Cobra's 2014 Personnel and Equipment


Arctic Battle Android Troopers: BATs are mass-produced in Cobra Island factories, using factory seconds for microprocessors and mechanical components built in third world sweat shops. Though dumb as hammers, BATs are heavily armed and dangerous! Availability:

Arctic Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (MSH Classic)

Arctic Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (4C System)

Arctic Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (Marvel Saga)

Cesspool: disfigured in an industrial accident caused by his own negligence, Vincent D'Alleva went gibberingly insane shortly thereafter. Wanting to spoil the world with chemicals as he himself had been, he joined up with Cobra to further his mad agenda! Availability:

Cesspool (MSH Classic)

Cesspool (4C System)

Cesspool (Marvel Saga)

Eels: those Cobras who excel as divers, whether in that position officially or from personal experience, can train to become Eels. These experts in underwater combat and demolitions are the elite forces of Cobra's various naval operations. Availability:

Eels (MSH Classic)

Eels (4C System)

Eels (Marvel Saga)

Ice-Vipers: those Snow Serpents who undergo vehicular operation and maintenance training from the Techno-Vipers earn the right to wear an Ice-Viper uniform! In addition to better pay and the prestige, this rank comes with a sweet ride: Cobra's WOLF! Availability:

Ice-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Ice-Vipers (4C System)

Ice-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Night-Vipers: equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor suite and a stealth uniform, Night-Vipers own the dark! Constantly training to dispatch Cobra's foes in the thick of the night, these vicious nocturnal warriors are almost useless during in the daylight. Availability:

Night-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Night-Vipers (4C System)

Night-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Vipers: chemical warfare is the purview of the Toxo-Vipers, who foul the territories Cobra fights upon to give that organization a tactical advantage. Equipped with minimal safety gear, Toxo-Vipers work fast to avoid gassing themselves in the field. Availability:

Toxo-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Vipers (4C System)

Toxo-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Zombies: the end of many a Toxo-Viper's career, Toxo-Zombies are what happens after repeated exposure to Cesspool's refined Plasmatox. Neither dead nor alive, they shamble about doing little else besides satisfying the needs of their reptile-like brains! Availability:

Toxo-Zombies (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Zombies (4C System)

Toxo-Zombies (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers:

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no qualms about working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)


the Night Raft: this small, lightweight raft, a self-inflatable nylon/polyskin composite, is great for aquatically inserting small forces into enemy territory. It can be driven with a large, outboard motor, or rowed for additional stealth. Availability:

the Night Raft (MSH Classic)

the Night Raft (4C System)

the Night Raft (Marvel Saga)

the Septic Tank, Mark 2: an update to Cesspool's original tracked terror, the Mark 2 Septic Tank no longer features its predecessor's highly volatile Sludge cannons. Instead, it simply loads it, or the horrifying Compound Z, into missiles as a deadly payload! Availability:

the Septic Tank (MSH Classic)

the Septic Tank (4C System)

the Septic Tank (Marvel Saga)

the WOLF: Cobra's Winter Operational Light Fighting vehicle, or WOLF, is their response to numerous defeats against specialized, cold-weather GI Joe vehicles! Featuring numerous missiles, guns, and ski torpedoes, the WOLF can stand toe to toe with any of them! Availability:

the WOLF (MSH Classic)

the WOLF (4C System)

the WOLF (Marvel Saga)

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