1990 GI Joe Personnel and Equipment


Ambush: Aaron has been one those quiet kinds of guys ever since he was a wee youth. In fact, he always seems to slip through the cracks, and folks tend to forget he's around - which isn't helped any by the fact that he's a master of camouflage! Availability:

Ambush (MSH Classic)

Ambush (4C System)

Ambush (Marvel Saga)

Bullhorn: an amazing crisis negotiator, Stephen is also a world-class shot with a pistol and a former Quantico hand-to-hand combat instructor. In other words, he has the ability to talk down some nutjobs, and can dismantle others when words fail him! Availability:

Bullhorn (MSH Classic)

Bullhorn (4C System)

Bullhorn (Marvel Saga)

Captain Grid-Iron: when he turned down a cushy appointment for an infantry command to 'stay where the action is', this former West Point quarterback's dedication to the Army got him fast tracked into membership on the GI Joe team! Availability:

Captain Grid-Iron (MSH Classic)

Captain Grid-Iron (4C System)

Captain Grid-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Cold Front: growing up inhaling diesel fumes near Fort Knox, it was only natural that Charles find himself interested in tanks. Excelling in the 3rd Armored Batallion, Charles eventaully earned an assignment driving the GI Joe team's mighty Avalanche! Availability:

Cold Front (MSH Classic)

Cold Front (4C System)

Cold Front (Marvel Saga)

Freefall: though he's got the biggest ego on the Joe team, Phillip's got the tools and the talent to back it up. Whether he's eating bugs or debating philosophy, Phillip's physical and mental conditioning always place him at the top of his game. Availability:

Freefall (MSH Classic)

Freefall (4C System)

Freefall (Marvel Saga)

Major Storm: one of the military's most experienced armor tacticians, Robert was invited onto the GI Joe team to operate the General! Bringing his years of experience to the team, Robert is more than happy to smash Cobras on the government's dime! Availability:

Major Storm (MSH Classic)

Major Storm (4C System)

Major Storm (Marvel Saga)

Pathfinder: William was raised with a plethora of wilderness survival skills as he grew up in the Florida Everglades. Using these to excel as the Army's premier jungle missions expert, William proved to be a natural fit for the elite GI Joe team. Availability:

Pathfinder (MSH Classic)

Pathfinder (4C System)

Pathfinder (Marvel Saga)

Rampart: born with exceptional reflexes, Dwayne spent his youth in video game arcades. Games don't pay the bills though, so after college he joined the Navy, and put his considerable talents to use as an Air Defense Artillery missile specialist! Availability:

Rampart (MSH Classic)

Rampart (4C System)

Rampart (Marvel Saga)

Rapid-Fire: highly motivated and bubbling over with capability, Robbie mastered everything the Army threw at him, from West Point to his graduation of the first fast attack maneuvers class. There's no stopping him from Being All He Can Be! Availability:

Rapid-Fire (MSH Classic)

Rapid-Fire (4C System)

Rapid-Fire (Marvel Saga)

Salvo: David is quite like Rampart, having joined the military to indulge in his favorite hobby. The difference is that while Rampart blows things up as a part of his love for computerized gaming action, David prefers a more 'low tech' approach! Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Stretcher: a former Olympic weight lifter, Thomas needed a new calling - and source of income - after the games. The Army was good for both, and after proving himself as a field medic time and again, he eventually earned a place on the GI Joe team. Availability:

Stretcher (MSH Classic)

Stretcher (4C System)

Stretcher (Marvel Saga)

Sub-Zero: Mark just enjoys being mean! As such, when he enlisted, Mark felt the need to become a cold weather specialist because, since he hates the cold, it only serves to make him angry all the time. The trick is saving all that bile for Cobra! Availability:

Sub-Zero (MSH Classic)

Sub-Zero (4C System)

Sub-Zero (Marvel Saga)

Topside: infamous after a childhood spent raising prize pigs in Fort Wayne, John joined the Navy to do.. anything else with his life. His stubborn and obstinate nature somehow serving him well, it eventually landed him a spot on the Joe team! Availability:

Topside (MSH Classic)

Topside (4C System)

Topside (Marvel Saga)

Updraft: a freakishly good pilot, helicopters are almost an extension of Matthew's body. This makes him an excellent air support operative, especially when flying a vehicle designed with his unique flying style in mind, such as his very own Retaliator! Availability:

Updraft (MSH Classic)

Updraft (4C System)

Updraft (Marvel Saga)

Sonic Fighters:

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Dodger: an old hand at the fine art of tank warfare, Richard is also an expert in the newest electronic gewgaws installed within armored vehicles. As such, he was picked to join the Battle Force 2000 unit to put this expertise to good use! Availability:

Dodger (MSH Classic)

Dodger (4C System)

Dodger (Marvel Saga)

Law & Order: after years as a Houston beat cop, Christopher enlisted to find a more fulfilling way to be a policeman, taking his trusty dog Order with him. His sheer devotion to the job ultimately got him placed on the Joe team - if under odd circumstances. Availability:

Law & Order (MSH Classic)

Law & Order (4C System)

Law & Order (Marvel Saga)

Tunnel Rat: raised on the surly streets of Brooklyn back in the day, Tunnel Rat grew up to be tough, indomitable, and somewhat jaded. Always looking for a good challenge, he's more than ready to climb into nasty Cobra tunnels to ferret out the bad guys! Availability:

Tunnel Rat (MSH Classic)

Tunnel Rat (4C System)

Tunnel Rat (Marvel Saga)

Sky Patrol:

Airborne 2: Robert is easily the most popular Sky Patrol member, but not due to any juvenile pecking order. No, he's well liked because he does his level best to get everyone to their mission in one piece, and patches them up when they get perforated. Availability:

Airborne 2 (MSH Classic)

Airborne 2 (4C System)

Airborne 2 (Marvel Saga)

Airwave: an electronics expert without peer, Cliff can 'kit-bash' like no one else, and is infamous for his improvisational electronics repairs. He serves as the audible frequency expert for GI Joe's Sky Patrol team - and is mean in a firefight, too! Availability:

Airwave (MSH Classic)

Airwave (4C System)

Airwave (Marvel Saga)

Altitude: a former syndicated cartoon artist and a Sergeant Major of the Army, John-Edward has a unique background. Of course, add his eidetic memory on top of that, and you have the makings for an unbelievably effective recon patrolman and combat artist! Availability:

Altitude (MSH Classic)

Altitude (4C System)

Altitude (Marvel Saga)

Drop Zone: Sky Patrol's 'dog face', Drop Zone loves the Army way of life. He loves the smell of gun oil, feels out of place when not wearing olive drab clothing, and finds KP relaxing. He's also at his best when jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet! Availability:

Drop Zone (MSH Classic)

Drop Zone (4C System)

Drop Zone (Marvel Saga)

Skydive: as their leader and mentor, Lynton constantly pushes the Sky Patrol to be 'all they can be,' in an effort to prepare them for the worst in the field, far from support. This is, of course, when he himself isn't dropped off in the wilds, with only a blade in hand! Availability:

Skydive (MSH Classic)

Skydive (4C System)

Skydive (Marvel Saga)

Static Line: an expert in demolitions and aircraft maintenance, Wallace is great at not only making sure the Sky Patrol's gear gets them to missions safely, but in making sure that the enemy's explosives don't waylay the team once they're on the job! Availability:

Static Line (MSH Classic)

Static Line (4C System)

Static Line (Marvel Saga)


the Avalanche: the latest in a mighty line of GI Joe cold weather combat vehicles, the Avalanche is a heavily armed and armored, tracked assault vehicle, one that also contained a hidden surprise: a super-sonic VTOL support craft stowed within! Availability:

the Avalanche (MSH Classic)

the Avalanche (4C System)

the Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

the General: a mobile command platform without compare, the General is part tank, part fortress, and all trouble for Cobra! Armed with a vast array of armaments and an intricate sensor web to direct them, the General can easily dominate any battle. Availability:

the General (MSH Classic)

the General (4C System)

the General (Marvel Saga)

the Hammer: based on the now-famous Army vehicle, the Hammer is a close relative of the Humvee. Heavily armed and armored, this troop transport handles well over virtually any terrain, and packs enough punch to deal with almost any opposition! Availability:

the Hammer (MSH Classic)

the Hammer (4C System)

the Hammer (Marvel Saga)

the Locust: this exceptionally small and heavily armed helicopter was designed with air support for the General in mind, but it comes in handy under other circumstances as well. Small and lightweight, it can be shipped anywhere with no muss and no fuss! Availability:

the Locust (MSH Classic)

the Locust (4C System)

the Locust (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Battle Bunker: a high-speed mini-fortress, the Mobile Battle Bunker can hunker down and compact itself into a nigh-impregnable hidey hole or expand out into a versatile, maneuverable weapons platform - and can do so rapidly as is necessary! Availability:

the Mobile Battle Bunker (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (4C System)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (Marvel Saga)

the Retaliator: a highly advanced, customized vehicle, the Retaliator is a helicopter primarily designed with Updraft's flying style in mind. Possessed of uncanny maneuverability, the Retaliator is both a bomber and a rescue craft, all rolled into one! Availability:

the Retaliator (MSH Classic)

the Retaliator (4C System)

the Retaliator (Marvel Saga)

Sky Patrol:

the Sky Hawk: handy when standard air support and cover simply isn't practical and/or possible, the Sky Hawk is a small, lightweight vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can easily help the Joes attain air superiority! Availability:

the Sky Hawk 2 (MSH Classic)

the Sky Hawk 2 (4C System)

the Sky Hawk 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Sky HAVOC: tough despite first impressions, the Heavy Articulated vehicle Ordnance Carrier is one of the most heavily armed vehicles in the GI Joe arsenal. Sky Patrol HAVOCs are no less durable despite their considerable stealth capabilities. Availability:

the Sky HAVOC (MSH Classic)

the Sky HAVOC (4C System)

the Sky HAVOC (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Raven: the star of their equipment roster, these captured Night Ravens have been retrofitted with the Sky Patrol's revolutionary radar invisibility technology, allowing it to spy on enemy targets with ease - when not engaging them directly! Availability:

the Sky Raven (MSH Classic)

the Sky Raven (4C System)

the Sky Raven (Marvel Saga)

the Sky SHARC: a mainstay of the GI Joe arsenal for over twenty years, the SHARC is a vehicle ahead of its time, in that it is a submarine that can take to the air at a moment's notice. Naturally, this makes it a great fit for the Sky Patrol! Availability:

the Sky SHARC (MSH Classic)

the Sky SHARC (4C System)

the Sky SHARC (Marvel Saga)

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