GI Joe: 2002 Personnel and Equipment


Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Big Ben: an elite British SAS soldier, David is as competent as your average American Special Forces trooper. Though trained differently, he's just as good as his fellow Joes are versus Cobra forces, no matter what the nefarious terrorists are up to! Availability:

Big Ben (MSH Classic)

Big Ben (4C System)

Big Ben (Marvel Saga)

Blowtorch: Timothy joined the Army to master the most ancient weapon: fire! Though he wields the stuff like a demon in battle, Timothy is probably the biggest proponent of fire safety on earth, knowing full well what it's capable of. Availability:

Blowtorch (MSH Classic)

Blowtorch (4C System)

Blowtorch (Marvel Saga)

Dart: an expert woodsman since he was a child, Jimmy Tall Elk was a trained tracker even before he enlisted. A qualified Airborne Ranger, Jimmy has earned a place on the Joe team as one of their best trackers, despite his hang-up about Cobra CLAWS! Availability:

Dart (MSH Classic)

Dart (4C System)

Dart (Marvel Saga)

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Double Blast: innovative and inquisitive, Charles can fix broken down appliances with an almost MacGyver-like skill. This ability got him recruited onto the GI Joe team who, also taking advantage of his immense muscle, put him to work as a heavy machine gunner. Availability:

Double Blast (MSH Classic)

Double Blast (4C System)

Double Blast (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Dusty: born and bred in dry, dusty Las Vegas, Ronald grew up surrounded by desert - and has loved it his entire life. As such, he makes a perfect desert specialist, a vital skill the Joes need since Cobra frequently works in desert climes. Availability:

Dusty (MSH Classic)

Dusty (4C System)

Dusty (Marvel Saga)

Flint: enlisting after he grew bored with the life of an academic, Flint utilized both his innate intelligence and brash confidence to excel in various elite specialties - which ultimately saw him being recruited onto the GI Joe team by Duke himself! Availability:

Flint (MSH Classic)

Flint (4C System)

Flint (Marvel Saga)

Frostbite: born in crisp, cool Galena, Alaska, Frostbite grew up to handle the snow and ice like second nature. This taught him how to easily do almost any job under such conditions, whether fixing a leaky oil pipeline or driving the Snow Cat into battle! Availability:

Frostbite (MSH Classic)

Frostbite (4C System)

Frostbite (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Duty: possessing keen hand-eye coordination, the ability to multitask, veritable ambidexterity, and a perfectionist's attention to detail, Heavy Duty is comfortable whether he's composing music or firing on Cobras - and is equally good at both! Availability:

the Heavy Duty (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Duty (4C System)

the Heavy Duty (Marvel Saga)

Lifeline 2: an adrenaline junkie, Greg was a New York City paramedic who only seemed at ease while under the gun. Not receiving the high-risk thrills he needed to feel fulfilled, he enlisted in the Army to whet his appetite for stress - and succeeded! Availability:

Lifeline 2 (MSH Classic)

Lifeline 2 (4C System)

Lifeline 2 (Marvel Saga)

Mirage: exceptionally proficient with line-of-sight weaponry, Joseph was recruited onto the GI Joe team, and then into their elite Mega-Marines sub-unit, to fight Cobra's freak-show genetic experiments. This is a fight that continues to this very day, it seems! Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Nunchuk: originally a student of the mysterious Blind Master, Ralph eventually came under the tutelage of Storm Shadow himself after his first sensei vanished, well, mysteriously. Soon after, he joined the GI Joe team, as a part of their Ninja Force! Availability:

Nunchuk (MSH Classic)

Nunchuk (4C System)

Nunchuk (Marvel Saga)

Scarlett: having trained as a martial artist since she was nine years old, and then being put through more 'dirty tricks' training in the Army, Shana's combat prowess and ability to gain intelligence on various Cobra operations is second to none! Availability:

Scarlett (MSH Classic)

Scarlett (4C System)

Scarlett (Marvel Saga)

Shipwreck: born and raised around the San Diego Naval Grounds, young Hector X Delgado was practically fated to become a sailor - and he joined the Navy to do just that. He was good enough at his job to eventually become a Joe - and even a Navy SEAL! Availability:

Shipwreck (MSH Classic)

Shipwreck (4C System)

Shipwreck (Marvel Saga)

Sideswipe: Andrew has wanted to help others since he was a child, and eventually became a doctor. He joined the Army to become a field medic after he'd graduated from medical school, and quickly became one of its most respected medical personnel! Availability:

Sideswipe (MSH Classic)

Sideswipe (4C System)

Sideswipe (Marvel Saga)

Sidetrack 2: loud and belligerent, John was as a pro wrestler who felt something was missing. Quitting to enlist in the Army, he found what he was looking for: armed conflict! His enthusiasm for mayhem naturally led this Ranger to an eventual GI Joe assignment. Availability:

Sidetrack 2 (MSH Classic)

Sidetrack 2 (4C System)

Sidetrack 2 (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Lonzo is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

Sure Fire: though he grew up in abject poverty in an urban wasteland, David escaped the blight he was trapped within - and did so legally. He then became a member of the LAPD, the FBI, and finally the exclusive GI Joe team, his diligence finally paying off! Availability:

Sure Fire (MSH Classic)

Sure Fire (4C System)

Sure Fire (Marvel Saga)

Wet-Suit: loud and arrogant, Brian forced his way through both Navy basic and his SEAL training. He then performed his saboteur duties with a gleeful passion, which got him a job on with GI Joe - his destructive joy made him very good at his job! Availability:

Wet-Suit (MSH Classic)

Wet-Suit (4C System)

Wet-Suit (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)

Disavowed GI Joe Personnel:

GI Joe Greenshirts / Reservists: the GI Joe Reservists, or Greenshirts as they've come to be known, are Joe trainees. These 'kids' are the best conventional American military training has produced, though they need just a bit 'more' to become official Joes. Availability:

Greenshirts / Reservists (MSH Classic)

Greenshirts / Reservists (4C System)

Greenshirts / Reservists (Marvel Saga)


the Assault Quad: a small, offensive ATV, the Assault Quad is impressively armed for its size, featuring one machine gun and two missile launchers. Its armament, ordnance, and maneuverability make it perfect for scouting or dealing with small groups of enemy troops. Availability:

the Assault Quad (MSH Classic)

the Assault Quad (4C System)

the Assault Quad (Marvel Saga)

the Brawler 2: based on the now-famous Army vehicle, the Hammer is a close relative of the Humvee. Heavily armed and armored, this troop transport handles well over virtually any terrain, and packs enough punch to deal with almost any opposition! Availability:

the Brawler 2 (MSH Classic)

the Brawler 2 (4C System)

the Brawler 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Night Attack Chopper: the Night Attack Chopper is a state of the art combat troop transport, having the ability to stealthily insert and extract operatives anywhere. And when stealth fails it, the Chopper makes up for that with sheer, overwhelming firepower! Availability:

the Night Attack Chopper (MSH Classic)

the Night Attack Chopper (4C System)

the Night Attack Chopper (Marvel Saga)

the Night Rhino AIFV: a replacement for the Joes' old APC, their Night Rhino Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle does the exact same job, albiet in a smaller, more heavily armed and armored capacity. This makes it more suitable for special missions and the like. Availability:

Night Rhino AIFV (MSH Classic)

Night Rhino AIFV (4C System)

Night Rhino AIFV (Marvel Saga)

the Rock Slide: snowmobiles with attitude, Rock Slides (upgraded Polar Battle Bears) are 1.4 ton, heavily armored, cold weather combat vehicles. Ideal for use near either pole, the Rock Slide is armed with 50mm cannons and heat seeking miniature missiles! Availability:

the Rock Slide (MSH Classic)

the Rock Slide (4C System)

the Rock Slide (Marvel Saga)

the Sand Razor: this minimally armored, swift vehicle is perfect for ambushes or hit and run operations in desert climates. It makes up for a lack of driver protection by having both an impressive maximum speed and a staggering complement of weaponry. Availability:

the Sand Razor (MSH Classic)

the Sand Razor (4C System)

the Sand Razor (Marvel Saga)

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