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Toxo-Zombies are former Toxo-Vipers who were affected by catalyzed Plasmatox and descended into a state of chemially-induced zombism. Having attained a science-based undead state, Toxo-Zombies can persist indefinitely, as long as their physical flesh remains relatively intact.

Known Powers:

Agelessness: being physically dead, Toxo-Zombies lack a metabolism to speak of. As such, they do not age whatsoever. If carefully maintained, a Toxo-Zombie can last indefinitely for labor or other uses; they do not age, even if they can be destroyed by conventional means.

Damage Reduction: Toxo-Zombies are surprisingly tough, despite often looking like they're being held together by the tiniest of threads. They enjoy -1 RS Damage Reduction against all physical attacks that do not strike them in the head; other damage forms affect them normally.

Environmental Independence: no longer amongst the living, Toxo-Zombies do not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. While they may find themselves immobile for vast stretches of time, Toxo-Zombies are never 'unconscious', and always alert and aware (after a fashion).

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance: as a walking corpse, a Toxo-Zombie need not worry about the rigors of extreme cold or pressure. Possessing this power at rank value 100, a Toxo-Zombie can maneuver in the depths of the sea or in interstellar space equally well.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Languorous: the problem with Toxo-Zombies, as far as a long-term existence is concerned, is that they have no metabolism. Since their body is 'just there', with most of it slowly decomposing, Toxo-Zombies lack the abilities that come with a metabolism - like healing.

In other words, once a Toxo-Zombie loses Health, it will not recover it. Ever. Bits that are chopped off become inanimate again, and don't grow back on their own. However, as long as no damage taken is to the brain, a Toxo-Zombie can persist indefinitely, even at zero Health!


Hazmat Suit Remnants: the Toxo-Viper uniform ostensibly protected its occupant from corrosives, but considering the state of most Toxo-Zombies, this is a highly suspect claim. Though built with rank value 50 resistance to corrosives, a Toxo-Zombie's uniform is typically in tatters.

The suit features a chest-mounted unit which provides air conditioning (since the suit is hot), as well as sensors to warn Toxo-Vipers of chemical hazards (rank value 10) Atomic Sense). Furthermore, the helmet is shatter resistant, providing like protection from head injury.

Reduce its resistance as is necessary, depending on how wrecked up the suit actually is on a given Toxo-Zombie, though in truth the suit is mostly irrelevant. Lacking a metabolism, it's not like Toxo-Zombies can be poisoned, though powerful enough corrosives can affect them.

Similarly, the helmet may or may not provide its Toxo-Zombie owner any protection, depending on its condition, and the suit's electronics probably no longer function. Mind you, they might blare out indications of toxic hazards constantly, warning others that a Toxo-Zombie is coming!

Sidearm: should they face foes protected from their chemical weapons, Toxo-Vipers also carry a conventional sidearm. These may discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or a three-round burst to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage.

Generally, once they've devolved into a Toxo-Zombie, these Cobras don't make use of firearms. They may remain holstered on the Toxo-Zombie, however, allowing enemy combatants to seize them for their own use, possibly against the Toxo-Zombie itself!

Toxin Tanks: Toxo-Vipers carry a backpack filled with noxious chemicals, which they readily spray into their environs to spoil a battlefield, whether in advance of or during a fight. This poison is of rank value 20 intensity, inflicting like SD Metabolic damage to those who inhale it.

As is the case with their firearms, Toxo-Zombies rarely utilize these weapons in battle - unless they manage to do so as a club. Assuming they drag the things along for some reason, and they still work, these can be seized by others and used against Toxo-Zombies or other targets.


Unattractive: Toxo-Zombies are icky! Depending on how 'fresh' they are will determine the severity of this quirk. For example, an intact body freshly turned into a Toxo-Zombie may only have this at level 1, whilst one that has seen much better days may have it at level 3!


Martial Arts style B: more reflex than anything else, Toxo-Zombies retain the benefits of their extensive combat training. While advanced tactics elude their dissolving brains, they may at least strike others as if their Melee trait was +1 RS higher in value.


None. Only possessing rudimentary intelligence and remnants of their old memories, Toxo-Zombies cannot rely upon others for assistance for any reason. Sure, a sympathetic Cobra may recognize an old buddy and try to help one, but such instances are few and far between.


The Toxo-Zombie 'uniform' is the tattered remains of the second Toxo-Viper ensemble. It consists of what's left of a neon pink hazmat suit with a sea green, device-laden chest plate, a sea green codpiece, sea green boots, neon pink gloves, and a sea green helmet with a broken face shield.


Exposure to refined Plasmatox, along with various other toxins in their environment, has the effect of eventually transforming Toxo-Vipers who fail to avoid these hazards into Toxo-Zombies. Undead monstrosities, these chemically-induced zombies are dimwitted yet fearless combatants.

While their memories are all but gone, the Toxo-Zombie nonetheless retains some basic brain functionality, though this almost exclusively involves them satisfying their most basic of urges. Hoarding material goods, eating everything they can get their hands on, and so forth.

Dumb and surly, Cobra can barely control these undead menaces. They avoid eliminating Toxo-Zombies outright because the Commander can always find a use for such creatures, even if only in as basic a fashion as BATs are fielded - namely, as terror-inducing bullet sponges.

2014 Variations

Limitations / Enhancements:

Curse of the Zombie: while the original Toxo-Zombies did not possess a form of zombism that was contagious, those produced with Compound Z do. Their bodies replicate the substance ceaselessly, after all, the material oozing forth from every orifice or wound.

Those exposed to Compound Z while interacting with Toxo-Zombies must pass a Fortidue ACTION roll against rank value 20, or begin to lose one Fortitude rank value per hour. Once they hit rank value 0, victims will devolve in a fashion identical to their Toxo-Zombie assailant.


The Toxo-Zombie 'uniform' is the tattered remains of the second Toxo-Viper ensemble. It consists of what's left of a purple hazmat suit with a sea green, device-laden chest plate, a sea green codpiece, sea green boots, neon pink gloves, and a sea green helmet with a broken face shield.

Extra Goodies:

Toxo-Zombies 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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