the Maggot

Cobra's Maggot is a powerful artillery piece that can easily dominate a battlefield. It can either function as a whole, or split into three distinct components, depending on the situation. When complete, the Cobra Maggot has the following vehicular capabilities:

Anti-Tank Vehicle (i): the front half of the Maggot can detach from the front to more rapidly maneuver in combat situations. Faster and rather heavily armed (compared to the other two components), the anti-tank vehicle moves with intensity 3 Propulsion (75 MPH).

Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (i): this rear portion of the Maggot can detach from the anti-tank vehicle (and the gun emplacement, if desired), to surveil a battlefield. Though unarmed without the gun emplacement on top, it moves with intensity 2 Propulsion (60 MPH).

Body Armor (s): designed to go toe to toe with tanks, the Maggot is built tough. All of its components are equipped with high strength, lateral dispersing protection armor, along with armored treads and the like, which provide an m.s. of 12 - and like, or +3, protection to those inside.

Cobra-Band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. All three components of the Maggot have comm gear with a intensity 5 range (25 miles), and benefits from intensity 8 signal encryption.

Gun Emplacement (a): this portion of the Maggot is, by itself, immobile. It can be configured in either a stand-alone position (thanks to four powerful stabilizer legs), or alternately can sit atop the battlefield control vehicle to acquire mobility.

The main feature of the gun emplacement is, of course, the gun. This massive cannon fires 155mm rocket-assisted projectiles, each of which inflicts the Gunner's Agility +10 damage, along with associated fragmentary damage (-2) to all within near missile distance of its target.

HEAT Laser (a): this High Efficiency Anti Tank laser is guided by gyros for a +1 to hit. Mounted on the rear of the anti-tank vehicle (so the approximate middle of the Maggot), it can cycle up to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 Armor Piercing energy damage with each deadly blast.

MAG-61 Radar (w): this lead-computing radar unit allows the Maggot's operators to track foes and strike effectively, even when they're moving! It can monitor an area with intensity 10 ability, keeping track of all ground units in action within its line-of-sight.

Propulsion (a): though something of a misnomer, the Maggot nonetheless can move rather fast despite its bulk. Thanks to its 1,000 HP Spin Up turbo diesel engines, the Maggot as a whole can move at approximately 60 MPH (intensity 2).

Rotating Cannon (a): mounted on the front of the Maggot (and thus, the anti-tank vehicle), this rotary-barreled 40mm cannon is mainly used to soften up enemy personnel. It inflicts the gunner's Agility +6 damage in a short burst, raised to +7 when fired fully automatic.

1988 Variations

the Night Blaster

After capturing a Maggot or two, GI Joe's Night Force team refurbished the things and, after giving them a spiffy black paint job, rechristened them the Night Blasters. As a whole, GI Joe's Night Blasters function the same, they're merely a bit more inconspicuous in the dark.

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