Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Am 50
Ty -5



While he may not look like it, Cesspool is a normal human, lacking special powers of any variety. Despite being horribly mutilated by chemicals of his own manufacture, all he has to rely upon when committing evil acts are his keen intellect and various high-tech implements!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Arm Brace: it is unknown whether he suffered additional, serious damage in the accident that created him, but Cesspool nonetheless wears a metallic brace on his right arm. This gold-colored implement provides this limb Good (10) resistance to physical assault.

Chainsaw: this powerful, acid-assisted cutting implement can inflict astounding damage to anything, living or otherwise. The wounds it causes inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage, and the acid used when doing so works with Incredible (40) ability (-3 CS versus organics).

Helmet: in addition to his arm brace, Cesspool wears armor for his head as well! This gold-colored headgear, coupled with an orange, one-way visor, provides him Good (10) protection against physical attacks striking him in the head, and gives his vision like Screened Senses.

On top of that, Cesspool's helmet features an air filter on the front, beneath its visor, that filters various toxins out of incoming air. This protects Cesspool from inhaling toxins with Remarkable (30) ability, vital in his particular, sinister line of work.

Plasmatox Cannon: his chief weapon, this liquid cannon sprays his most insidious creation, Plasmatox, at Cesspool's foes. Plasmatox inflicts Good (10) 2x Metabolic damage, and those failing a FEAT to resist its lingering harm must pass a second to avoid zombification!

Sidearm: in the event that his Plasmatox can't save him, Cesspool carries a backup piece. He may either discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage to his foes, or a three-round burst to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, instead.

the Toxo-Lab: a secret facility that may or may not be situated on Cobra Island, the Toxo-Lab is Cesspool's masterpiece! This vile factory is the fount of his sinister Plasmatox, and its known functions and capabilities are described in its very own equipment entry.


Dulled Sense / Vision: the accident which scarred Cesspool's mind and body had more concrete effects. For one thing, it destroyed his right eye, ruining his peripheral vision and inflicting a -2 CS penalty on all vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls.

Unattractive: though he got off somewhat mildly after being doused in toxic chemicals, Cesspool was still conspicuously mutilated. His hair discolored and face scarred, he suffers a -2 CS to Popularity FEAT rolls when interacting with those horrified by such features.


Business / Finance: a wealthy industrialist assured of his ability by his many successes, Cesspool naturally possesses this talent. He can turn a profit from almost any enterprise, no matter how questionable, and may resolve finance-based Reason FEAT rolls at a +1 CS.

Chemistry: most of Cesspool's business revolved around chemical interactions of one kind or another, as do his current weapon designs. As such, he's assumed to know everything needed to be an expert in this field, and may resolve related Reason FEAT rolls with a +1 CS bonus.

Engineering: while he used this skill in a conventional sense before his industrial accident, Cesspool became more creative upon losing his mind. Now a master weaponeer, he should receive a +1 CS on FEAT rolls required when designing and building items or structures.

Guns: having grown more aggressive after his disfigurement, Cesspool has learned how to wield modern projectile weapons. Whether holding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Cesspool may resolve attacks with such weapons with a +1 CS bonus.


Despite his disgrace and imprisonment, Cesspool retains numerous contacts in the business world - money talks, after all! As a global eco-terrorist, Cesspool can rely upon Cobra for resources and personnel to do his bidding, and its Sludge-Vipers are particularly loyal to him.


Cesspool's first field uniform is comprised of a turquoise jacket with a huge Cobra emblem on the front, turquoise trousers, black boots, a purple belt, gloves, and knee pads, golden shoulder pads, a golden arm brace, and a golden helmet featuring an orange, one-way visor.


Cesspool is a brilliant narcissist, one who can readily squeeze money out of just about any concept, doing so regardless of the consequences. Incapable of accepting responsibility when his arrogance ultimately mutilated him, Cesspool completely lost his mind.

Gibberingly insane, he insists that the world should suffer as he, himself has. To this end, he intends to transform the earth into a toxic graveyard, spoiling all that is natural in a wave of Plasmatox, Sludge, and various other heinous compounds his mad mind has dreamed up!

Real Name: Vincent A. D'Alleva
Occupation: terrorist, former industrialist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record, legally deceased in the Devil's Due continuity branch
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 6'
Hair: white
Eyes: brown
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in addition to his hair having been bleached bone white after his industrial accident, he received a vicious scar covering most of the right side of his face. Ruining his right eye, this accident also rendered it milky white color.


A powerful industrialist with no scruples whatsoever, Cesspool made his fortunes by cutting far too many corners from his business enterprises. He had no use for things such as safety regulations or environmental concerns, and ignoring these lined his pockets magnificently.

When government agents arrived after countless whistleblower complaints, Cesspool tried to dispose of as much incriminating evidence as he could, but his own negligence finally caught up with him when a faulty pressure valve exploded in his face!

Coated in a stream of industrial effulents, Cesspool was forever changed. The right side of his face was horribly mangled, destroying that eye in the process, his hair was bleached bone white, and worst of all, his brilliant mind was forever twisted with bitter resentment!

Feeling that he was sabotaged by vindictive environmentalists, Cesspool vowed to ruin everything they hold dear. He would render the world as corrupted as he was by toxic waste, and to this end he began to weaponize the byproducts his company produced over the years.

Needing a home base to produce the ultimate products of his vengeful genius, Cesspool made a deal with Cobra, its Commander allowing him to build Toxo-Labs in his sovereign land. Of course, when the Commander was absent for a time, Cesspool took advantage of the opportunity.

Subverting many of his Toxo-Vipers into his very own Sludge-Vipers, and riddling Cobra Island with his munitions factories, Cesspool became a threat to Cobra as well as the rest of the world. Not even the Commander's then-lieutenant, Zarana, was capable of stopping the man!

Stymied somewhat by the GI Joe team's Eco-Warriors, after they sicced lawyers on him who seized all of his assets, Cesspool nonetheless continued the production of his vile Plasmatox compound on Cobra Island - at least, until Firefly took over the terrorist nation.

Though held prisoner for months alongside Road Pig and Zarana, Cesspool was ultimately rescued by Slice and Dice. Having been abandoned by the Commander, both Cesspool and Zarana abandoned Cobra for greener pastures, but Cesspool's further activities have yet to be revealed.

(Historical Divergence)

In fact, Cesspool turned state's evidence, cutting his losses and retiring after a life well (as far as he was concerned) lived. His past caught up with him despite this legal dodge, however, when he ultimately contracted cancer after years of exposure to his various chemical weapons.

Though incapable of acting on his own, the enfeebled Cesspool nonetheless caused GI Joe a spot of trouble when they wanted more information on Cobra's activities. This ultimately caused him to be locked up in the Coffin, a prison the govermnent maintains for captured Cobras.

It was there, during World War III, that Cesspool ultimately met his end. When various Cobras broke into the facility to release their loyal operatives, they took the opportunity to deal with those they considered loose ends. And, as a turncoat, Cesspool was certainly the latter.

He was thus executed on the spot.

2014 Variations


Compound Z: his latest chemical masterpiece, Compound Z is a distilled form of Plasmatox, accentuating its tendency to induce zombification. It works against the metabolism of the living with Excellent (20) ability, generating Toxo-Zombies and Zombie-Vipers with ease.


Cesspool's second field uniform is comprised of a turquoise jacket with a red Cobra biohazard emblem on the front, turquoise trousers, black boots, a purple belt, gloves, and knee pads, golden shoulder pads, and a golden helmet featuring an orange, one-way visor.

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