Rm 30
Rm 30
Ty 6
Rm 30
Gd 10
Ex 20
In 40
In 40
Fe +2



Like the vast majority of GI Joe, Shana Mae O'Hara is but a normal human where ascendant powers are concerned. That being said, she's an incredibly competent martial artist and covert operative, not to mention the fact that she's passed the bar in Georgia.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Fragmentary Grenades: Scarlett always has at least one of these handy, should she need to blow something up on the job. These powerful explosives can detonate to inflict Remarkable (30) Edged Attack damage to everybody within the area they explode inside.

Knife: whether or not she's working, Scarlett always has at least one blade on her person, often of the throwing variety. In combat, she may use these weapons to inflict Typical (6) damage, Edged Attack if in melee, or Edged Throwing if she flings them at a foe.

Pistols: Scarlett often carries several pistols in the field, as well. These semi-automatic weapons can be fired to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage when firing a single shot, raised to Good (10) Shooting damage when using them to fire semi-automatic bursts.

On top of this, Scarlett also conceals a miniature, two-shot pistol on the back of her right glove. Barely visible unless you know what to look for, this firearm may be extracted and fired to inflict the single shot damage listed above (it's not semi-automatic).

Shuriken: Scarlett's left glove often has several shuriken strapped onto it, to be used when stealth is vital - or she's out of ammunition. She can fling these weapons at an opponent to inflict Typical (6) Edged Throwing damage with each deadly attack.

XK-1 Crossbow: her trademark weapon, Scarlett is infamous for her use of this item against Cobra forces. She can fire this weapon to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage with each attack, and can do so one or two handed - the former inflicts a -2 CS penalty to hit, though.




Detective / Espionage: a graduate of the Army's Covert Ops School, Scarlett can easily handle the clandestine missions she tends to be involved with. In matters of investigation, surveillance, or information gathering, Scarlett makes related FEATs at a +1 CS.

Guns: another portion of Scarlett's military training saw her attending the Marine Sniper School, giving her an advanced understanding of projectile weapon use. When wielding a regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or handgun, Scarlett does so at a +1 CS.

Law: before joining the military, Scarlett attended law school - and easily passed the bar. Finding comfort in a rigid interpretation of the law at the time, Scarlett can easily demonstrate her prowess in legal matters, gaining a +1 CS on applicable Reason FEATs.

Law Enforcement: upon being chosen as a candidate for the GI Joe team, General Austin arranged for Scarlett to get expert training in a variety of places, including the FBI. A fully authorized federal law enforcement agent, Scarlett can wield such authority when necessary.

Martial Arts types A, B, and C: a martial arts prodigy since her youth, Scarlett is adept in unarmed melee. She gains a +1 CS on hand to melee attacks, dodge, escape, grapple, and weave maneuvers, and she can Slam or Stun a body regardless of their Strength or Endurance scores.

Military / United States: having spent most of her working years in the Army, Scarlett is an expert in the ways of the American military. She understands military protocols and procedures like the back of her hand, and can lead a body of warriors if necessary.

Martial Arts Weapons: Scarlett's martial arts training has given her an understanding of the use of a large array of deadly, yet obscure weaponry. When wielding shuriken, crossbows, katanas, kris, sais, or even nunchaku, Scarlett may do so without penalty.

Sharp Weapons: in addition to the above, Scarlett's years of experience in combat have given her a mastery of just about any bladed weapon. When utilizing knives (from stilettos to machetes), swords, and spears, Scarlett does so without penalty.

Skill / Crossbow 2: though she's already competent in the use of a large array of weaponry, Scarlett is truly a master of the crossbow. She can wield one in battle (or when simply showboating) at her Agility score +2 CS or, alternately, can wield it one handed with no penalty.

Survival: no matter where she is, or how difficult the conditions surrounding her are, Scarlett has been trained to scrounge up the food, water, and shelter necessary to keep her alive. Neither the deepest arctic reaches, steamiest jungles, or nastiest cityscapes can bring Scarlett down!

Thrown Weapons: Scarlett is quite adept at wielding melee weapons in battle. However, should she need to, she can also use most of them at a distance, flinging them at opponents with deadly skill. In other words, Scarlett adds a +1 CS to any thrown weapon attack she attempts.


One of the original Joes, Scarlett can depend on the entire GI Joe team should she find herself in need - whether she gets in trouble on an official mission or not. Of course, as she's the one true love of Snake-Eyes, the man would do absolutely anything to assist her.

In addition to her Joe pals, Scarlett has numerous contacts in the military, federal law enforcement, espionage circles, and the global martial arts community. Finally, her father, three brothers, and sister would do just about anything required to help her out in a pinch.


Scarlett's original field uniform consists of a gray stretch fabric body suit, partially covered with a yellow leather one piece, gloves, and boots. Scattered across this ensemble is a vast array of useful and deadly implements she can use in the field.


Scarlett is one of the single most self-confident and durable people you'll ever meet. Her years as a martial arts instructor and a GI Joe member may suggest this, of course, but it shows in every aspect of her personality. Despite this, she has quite the sense of humor.

Able to take a joke better than most, Scarlett is also quite a caring individual, and will do everything she must to protect her friends and family. However, those who've crossed her know this already, and some villainous sorts endangering her friends have lived to regret it.

Real Name: Shana Mae O'Hara, Grade E-5 (later E-6 for a time)
Occupation: GI Joe intelligence operative
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: many, many assumed names
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Ninja Force (GI Joe sub-group)

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue or green (depictions vary)
Weight: 130 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Scarlett has been trained in the martial arts since she was nine years old, an idea put forth by her father to train all of his children in such a fashion, to give them the inner strength his own martial education did as a child. Scarlett took to her training with ease, and became very, very good at it - she won many martial arts competitions, and attained her first black belt at the age of 15.

The source of friction between Scarlett and her father, despite her amazing achievements, was her inherent need to control every aspect of her life; he was trying to teach Scarlett to roll with the punches the world threw at her - a lesson that didn't take. This was only made worse when a tragic car accident crippled Scarlett's father, a fate he was able to accept but Scarlett refused to deal with.

As such, Scarlett caved in to her mother's wish that she would engage in more 'lady like' behavior after graduating high school, and went to law school. Graduating at the top of her class in pre-law, Scarlett then went on to easily pass the bar with her rigid, literal interpretation of the law. However, legal loopholes and a plethora of gray areas in the law rankled Scarlett's need to make the changes she felt she should.

Leaving her new life as a lawyer, Scarlett instead enlisted in the Army - and quickly thrived in the regimented environment. She excelled in every possible fashion, leading the pack in her Basic training at Ft. Jackson, her Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Huachuca, and her Airborne school at Ft. Benning. She truly began to shine when put into the field in a Tactical Human Intelligence team, however.

When things went sour in a supposedly friendly desert nation, Scarlett was faced with her worst fear - logic told her to do what she was told, but her gut feeling, her instincts, were telling her to disobey what her commanding officer was telling her, and to save the lives of two of her wounded fellows. Finally letting go, Scarlett simply rolled with her feelings and handily rescued her fellow soldiers.

This incident gained Scarlett the personal attention of one General Flagg, who was then assembling a team of the Army's absolute best-of-the-best to serve as an elite, covert unit: Special Counter-Terrorist Unit Delta, otherwise to be known as the GI Joe team. After describing her profile to his own superior, General Austin, Flagg was given the go ahead to get Scarlett all the additional training she'd need.

Pulling some strings, Austin got Scarlett into the FBI academy in Quantico, and soon enough Scarlett would find herself a fully authorized FBI agent. Additional training she received while in Quantico was at the Marine Sniper School, not to mention some additional training with the British Special Air Service, and while working with the FBI Scarlett picked up - and became an expert with - her trademark crossbow.

Once she was ready, Scarlett was sent on a covert mission to 'prove' her mettle in Ireland, where she was to root out the source of a mysterious, highly advanced weapon shipment that was uncovered in San Diego alongside Connor Murphy, a former IRA informant. Though this mission went badly, Scarlett had discovered the existence of the corrupt arms dealer, Destro - but her fellow agent was killed in the field.

After this, Scarlett was formally offered a position on the GI Joe team, which she accepted after a bit of soul searching; her father was hoping she'd found a martial arts school, but fate had pulled her a different direction. She quickly proved to be one of the most dangerous members of the GI Joe team, right behind the enigmatic Snake-Eyes himself - who Scarlett first met shortly after joining the team proper.

Intrigued by his cool mystique, she simply had to learn more about the man after he threw a fight with her during a training bout for all the first Joes. Getting to know each other, the two began a serious relationship that has endured through the years, through thick and thin. In fact, it was on one of the Joes' first missions that Snake-Eyes got himself all burnt up - he was trying to save Scarlett's life!

While she has gotten on rather well with the man, the two having shared secrets they've revealed to no one else during their relationship, Scarlett has had a few problems with other Joes in the past. For a good long time, she was involved in a sort of hate-hate work relationship with the one and only Clutch, and had exceptional difficulties in relating to Lady Jaye for the longest time.

However, these differences were eventually resolved, one way or the other, and Scarlett has served during the vast majority of the Joes' major operations, including the battles of Springfield and Millville, the latter having seen her directly confront the diabolical robotic menace known as Megatron. Of course, it was a rather short fight, and Scarlett narrowly avoided being stomped into a paste.

In fact, Scarlett has become rather good friends with Lady Jaye, often having gone on 'double date' vacations with their respective boyfriends (Snake-Eyes and Flint). However, the seemingly eternal battle that the GI Joe team has waged with the terrorist organization / state known as Cobra eventually ended for a time, and when the Joe team was disbanded, Scarlett retired from the military.

(Historical Divergence)

She moved on with Snake-Eyes after this, the couple spending years healing their strained relationship. When Snake-Eyes abandoned their would-be wedding at the last minute, though, Scarlett became a self-defense instructor in seminars nationwide. However, when Hawk finally got the okay to restore the Joe team to full operational status, Scarlett was one of the first of the Joes to sign back up.

Scarlett has been a Joe ever since, working with the team throughout its second incarnation, and then again in its third, again more covert phase. This lasted until Cobra instigated World War III, during which the entire team was brought on again in a much more public role, and persisted after Cobra's final defeat. Scarlett stayed on to help the team hold the world together while it rebuilds.

What she'll do after this point is anyone's guess.

1993 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Claws: her Ninja Force days saw Scarlett utilizing a large array of martial arts weapons, a category which included these wrist-mounted, strap-on claws. In melee, Scarlett can use these three blades to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage with each deadly swipe.

Nunchaku: while working with the Ninja Force, Scarlett carries one of these martial arts weapons around to better bash people senseless. In melee, she can strike an opponent with nunchaku to inflict Good (10) Blunt Attack damage with each concussive attack.

Swords: Scarlett started carrying swords while working with GI Joe's Ninja Force, and occasionally does so without them. These blades, each of at least Incredible (40) m.s., can be used in Scarlett's hands to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage.


Scarlett's second, Ninja Force suit includes a yellow stretch fabric body suit, coupled with a green leather one piece covering her vitals. This is complemented by golden shoulder and wrist pads, green boots, and various pouches and pockets to store her 'ninja' weaponry.

1997 Variations


After returning to the Joe team in the late nineties, Scarlett reverted to a variant of her original suit. It is a blue stretch fabric body suit, partially covered with a red leather one piece, and black gloves and boots. Scattered across her uniform are her usual accessories.

2002 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

AK-47 Assault Rifle: this world-standard in leaden punishment is a recent and welcome addition to Scarlett's arsenal. She can wield this firearm to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised +1 CS in a short burst, or +2 CS when firing it fully automatic.


Scarlett's fourth uniform is a reinterpretation of her original. It includes a dark green stretch fabric body suit beneath an orange one piece covering her torso, orange and black boots, black padding and shoulder guards, and khakis gloves, straps, and holsters.

Her fifth, slightly more subdued field outfit, is a variation on the fourth. It includes a dark blue stretch fabric body suit beneath a green one piece covering her torso, gray boots, orange padding, shoulder guards, straps, and holsters, and gray gloves.

2003 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Swords: Scarlett started carrying swords while working with GI Joe's Ninja Force, and occasionally does so without them. These blades, each of at least Incredible (40) m.s., can be used in Scarlett's hands to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage.


Scarlett's sixth uniform is a variation on her first. It consists of a dark blue body suit partially covered by a yellow leather one piece, yellow gloves, and black boots. Scattered across her suit are various accessories, such as shuriken, pistols, and at least one grenade.

2004 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Sniper Rifle (v2): wielded in circumstances when you really only need one bullet to do the job, this weapon is Scarlett's friend in remote locations. She can fire a single round from this weapon to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, with a +1 CS to hit (built-in scope).

Swords: Scarlett started carrying swords while working with GI Joe's Ninja Force, and occasionally does so without them. These blades, each of at least Incredible (40) m.s., can be used in Scarlett's hands to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage.

Uzi 9mm (v3): a recent addition to Scarlett's arsenal includes this compact, yet deadly weapon. She can wield this firearm to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised +1 CS in a short burst, or +2 CS when firing it fully automatic.


Scarlett's seventh GI Joe uniform is a multi-layered, green and gray bodysuit. This outfit is held together with various orange straps and belts, and is accented by green and black boots, black and gray gloves, and brown knee and shoulder pads.

Her eighth GI Joe costume is a 'flashback' to a time when Scarlett wore winter gear on a mission. It includes a large, padded white coat, thick, loose-fitting white trousers, insulated black leather boots, white padded gloves, and of course a black belt.

Scarlett's ninth GI Joe uniform is essentially a variation on the seventh. It is a multi-layered, black and white bodysuit, held together with various brown straps and belts, which includes black and white gloves, black and white boots, and red knee and shoulder pads.

Her tenth GI Joe uniform is another a variation on the seventh. It is a multi-layered bodysuit featuring various shades of brown, both solid and camouflaged, which includes black and white gloves, black and blue boots, and red knee and shoulder pads.

2008 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Helmet: when she's flying in advanced GI Joe aircraft, Scarlett typically makes sure she wears a proper helmet. These helmets typically provide her Good (10) protection from damage striking her in the cranium, and offer like Screened Senses / vision (tinted goggles).


Scarlett's eleventh uniform is similar in design to her first, if not in hue. It consists of a sky blue body suit beneath a gray leather one piece. It also features white gloves, blue and white boots, and a blue backpack / parachute harness to go along with her blue and white helmet.

Extra Goodies:

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* Note: 2002 saw two versions of Scarlett (Versions 4 and 5), while 2004 saw four versions of Scarlett (Versions 7, 8, 9 and 10).

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