the Air Skiff

Simultaneously makeshift and highly advanced, Zanzibar's rattletrap Air Skiff is a one-man hovercraft. Heavily armed but featuring next to no armor whatsoever, this Dreadnok's vehicle is used to commit piracy on the high seas or the highways, and has these capabilities:

Air-99 Missiles (i): there are two of these homing missiles on Zanzibar's Air Skiff, one mounted on each side of its cockpit. Whoever is flying it can use them to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage, though if both hit a single target simultaneously, their damage is boosted by +1.

Aluminum Epoxy Frame (s): the delta-shaped monocoque frame of Zanzibar's Air Skiff is built to minimize the vehicle's weight, while maximizing its lift. This allows it a material strength of 10, as well as the speed and capability with which it can glide over any surface.

Levitation (a): while the Air Skiff cannot fly, per se, it can suspend itself above the ground utilizing its powerful pneumatic ducts. This system allows the Air Skiff to hover over the surface, whether land or sea, with intensity 10 ability, hauling up to 800 additional pounds.

M-118 Machine Guns (a): these twinned cannons are coupled together via a pantographic mechanism, allowing Zanzibar to either fire a short burst of ammunition with both to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or fire them continuously to inflict their Agility +8 in damage.

Propulsion (a): while the Air Skiff cannot fly, per se, it can glide forward on its cushion of air thanks to a carbon fiber/steelcore vari-pitch propeller. This half of the Air Skiff's motive system allows it to slide over the surface with intenstiy 3 ability, at up to ninety miles per hour.

Extra Goodies:

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