the WOLF

After years of being outpaced in snowy environs by dedicated GI Joe vehicles such as the Snow Cat and the Polar Battle Bear, Cobra engineers got to work on a proper counterpart. The product of this effort is the WOLF, or Winter Operational Light Fighting vehicle!

Moving over the snow and ice on its dual-track propulsion units, the WOLF is maneuvered by four skis, which are used to steer the vehicle in and out of combat, and also allow it to glide even faster on slick surfaces. The WOLF has an m.s. of 12, and these vehicular capabilities:

Communications Array (i): the WOLF is equipped with a radio system designed by Cobra technicians, which eschews conventional communications standards. It functions with intensity 5 ability (25 mile range), and has intensity 8 signal encryption.

Night / Infra Vision (w): the cockpit of the WOLF is augmented by a thermal imaging system that its driver can utilize to drive at night, or to highlight ambient heat sources, which is great when tracking enemies in the cold! This sensor suite works with intensity 9 ability.

Personnel Transport Platforms: while the WOLF only seats two comfortably, the driver and the gunner, it can carry many more Cobras - albeit uncomfortably. These platforms, mounted above the vehicle's tracks, can hold three individuals each.

Propulsion (a): the WOLF is driven by an all-terrain, dual-track system that provides it this ability at intensity 2, allowing it to move at approximately 60 miles per hour under optimal conditions. Its four skis bolster this by +1 on slick ground or downward slopes, however.

Rippers (a): these twinned, 20mm cannons are mounted opposite the WOLF's SNARL launch platforms, behind its occupants' seats. They can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or fire continuously to inflict their Agility +8 in damage.

SNARLs (i): the WOLF is equipped with two Snow Environment - Advanced Attack Range Laser, or SNARL, ski torpedoes. These are launched from the rear of the WOLF, and glide over the snow and ice towards ground-based foes to inflict intensity 12 damage each.

WHAM-4s (i): the WOLF's Mark 4, Winter-Oriented Heavy Ordnance Surface to Air Missiles, or WHAM-4s, are exactly what their name describes. They inflict intensity 10 damage each, raised by +1 for each additional projectile that strikes their target.

1991 Variations

A few years after its initial production run, Cobra had several additional WOLFs built, appreciating how effective they proved to be. These are functionally identical to the original, though several of the vehicle's features were changed from the more common white to black.

2014 Variations

Almost thirty years after their original production run, Cobra's WOLF line proved popular enough to go into production yet again. The third iteration of this vehicle features the original, snow-white color scheme and updated electronics, but is otherwise functionally identical.

Extra Goodies:

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Cobra directories featuring a version of the WOLF:

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