the Buzz Boar

A tactical, one-man boring device, the Buzz Boar is a Cobra innovation that allows that organization to weaponize the ground beneath its enemies! While perfectly capable of combat on the surface, it is designed to burrow through even the strongest subterranean obstacles.

Once there, its operator can either deposit munitions and other supplies for safe keeping or future use, or explosively burst forth from below to ambush their foes with its onboard weaponry and its spinning blades! The Buzz Boar is equipped with the following features:

Boar's Teeth (s): the Buzz Boar's specially hardened, vari-pitch tunnelling teeth are of material strength 16, allowing the vehicle to chew through most impediments it might uncover beneath the earth. And most of them it might run into on the surface, too!

Thus, in addition to being used as a boring device, the Buzz Boar is often utilized as a breaching tool, rapidly burrowing a hole through even the most sturdy of defenses. It can even be used against enemy personnel, and inflicts intensity 12 slashing damage on contact.

Body Armor (s): the layered aluminum alloy / composite material chassis of the Buzz Boar provides it a material strength of 12, and the forward-hinging door that seals its operator in place grants them like, or +3, protection from incoming attack.

DAOs (i): the left side of the Buzz Boar is equipped with two Destro Anti-Obstacle, or DAO, missiles, the better to soften a target up before gnawing through it! These missiles inflict intensity 10 damage each, adding +1 damage if both strike a target at once.

Infravision (w): as its operator cannot actually see while beneath the surface, the Buzz Boar is equipped with a sophisticated infrared light detection system, allowing them to navigate based on ambient heat sources. It functions for them at intensity 9.

Pounders (a): these twinned .50 cal. machine guns are mounted on the right side of the Buzz Boar, and can readily dispatch enemy personnel. They can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, raised to +8 damage when firing continuously.

Super Digging (a): the Buzz Boar primarily consists of a round, narrow operator's pod, surrounded by a wheel of sharp digging implements. It can use these to burrow through the earth with intensity 1 speed, penetrating the ground at up to thirty miles per hour when necessary.

Extra Goodies:

the Buzz Boar Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Buzz Boar:


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