Nemesis Enforcer

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 25
Ex 20
Pr 4
Ex 20
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm -30



The Nemesis Enforcer is not the result of natural evolution. No, he is an artificial being, patched together from the parts of various dead creatures and given unnatural life by Golobulus, the last of the Serpent Kings. In other words, he can be considered a composite entity.

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs / Tentacles: though rarely seen, Nemesis Enforcer possesses eight tentacles, hidden beneath his 'clothing' most of the time. Each has only Poor (4) Strength, but combined can act with his usual Strength, and can hold a foe while his arms bludgeon them to death.

Agelessness: since long before the Ice Age, Nemesis Enforcer has furthered the agenda of his lord and creator, Golobulus. Due to the nature of his 'birth', Nemesis Enforcer does not age, and will persist indefinitely as long as he is not slain due to injury or plague.

Edges: on the back of each forearm, Nemesis Enforcer possesses a long spike. Normally protruding about six inches from his arms, he can extend these to about two feet in length. Using these dire implements, of Amazing (50) m.s., he can inflict Edged Attack damage in melee combat.

Growth: looming over both his fellow citizens of Cobra-La and the foolish barbarians that overran their world, Nemesis Enforcer is simply huge. Standing at nine feet tall, he still has a size factor of zero (0), but nonetheless has leverage over human-sized opponents.

Hard Points: Nemesis Enforcer's wings benefit from this ability, which stiffens them until they have an effective material strength of Remarkable (30). While he can use them to bludgeon others, their most common use is to shield himself and others from ranged attacks.

Wings: perhaps his most striking feature, Nemesis Enforcer possesses a pair of menacing wings, large enough to carry even his bulky frame aloft. They allow him to fly with Good (10) ability, muscling his way through the skies at up to 120 miles per hour for short bursts.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Facehugger: to disable his foes before beating them into submission, Nemesis Enforcer often utilizes a facehugger. This creature consists of a spherical body with four tentacles, which can grapple one's head with Excellent (20) ability, both blinding and suffocating them.

Living Finery: while his chitinous, living finery does not provide him protection, as does that of the Royal Guard, the Nemesis Enforcer's permanent ensemble does serve one purpose: it acts to support and protect his other living weapons while they are not in use.

Stunshroom: like Pythona, Nemesis Enforcer carries at least one fungus with him, whose spores have been weaponized. His particular stunshroom emits spores that can blind his opponents, with Remarkable (30) ability, allowing a further FEAT to resist the effect every hour.

Throwing Starfish: on at least one occasion, Nemesis Enforcer has made use of weaponized starfish as ranged weapons. When utilized in this fasion, these armored critters can inflict Blunt Thrown damage to their target, assuming they hit or aren't blocked in some fashion.


Abnormal Attribute(s): as is the case with his lord and creator, there is no mistaking Nemesis Enforcer for anyone else but Nemesis Enforcer. Whether it be due to his immense wings, inexplicable tentacles, or sheer size, nothing will convince anyone that Nemesis Enforcer is normal.

Allergy / Cold: the phenomenon that destroyed Cobra-La's grip on prehistoric earth, its citizens are highly susceptible to cold damage. It affects them as if their armor, if any, was -2 CS in rank, and if a given citizen of Cobra-La possesses none, it inflicts +1 CS damage.

Mute: while he is incredibly powerful, Nemesis Enforcer isn't particularly bright. This image is bolstered by the fact that he cannot speak whatsoever. All he can manage is grunts and growls most of the time, and the occasional shriek of rage when sufficiently angered.


Martial Arts type B: though his fighting style lacks finesse, the simple truth is that Nemesis Enforcer does not require such most of the time, leaving that to Pythona. On the other hand, when fighting bare-handed, Nemesis Enforcer does so at a +1 CS to his Fighting score.


The chief enforcer of Golobulus' will, Nemesis Enforcer can rely upon the whole of Cobra-La as a reliable contact. After all, those who would refuse to aid him when prompted would not only face his wrath, but that of Golobulus himself - and none of his subjects want that.


Like all of Cobra-La's residents, Nemesis Enforcer makes use of a living second skin as his 'clothes'. His is a soft chitinous membrane that is primarily amethyst in hue, which covers all but his upper arms and face, with a red chest plate and knee pads, and gray shoulder pads.


Living only to serve, Nemesis Enforcer indulges every whim of his creator without question, single-mindedly furthering Golobulus' agenda. The only time he betrays emotion is when the enemies of Cobra-la defy him, or, much worse, manage to actually defeat him in combat.

Real Name: Nemesis Enforcer
Occupation: Golobulus' muscle
Legal Status: citizen of Cobra-La
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Nemesis Immortal
Group Affiliation: Cobra-La

Height: 9'
Hair: none
Eyes: brown, sometimes depicted as white
Weight: 400 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: aside from his unnatural height, alien appendages, and living clothing, none.


Long ago, before the beginning of recorded history, the civilization of Cobra-La ruled this world - or so they claim. Either way, this society was powerful, ruled by a bio-mechanical cult which secured power for their people through a heavily specialized, living technology.

The ruler of these people, Golobulus, can control the very shape and form life takes, and using this power, he forged for himself a terrible enforcer. The Nemesis Enforcer, a patchwork of numerous prevously dead beings, has only darkness where others possess a soul.

Bereft of a creative spark, this ageless specter has served Golobulus without question, furthering his agenda through sheer terror over the ages. Even when the Ice Age destroyed all that Cobra-La wrought, and sent its surviving citizens into hiding, Nemesis Enforcer never wavered.

As the ice receded, thousands of years after destroying their kingdom, the people of Cobra-La began to look outward once more, tiring of their subterranean exile. You can imagine their shock when, upon doing so, they discovered that they had been completely supplanted!

Descended from serpents, the citizens of Cobra-La were horrified to see that mankind had taken their place. Unwilling to accept the new state of affairs, they opted to destroy this world of evolved monkeys, doing so by devolving them back into primitive, ignorant primates.

Aching to once more soar the skies openly, Nemesis Enforcer gladly went along with Golobulus' scheme, not that he had much choice in the matter either way. This plan ultimately saw Cobra-La embroiled in open conflict with the champions of humanity, the GI Joe team!

After several skirmishes with the Joes, Cobra-La's forces faced GI Joe in open combat within their Himalayan ice dome, a battle that ultimately saw the sancutary obliterated. Unlike most of his people, however, Nemesis Enforcer survived the end of Cobra-La to fight another day.

No longer directed by Golobulus, who seemingly perished alongside his subjects, it is unknown what currently drives this grim, patchwork wraith. But it is known that he readily attacks any GI Joe member he sees on sight - and aches for a rematch with Sgt. Slaughter!

2008 Variations


In the last twenty years, Nemesis Enforcer's engineered, second skin has changed somewhat. His soft, chitinous membrane 'clothing' is still amethyst in coloration, with a more pronounced crimson belt, chest plate, wrist guards, and boots, and gray knee and shoulder pads.

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