Raptor (deceased)


Hand Size:
4 (25)


While he lacks special powers of any sort, whether derived from technology, mutation, wizardry, psionics, or even the power of faith itself, it is hard to refer to Raptor as a normal human. He's quite the falconer, after all, and something of a terrorist accountant.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Sidearm (a): Raptor carries this piece on a hip holster, in the event that he's caught while his falcons are out doing something or other. He can discharge a single round with it to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or a semi-automatic burst for his Agility +5 in damage.


Animal Handling / Falcons (w): though Raptor's falconry began as a hobby, it quickly escalated into an obsession far beyond the pale. While he's clueless about other creatures, Raptor may attempt actions to train or control falcons at a reduced difficulty, using Intellect or Willpower.

Business / Finance (w): adept at business law, Raptor excels in using the letter of such to defeat its spirit. Well-versed in financial practices both legal and suspect, Raptor is allowed a reduced difficulty on card play required in relation to various corporate matters.

Mathematics (i): an accountant by trade, Raptor naturally knows the ins and outs of advanced mathemetics, including a detailed knowledge of statistics. Any Intellect action he attempts related to math, whether directly applicable to his field or not, is made at a reduced difficulty.


Aside from some of his more mundane customers, Raptor primarily has Cobra as a contact. He's done accounting work for them to better help its front organizations seem more legitimate, and has even assisted various operations with his trained attack falcons.


Greed: Raptor is motivated by his bottom line. Even though he's positively fixated on the idea of improving the prowess of his falcons to an irrational degree, this effort is ultimately a means by which he can further improve the size of his already impressive bank accounts.


Raptor's costume consists of a black domino mask worn beneath a brown, falcon-headed hood, a gray feathered harness, a brown feathered cape, thick brown, feather-laden bird handling boots and gloves with steel claws on the latter, brown trousers, and a black leather belt.


Raptor likes to tell people that his falconry is simply a pastime that proved surprisingly profitable, and that he's only in it for the money. However, when his mask slips, he invariably reveals that it is his obsession, for it is all that he wishes to talk about. Ever.

Thus, he's constantly going on about either arcane financial details that no one cares about, or the most extensive trivia about birds of prey that no one cares about. Couple this with dressing like a bird all the time, and he's a hard man to deal with most of the time.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: accountant, falconer
Legal Status: presumably a citizen of the United States, legally deceased
Marital Status: single. So, so single.
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 6'
Hair: 180 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Weight: unrevealed
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Raptor, as do most handlers of large birds of prey, presumably has numerous scars scattered across his body.


The man who came to be known only as Raptor got his start as a yuppie accountant with nothing to show for his life's work save for a well-stuffed bank account. Thinking to give his life a bit of character, he opted to adopt a hobby, ultimately settling upon falconry.

It sounded like something outre that he could brag about to his actuarian peers, after all, and would at least get him out of the reconstituted air in his condominium. As it turned out, however, handling those murderous birds of prey triggered something deep within Raptor's mind.

Quickly growing obsessed with his birds, he mastered the trade of falconry proper, and then began to breed bigger and better birds. Making a considerable amount of money with avian blood-sport, Raptor ultimately left his white collar job to work with his precious birds full-time.

Raptor began to commit more and more crimes with his falcons, until he ultimately crossed another villain when pillaging minks on a farm for such owned by Destro. While he could've killed Raptor outright, Destro saw a use for his skills, and introduced him to Cobra.

There, Raptor was put to work cleaning up the books in Cobra's front organizations, giving them a greater seeming of legitimacy. While engaging in this work, ostensibly to pay Destro back for stealing from him, Raptor continued to develop his flock of falcons.

Lining their talons with steel, and training them to attack humans, Raptor's ultimate goal was to have them bring down a GI Joe or two. This work went on even as he was assigned to work with Fred 7, a mechanical genius of a Crimson Guardsman who posed as a mundane auto mechanic.

Raptor worked with Fred 7 for a time, helping his front, and that of various other Crimson Guardsman nearby, to seem completely normal. This all changed, however, when the two were approached by the supposedly dead Cobra Commander, who needed Fred 7's help with his son.

After building robotic limbs to replace those blown off by Scrap-Iron, Fred 7 then unveiled a new vehicle he was working on for the organization: the Pogo Battle Ball! And Raptor, wanting to prove his usefulness to the Commander, detailed a means by which he could locate GI Joes!

Tracking the credit card purchases of individuals he suspected to be affiliated with that military outfit, Raptor indeed pointed the Commander in the right direction. Preparing to resume command of Cobra, the Commander acted on this information, and assaulted GI Joe soon afterwards.

While the Battle Ball was demolished, the Commander had proved it worked, and was about to make for Cobra Island when he was confronted by his son. Faced with the effects of his poor parenthood, the Commander was broken, and decided to quit international terrorism altogether.

Unable to process this, after giving his entire life to Cobra, Fred 7 shot the Commander in the back, and forced Raptor to help him bury the body nearby. He then decided to take the Commander's place, in a suit of armor he originally built for the man, and traveled to Cobra Island.

Raptor, meanwhile, was keeping tabs on the Commander's son, who was staying with several mysterious martial artists across the street. When they left for San Francisco, he followed them there, and identified another hotspot of covert GI Joe activity: the Presidio.

After engaging in a few activities along with other Cobra operatives, including a bungled attempt with Crystal Ball to abduct the President of the United States, Raptor returned to San Francisco. There, he approached the late Commander's son, Billy, about his father's fate.

Taking him to the Commander's grave with several friends, including a disguised Zartan, Raptor then journeyed with them to Cobra Island, to confront the man posing as his father. Leaving them soon after their arrival, Raptor met up with Doctor Mindbender, who had an Idea.

Thinking to cannibalize his Serpentor experiment to build a new leader for Cobra based on the Commander's DNA, Doctor Mindbender had Raptor take him to the man's grave. Upon attempting to exhume the Commander, however, the two eccentric geniuses found it was empty!

It was at this point that the original Cobra Commander revealed himself to his two ersatz minions, and explained how he was rescued by Fred 8, a Crimson Guardsman who was posing as a doctor, but was also keeping tabs on Fred 7 - as all Fred-series Guardsman are assigned to do.

Having dug him up before he died, Fred 8 patched the Commander up, and helped him rebuild his fortunes. Using the ludicrously motivated labor of the Crimson Guard, Cobra Commander produced an entirely new financial base, and used it (and the Guard) to return to his Island.

While the Crimson Guard secured the island, taking control of all its critical infrastructure, the Commander had all of his perceived enemies collected into one place: the land-locked freighter, left there ever since Cobra Island was raised from the Caribbean sea floor.

Throwing a very large array of Cobra operatives inside, including Raptor, Cobra Commander then sealed the freighter, and then buried it with almost all of his enemies inside. Within, as they planned their escape, Raptor and Doctor Mindbender sought out food to keep them going.

Of course, the food these two found was tainted rations that Doctor Mindbender bought for Cobra on the cheap, his respect for their various corps so low that he didn't care if they were bad. Thus, after eating this bad food, Raptor ultimately died underground, from a lethal case of botulism.

2017 Variations


In an alternate timeline where Raptor wasn't murdered by the Commander, he adopted a slightly new look thirty years after initially joining Cobra. While the rest of his ensemble remained the same, Raptor added steel knee pads to his costume, as well as more pronounced boot claws.



Hand Size:
2 (10)

The falcons that Raptor has bred and raised are vicious examples of the birds, even more so than the usual variety of falcon. He typically has a large number of them handy, which readily respond to the commands of his bird whistle, and have these capabilities:

* Claws / Edges (s): falcons are equipped with both talons and beaks, the latter of which feature an extra 'tooth' for striking down prey. These normally inflict their Strength +2 in Slashing damage, but Raptor has lined his falcons' talons with steel, raising their damage by +1.

* Shrinking (a): though his birds are larger than the average falcon, their size still makes them of relatively limited utility. They possess this intensity 4 power as an always-on ability to describe their size, giving them a -4 size factor against human-sized targets.

* Telescopic Vision (w): many falcons' visual capabilities exceed those of a normal human, and Raptor's falcons are no exception to this rule. They are blessed with intensity 1 telescopic vision, allowing them to view objects clearly up to two miles from their location.

* Wings (a): as can all falcons, Raptor's raptors can soar through the air at considerable speed. Thanks to their greater relative strength, these birds may fly at intensity 2 air speed, or sixty miles per hour, but can divebomb targets at approximately 180 miles per hour!

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