the Hammer

The Hammer is an enhanced, tan variation on the Army's now-famous Humvee all-terrain vehicle. The Hammer first saw use by the Joe team in 1990, and stayed in service for several years after that. It is known to possess the following vehicular characteristics:

Armored Construction (s): the Hammer is built with a hardened, solid steel frame, a shrapnel-resistant passenger cover, and all-terrain, self-sealing tires. It has an m.s. of 12, and provides like, or +3, protection from attacks that don't originate from the side.

Communications Array (i): equipped with a powerful UHF / VHF / CCTV radio transceiver, the Hammer also has a potent whip antenna, allowing it a total communications range of 25 miles (intensity 5), and its quasi-random frequency hopper provides intensity 10 signal encryption.

Guided Missiles (i): on the back of the Hammer are two separate, multi-directional missile pods with three rounds in each. These rear-mounted launchers can be fired from within the Hammer or from the back, inflicting intensity 10 damage each, +1 for each bonus projectile that hits.

High-Impact Pulse Cannon (a): the primary armament on the Hammer, this top-mounted cannon rests on a computer controlled rotational turret. It can emit a burst of ammunition that is capable of inflicting one's Agility +7 in Armor Piercing damage per deadly blast.

Passengers: the Hammer has room for a driver, a gunner, and two passengers. However, it has two side skids that can hold four extra folks in a pinch, two on the side-mounted guns, and rear skids that can carry two additional hangers-on on the back, for a maximum of ten passengers.

Propulsion (a): being fast for its weight, the Hammer has this vehicular 'power,' after a fashion. Capable of moving at up to 83 miles per hour, the Hammer has intensity 3 propulsion, though in off-road conditions it may move considerably slower.

Quartz-Halogen Lamps (i): these front-mounted twin lamps are powerful light casting implements capable of producing intensity 10 illumination. This helps to deal with night conditions, and can provide an improvised blinding attack under certain (surprise) conditions.

Storage Compartment (s): the Hammer has a large storage capacity in the back. The Hammer itself has over a 2,000 pound load limit, allowing it to carry the driver, gunner, two passengers in the back seat, and up to six additional hangers-on, meaning it can hold at least 500 lbs of gear.

More, if less than ten folks are in/on the Hammer.

Twin-Barreled Side Guns (a): on each side of the Hammer is a swivel-mount, twin-barreled gun that serves as a backup for the vehicle's main gun. They can fire a short burst to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

2002 Variations

the Brawler 2

As the battle between GI Joe and Cobra heated up yet again, the Joes decided to pull yet another trusty old vehicle out of mothballs in the year 2002. This time, they reactivated and refurbished a small fleet of their old Hammers, modernizing their electronics and very look.

Given a tan and green camouflage paint job, instead of the original tan coloration, these new Brawler 2s (why they weren't just called Hammers is a mystery) mostly function the same as before, save for having their pulse cannons replaced with the following weaponry:

Rotary Multi-Projectile Launcher (i): Brawler 2s utilize a six-round, rotary-barrel missile launcher. These rounds have the same characteristics as the missiles listed above, inflicting intensity 10 damage singly, adding +1 for each additional projectile that strikes simultaneously.

2008 Variations


Used primarily by Bullhorn in urban areas, the SWAT RTV is a modified Hammer. It has an olive drab coloration with black and gray trim, and lacks both the pulse cannons and the rotary multi-projectile launcher, but is otherwise functionally identical.

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