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It's unknown where ordinary humans were grown big and mad enough to result in specimens like Big Boa, but he technically qualifies as a normal member of the species. Technically. He lacks special powers of any variety, simply getting by with natural and trained talent.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Boxing Gloves: though they limit his manual dexterity, Big Boa has his boxing gloves on as often as not - usually because he is incessantly called upon to punch some Cobra or another back into line. These allow him to hit things without damaing his hands for long periods of time.

Helmet: like many physical trainers, Big Boa wears a helmet to protect his head. Unlike most of his peers, however, Big Boa is rarely, if ever, seen without his. Whether this is to protect his identity or because he's accustomed to its perks is as of yet unknown.

Either way, this gear provides Big Boa rank value 10 protection against physical assaults striking him in the head, along with 1 RS of damage reduction against the same. Furthermore, its spikes allow him to inflict Slashing damage when attempting a head butt maneuver.

Furthermore, it is augmented with experimental, rank value 30 sensors. It has an infrared overlay for his vision, hence the red tint on his visor, which lets him see his opponents' weak spots, along with super hearing to perceive how agitated his foes' heart beats are.

Spiked Harness: in addition to making him look even more distressing than he is naturally, this minimal leather garment has a practical combat use. Namely, when grappling others, Big Boa may inflict Slashing damage to those trapped within his grasp.


Unattractive: in the Devil's Due continuity branch of the original GI Joe comic series, Big Boa was described as hideously ugly, a result of innumerable boxing injuries. This inflicts a -2 RS penalty on the reactions of others who are put off by such physical traits.


Guns: while he doesn't bother with firearms for the most part, Big Boa has nonetheless become an expert in their use - the better to help train others. Whether he's firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Big Boa may do so at a +1 RS.

Education: the Big Boa gains a +1 RS on any ACTION roll called for when attempting to impart knowledge upon others. Sure, his military skill covers drills and his martial arts training helps him with negative reinforcement, but it usually takes more to help a lesson sink in.

Martial Arts styles B, C, and E: Big Boa doesn't just rely upon brute force in a fight. He benefits from a +1 initiative modifier while unarmed, and may add a +1 RS bonus to ACTIONs intended to Dodge, Escape, Grapple, Weave, or strike others in hand-to-hand combat.

Military 2: whether or not he was enlisted in the American military at some point in his past, Big Boa has definitely picked up this skill somewhere. After all, his job is to instill discipline into the unruly forces of Cobra, and he truly excels at doing so.

Sports / Boxing: not merely a brawler, Big Boa is a practitioner of the Sweet Science. He should receive a +1 RS bonus on any ACTION roll attempted while boxing, whether offensive of defensive, which makes him a true terror while in the ring.


Aside from the Cobra command, Big Boa has few contacts. The 'named' Cobras love the job that Big Boa does in shaping the faceless masses of the organization into fighting men and women, but the subjects of his ministrations would happily leave him to rot if given the chance.


While on the job, Big Boa wears padded, red and blue leather trousers, black and red leather boots, a red leather belt, a red leather harness covered in long metal spikes, his signature spiked beige helmet with a red visor, and, more often than not, red boxing gloves.


With the seeming disposition of a rabid grizzly bear, Big Boa has what it takes to whip all of Cobra's recruits into shape. He has no patience for the lazy or the undisciplined, and gleefully beats these tendencies out of those given over to his untender mercies.

The truth about Big Boa, however, is that he's possibly one of the most dangerous sociopaths in Cobra's roster of malcontents. Sure, he screams and yells and bludgeons those assigned to him, but that's only part of the job to this unfeeling, uncaring nightmare of a man.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: physical trainer, drill instructor
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality with a likely criminal record, wanted in numerous nations. Deceased in the Devil's Due continuity branch.
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: unrevealed
Eyes: unrevealed
Weight: 300 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Big Boa is described as having fists as big as frozen turkeys, though they're not quite so large. In the Devil's Due continuity branch, it is also indicated that he is incredibly ugly, possibly a result of countless blows suffered over the years.


Very little is verifiable about the background of the chief Cobra drill instructor, known only to his charges (victims?) as Big Boa. On top of being a terrifyingly large slab of a man, Big Boa knows all about physical training, hand-to-hand combat, and military discipline.

He clearly has some sort of history with all three, which is why the Cobra Command deigned subject their minions to his relentless, unyielding regimen. But then, the criminals he breaks and molds into Cobra operatives are often the very best the organization has.

While he generally doesn't see action on the front lines, Big Boa nonetheless appears alongside other Cobras when observing them on training missions. This is how he first came into contact with the Joes, who now despise him almost as much as those Cobras he's trained.

(Historical Divergence)

Recent intelligence revealed that Big Boa was the son of an Army boxer, who spent his youth in various gymnasiums. Taking to his father's sport, Big Boa wasn't satisfied with fighting in the ring, though. No, he organized countless, back-alley brawls to make a small fortune.

Disgusted by this, Big Boa's father shipped him off to military school, which he was expelled from in short order. Disappearing into the world, Big Boa turned his skill into an art form, and ultimately found himself in the employ of Cobra, serving as their chief drill instructor.

Though any number of those he brutalized over the years would have loved to knife him in the back, it took another organization to ultimately do Big Boa in. The Red Shadows, in the lead-up to their assault on GI Joe and Cobra alike, assassinated him alongside Asa Negra.

2013 Variations


Big Boa's second Cobra uniform includes padded, red and blue leather trousers, black and red leather boots, a red leather belt, a red, spiked leather harness, black knee pads, his signature spiked beige helmet with a red visor, and, more often than not, red boxing gloves.

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