the Warthog

The Warthog is a medium sized, armored infantry fighting vehicle. It is like GI Joe's old APCs, in that it acts as a troop transport, but this mean green machine is half the size, and has twice the offensive capability. The Warthog is equipped with the following capabilities:

RV 20
RV 10
RV 40
RV 40

Amphibious Jet Propulsion System: the Warthog is built to function on land and water, making it a truly all-terrain vehicle. Thanks to a powerful water intake / output propulsion system, this heavy, bulky hunk of pig-iron can achieve rank value 2 speed (13.64 mph) on the water.

Armored Hull: the Warthog's advanced hull is built to last. It is comprised of a welded, specially hardened aluminum frame (accounting for its high Durability score), with impact-diffusive foam inserts placed around personnel areas (accounting for its high Protection score).

Communications Gear: the better to receive new orders and send data on the battlefield, the Warthog features a powerful radio transceiver. It works within twenty-five miles of its location (rank value 10 range), and is bolstered by rank value 30 signal encryption.

Diversion Smoke Grenade Launchers: on the front of the Warthog are twelve (six on both the left and right sides) launchers that can fire a volley of smoke grenades to provide visual cover for the vehicle or its troops. This is rank value 30 visual obfuscation.

MK-29 Power-Operated 20mm Cannon: the driver of the Warthog is assisted by a gunner to ward off smaller, infantry-style opposition. The MK-29 can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage, or fire continuously to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage.

MGM-59 Lance Missiles: the Warthog's driver also has the assistance of a missile operator. They can fire the Warthog's two surface-to-surface / surface-to-air, two-stage, dual-thrust liquid propellant missiles at a foe, missiles that have these vehicular capabilities:

RV 40
RV 75
RV 30
RV 40 Slashing (fragmentary)

Night Sight Infrared Driving Lights: the Warthog is equipped with two infra-red light emitting bulbs on the front, allowing it to drive (thanks to an infra-red camera on front) in night-time conditions as though it were producing rank value 20 illumination.

Tool Kits: the Warthog has plenty of accessories to help its many passengers out on a mission, hopefully to handle any normal contingency. It has digging tools in the event that the Warthog gets stuck, first aid kits in case its passengers are wounded, and handy fire extinguishing gear as well.

2002 Variations

the Night Rhino

A little while after the GI Joe team was reinstated, they pulled several Warthogs out of mothballs to use them as troop transports. Luckily, Sgt. Slaughter had broken them all in, so they just needed a new, black paint job before the Joes could put them to good use!

2006 Variations

the Renegades' Warthog Armored Personnel Vehicle

Since the other Joes took the liberty of repainting some of the Sarge's old Warthogs, the Renegades took them back - and repainted them again! Though they feature a new, brown camouflage color scheme, these Warthogs are functionally the same as the previous two versions of the things.

Extra Goodies:

Warthog 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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