The SHARC - or Submersible High-Speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft - is an engineering marvel. Essentially a flying submarine, the SHARC can move from beneath the waves to above the clouds at the drop of a hat. This one-man vehicle has these characteristics:

RV 30 *
RV 4 **
RV 30
RV 20

* This Handling rating is for the SHARC in/on the water; it controls at -2 RS while in the air.

** This Velocity rating is for the SHARC's water speed (when submerged).

Body Armor: the SHARC features boron epoxy plating over a titanium frame, and an impact resistant tinted gull wing canopy. This heavy duty construction gives the SHARC an effective material value of 30, accounting for its Durability and Protection ratings.

Communications Suite: the SHARC has a powerful radio transceiver with which it can exchange information with other Joes or a base of some sort. Functioning at rank value 10, it can reach allies as distant as 25 miles away.

Environmental Independence: the SHARC can provide enough breathable air for its pilot to function for up to four days underwater. This power functions at rank value 100, sustaning its operator for the full duration as long as they bring food and water along for the ride.

Flight: the SHARC can transition from sea to air operation via extendable hydrofoils, which allow enough acceleration to achieve flight. When airborne, the SHARC has a maximum flight speed of 830 miles per hour (rank value 200 flight), with a maximum range of 450 nautical miles.

Honeywell Mark 46 Acoustic Homing Torpedoes: the SHARC features one of these weapons under each wing. These torpedodes home in on their target, chosen by the pilot's targeting computer, via advanced acoustic homing devices. These torpedoes have the following characteristics:

RV 20
RV 6
RV 20
RV 40 Slashing (fragmentary)

Tungsten Main Running Light: below the SHARC's cockpit lies its main source of illumination. This powerful tungsten lamp provides rank value 30 light, allowing for surprise blinding attacks if their opponent lacks a tinted canopy (unlike the SHARC).

Twin 30mm 'Tidalwave' Cannons: the SHARC has a pop-up, twinned 30mm cannon on each wing. They inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage in a short burst, or rank value 30 Piercing damage in a full auto spread. Firing both at once raises either damage rating by +1 RS.

Water / Atmosphere Analyzers: the SHARC's nose cone sensors allow it to measure the temperature and direction of currents and/or air flow of the environment around it, with rank value 20 ability. These sensors can also be programmed to detect specific compounds if needed.

1988 Variations

the Night Shade

A few years after the SHARC had been proven effective in the field, GI Joe's Night Force got their hands on a few, and gave them their distinctive, trademark black and red paint job. Other than the new color scheme, the Night Shade is identical to its predecessor.

1990 Variations

the Sky SHARC

Just two years after the Night Force acquired a few SHARCs, GI Joe's Sky Patrol did the same. Applying the same radar-deflecting technology to the SHARC that they did their other gear, they created the Sky SHARC, which adds this capability to the SHARC proper:

Invisibility to Radar: the Sky SHARCs have been fitted with a new, chromium-based technology that deflects radar signals at oblique angles as, opposed to sending them back to their source, effectively making them invisible to radar systems at rank value 50.

2001 Variations

the Wave Crusher

By this time, Cobra had managed to get its grubby little hands on a working SHARC or two for the purposes of reverse engineering, and did so in the form of the Wave Crusher! Aside from its metallic, navy blue color scheme, it functions per the original SHARC.

2008 Variations

the Night Specter

Twenty years after they first utitlized SHARC technology, GI Joe's Night Force broke it out again. Renaming the Night Shade the Night Specter, this vehicle is functionally identical, the only real change being a lack of orange in its overall makeup.

the SHARC Tooth

At the same time, the 'regular' GI Joe team refitted a lot of their remaining SHARC stock into the SHARC Tooth. Again, this vehicle works the same, but has more reliable, modernized electronics and mechanics to help it win fights against Cobra.

2015 Variations

the Wave Crusher

Fourteen years after its original, stolen design was put in the field, Cobra redecorated its Wave Crushers. Still functionally identical to the original, these new Wave Crushers feature a lighter blue paint job, along with a more sleek Cobra logo.

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