, biological construct is built to resemble a conventional firearm, but doesn't behave like one. It fires creeper vine pods that, upon striking something, rapidly encases it within vines that grapple and hold it with Excellent (20) Strength.


Abnormal Attribute(s): there's no mistaking Golobulus for anyone else but Golobulus. Even those who have never heard of him will know that something is seriously abnormal with Golobulus on sight, and no attempts at subterfuge will allow him to pose as a normal human being.

Allergy / Cold: the phenomenon that destroyed Cobra-La's grip on prehistoric earth, its citizens are highly susceptible to cold damage. It affects them as if their armor, if any, was -2 CS in rank, and if a given citizen of Cobra-La possesses none, it inflicts +1 CS damage.


Genetics 2: while he rarely finds himself working in a laboratory, much less working, Golobulus is a master geneticist. He knows what makes living things tick, both inside and out, and may resolve Reason FEAT rolls dependent on such knowledge, for good or ill, at a +2 CS.

Leadership: while tactics may not necessarily be his strong suit, and despite the fact that he rules through fear, Golobulus seems to possess this skill. When he is in command of a Karma pool, it is allowed an additional 100 Karma points with which to spend on actions.


The unquestioned lord of Cobra-La, or at least what remains of that prehistoric society, Golobulus can demand anything of anyone within its domain. He has the entire resources of this secret nation at his beck and call, and none of his subjects would dare refuse his commands.


Golobulus' principal clothing, after a fashion, is his living armor. He wears specially bred, crimson crustaceans over his chest, his right arm, and part of his head. He otherwise goes nude, unless you count his Golobubus, which covers his lower body while he's occupying it.


Powerful and ageless, Golobulus has bought into his own hype, and thinks of himself in terms much more flattering than reality would indicate. Accustomed to having his every whim catered to, he readily loses his composure when challenged by anyone, whether friend or foe.

Real Name: Golobulus
Occupation: Serpent King of Cobra-La
Legal Status: citizen of Cobra-La with no known (or applicable) criminal record, deceased
Marital Status: unknown
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra-La

Height: 12' (upright), with a lower body twice as long as that.
Hair: none
Eyes: brown (right), yellow (left)
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Golobulus' lower body is that of a snake, instead of possessing humanoid legs. Large portions of his upper body are covered in custom-bred crustacean life forms, and his left arm, grafted onto him from someone else, is green.


Over forty thousand years, at least according to Golobulus, the people of Cobra-La ruled the planet earth. Led by serpent kings who were guided by the practices of a biomechanical cult, Cobra-La was a dominion run by living technology, life forms heavily engineered for specific purposes.

The Ice Age ruined all that, though, for the vast majority of their technology, and even the people of Cobra-La itself, were not biologically endothermic. Thus, when the ice covered most of the planet, the vast majority of Cobra-La and its devices unceremoniously died off.

The very last of the Serpent Kings, whether he's last of their lineage or simply the sole survivor of such, Golobulus rallied his people to find shelter from the global cooldown. Instead of making for the equator, however, he led the citizen of Cobra-La to the Himalayas.

Digging in beneath a massive ice dome, Golobulus and his people rebuilt, as best as they could with their limited supplies and available space. And there, they hunkered down, neither growing more powerful nor really restoring their old society, merely waiting for the ice to recede.

Patience proved to be unfortunate for the people of Cobra-La, however, for in their absence, humanity quickly flourished, and spread across the globe. Their pesky warm-blooded metabolisms made that simple, but what was worse, they made use of lifeless, inorganic technology!

Furious that his waiting game had seen the earth stolen from him, Golobulus began to a schemes to reconquer the world. The first of these was to simply destroy humanity outright, doing so by using spores created in Cobra-La to devolve them into brutish, ignorant primates.

Well, even more so, at any rate.

In the mean time, however, he began an alternate plan, one which involved the creator of those spores. While disfigured by the spores of his own creation, one of his brilliant nobles was assigned to travel out into the world, to master humanity's technology, and conquer them with it!

To this end, his genius nobleman studied the works of humanity, and using them founded an organization he called Cobra. With it, he formed an army bent on world domination, but time and time again, his efforts were stymied by the forces of freedom, led by the GI Joe team!

Frustrated with this, Golobulus had one of the Commander of Cobra's minions craft a replacement. Programming the mind of Doctor Mindbender with the idea and the knowledge to do so, that mad scientist then built a super-soldier from remnants of humanity's greatest conquerors!

Dubbed Serpentor, this warrior seized command of Cobra, though he was no more successful than his predecessor at conquering mankind. Thus, Golobulus enacted his primary plan, and prepared the spores his Commander had created for launch, though they needed a vital component.

Sending Pythona to give Serpentor his marching orders, Golobulus directed him to seize GI Joe's Broadcast Energy Transmitter. While he initially failed in this, Serpentor ultimately acquired the contraption, and Golobulus used it to ripen his degeneration spores in earth's orbit.

GI Joe took exception to this theft, however, and came to recover the device, along with their allies that Cobra-La's forces had captured in the meantime. Overloading the BET to stop those spores, the Joes caused it to cave in Cobra-La's ice dome as it exploded, killing most inside.

Including, as it turned out, Golobulus.

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