the Retaliator

The Retaliator is a highly advanced, customized helicopter that was designed in part by Updraft. He built the Retaliator to conform to his unique flying style, though his design serves the GI Joe team well whoever is flying the craft. The Retaliator has these characteristics:

60 mm Machine Gun (a): mounted under the Retaliator's cockpit, this single machine gun can dispense serious damage to vehicles or personnel when necessary. This weapon can be fired to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage with every deadly, fully automatic volley of lead.

Armored Construction (s): the Retaliator is made of sturdy, lightweight materials, and its canopy features a potent UV filter. These characteristics combine to provide the vehicle's occupants like, or +2, protection from conventional assault of any stripe.

Bomb Bay (i): the Retaliator has a bay that can store up to nine bombs. These powerful explosives detonate to inflict intensity 12 slashing damage to all uncovered targets within near missile distance of where they hit, adding +1 damage for each additional explosive used at once.

Capture Claw (s): this frightening device can be used to display the Retaliator pilot's true flight skills. Consisting of the entire tail section of the Retaliator, this implement can fold down into a claw that may be used to grapple personnel or vehicles with intensity 14 Strength.

Communications Array (i): the Retaliator is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This provides its pilot intensity 7 communications (with a 100 mile maximum range), featuring signal encryption of intensity 10 complexity.

Flight / Levitation (a): the basic function of the Retaliator, the vehicle can use this power to fly, at anywhere from intensity 0 speed (hovering in place) to intensity 4 speed in a forward direction. This assumes the Retaliator has no serious cargo load, however.

Magna-Torque Quick Elevation Tow Hook (s): while its primary role is a combat helicopter, the Retaliator can haul a significant amount of cargo. Treat it as having intensity 14 Strength for such purposes, though any load over one ton cuts the Retaliator's flight speed in half.

Missile Launchers (i): the Retaliator has two computer-enhanced launch bays, one on each side of the cockpit. These launchers each have two missiles, and the Retaliator's pilot can fire one to inflict intensity 10 damage, adding +1 for each additional projectile that hits at once:

Radar (w): allowing offensive and defensive functions, this unit can track objects within the Retaliator's air space with intensity 7 ability. Furthermore, it assists in acquiring 'target locks' on enemy aircraft that give the pilot a +2 to hit with missile attacks.

Extra Goodies:

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