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Like the vast majority of his fellow Joes, Bullhorn is essentially a normal human - albeit one of the better trained representatives of the species. Aside from his somewhat advanced technology, he lacks super-human powers of any variety, and gets by on skill alone.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Bullhorn: his namesake, Bullhorn has this device on his person at all times on a mission when he has to negotiate with some nutjob or another. It can amplify his voice to a rank value 30 degree, letting his words be heard loud and clear through almost any impediment.

Gas Mask: in the even that negotiations fail, Bullhorn is also armed with a gas mask so me may use his own grenades with impunity during a crisis. This mask covers his entire face, and filters particulate matter with rank value 30 ability before it can reach his eyes or lungs.

Grenades: Bullhorn carries several grenades while on the job. His miniature arsenal includes fragmentary grenades (to inflict Slashing damage), tear gas grenades (to inflict Concuss results), and smoke grenades (to provide obfuscation). These all work at rank value 30.

Sidearm: a backup for his rifles, should he not have time to assemble his main firepower, Bullhorn can discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or a three-round burst to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage.

Rifles: Bullhorn carries two collapsible sniper rifles while on the job, for redundancy's sake. Both are equipped with a long range scope (+1 RS to hit with a round of preparation), and can fire a single shot per round to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage each.


High-Stress Capacity: greatly assisting him in the execution of his duties, this quirk describes Bullhorn's ability to keep his cool no matter how hairy a situation he finds himself in. Should one be required, he may attempt a Willpower ACTION to maintain his cool at his listed value +2 RS.


Criminology: his primary job being an intervention specialist, Bullhorn has a natural understanding of the criminal mind and how it operates. As such, he can make any Intellect or Awareness ACTION involving criminal practices at +1 RS higher than the values listed above.

Guns 2: a natural component of military training, Bullhorn has been well educated in the use of most conventional firearms. Whether he's using a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic firearm, or even an oddball weapon like a shotgun, he may do so at his Coordination trait +2 RS.

Martial Arts styles A, B, C, and E: Bullhorn was a hand-to-hand combat instructor at Quantico before becoming a GI Joe. This essentially makes him a living weapon; not quite the raging force of nature that some of the Joe ninjas might be, but you'd hate to encounter his bad side.

In melee combat, Bullhorn makes unarmed attacks, and may dodge, grapple, escape, or weave at a +1 RS to the applicable traits, and is allowed a +1 to his initiative. Furthermore, he may inflict Pound or Concuss results on a foe regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude.

Military / United States: the source of his various martial and other talents, Bullhorn is a highly trained and effective member of the United States Army. This talent provides a handy 'origin' for Bullhorn's other skills, and various additional contacts and resources.


As a member of the GI Joe team, Bullhorn can rely on every member of that tight-knit group for aid should he need it; the Joes definitely look after their own, after all they've been through together. Bullhorn also has numerous additional contacts in military and law enforcement circles.


When he's in action with GI Joe, Bullhorn wears a light green jacket with gray web gear on top to hold some gear, brown trousers, brown and gray combat boots, gray gloves, a gray belt, a gray holster on his right leg, and occasionally (when he feels the need) brown camo paint on his face.


Bullhorn is a very mellow, compassionate person - he's the kind of guy everyone just loves talking to.

He's a very good listener, and people tend to relax when talking to him. At the same time, his calm, steely resolve comes in just as handy when negotiations fail, and he has to deal with an opponent - permanently!

Real Name: Stephen A. Ferreira, Grade E-5
Occupation: intervention specialist, hand-to-hand combat instructor
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 195 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Stephen is described as having 'the looks of a choir boy'.


At first glance, Bullhorn is not the kind of guy you'd consider one of the most deadliest men alive. He's calm and compassionate, and people just can't help talking to him. But then he's an excellent listener, and his 'choir boy' looks simply scream 'I'm harmless' to everyone around him.

This has proven to be a fatal mistake to various criminals and terrorists over the years.

Sure, Bullhorn is an excellent negotiator, being able to calm most situations down simply by getting the bad guys talking. But when negotiations fail, Bullhorn is able to gun his foes down when necessary - usually without batting an eye, or even feeling the slightest remorse.

You see, Bullhorn is a perpetual contender for the national practical pistol title, and has served as a hand-to-hand combat instructor in Quantico. You can imagine that these exceptional qualities all added up to paint Bullhorn as a man who was Going Places in the military.

And you'd be right. Always on the lookout for the military's top-shelf talent, the recruiters for the GI Joe team added Bullhorn to their list, and after he made it through their grueling entrance exam without washing out, the man began lending his considerable talents to the fight against evil.

Not that Bullhorn wasn't before - it's just that his efforts had suddenly become more... direct in nature. Having joined the Joe team in 1990, Bullhorn performed his duties on various classified, 'special mission' operations until the team was temporarily deactivated but four years later.

(Historical Divergence)

When the group was reactivated but a scant few years later, it appears that they were going for a much tighter organization overall, with less active 'main' Joes and a series of 'grunts' to do the heavy lifting. As it turned out, Bullhorn was not chosen to join this revamped team.

At least, not at first. When serious things went down, the Joes always draw up their reservists, and Bullhorn is usually happy to help out when necessary. He was there during the second Cobra Island Civil War, and then again when Cobra instigated World War III.

Presumably, with Cobra defeated again (supposedly for real this time), Bullhorn is hanging out with the Joe team while it mops up those Cobra ringleaders who escaped capture; the Commander himself is in custody, but most of his minions managed to get away.

What he'll do after they're all rounded up is anyone's guess, but he may return to his job as a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the military.

2008 Variations


Slightly revising his field uniform after almost two decades, Bullhorn now wears a light green jacket under gray web gear, dark green trousers, dark green and black combat boots, black gloves, a black belt, and occasionally (when he feels the need) green camo paint on his face.

2016 Variations


Bullhorn's third field uniform is a variation on his first, consisting of a light green jacket under gray web gear, dark brown trousers, gray leather boots and gloves, brown knee pads, a gray belt and holster, and, when he feels the need, brown camo paint on his face.

Extra Goodies:

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