GI Joe: 1984 Personnel and Equipment


Blowtorch: Timothy joined the Army to master the most ancient weapon: fire! Though he wields the stuff like a demon in battle, Timothy is probably the biggest proponent of fire safety on earth, knowing full well what it's capable of. Availability:

Blowtorch (MSH Classic)

Blowtorch (4C System)

Blowtorch (Marvel Saga)

Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Deep Six: having deep-seated people problems, Malcom joined the Navy to serve as a deep sea diver, and 'to be alone'. He did so well on long-term missions that he ultimately landed a job on the GI Joe team - a (thankfully) small unit of elite soldiers. Availability:

Deep Six (MSH Classic)

Deep Six (4C System)

Deep Six (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Mutt & Junkyard: an amazing animal handling ability caused Stanley to gravitate towards military K-9 units upon enlisting, which ultimately led to his assignment to the GI Joe team! There, he and Junkyard provide security on base and in the field. Availability:

Mutt & Junkyard (MSH Classic)

Mutt & Junkyard (4C System)

Mutt & Junkyard (Marvel Saga)

Recondo: growing up to hate Wisconsin's cold winters, young Daniel wanted to explore the deepest African jungles as a child - and grew up to do just that. Both on and off the Joe team, Daniel has become an expert in jungle combat - and many other disciplines! Availability:

Recondo (MSH Classic)

Recondo (4C System)

Recondo (Marvel Saga)

Rip Cord: initially enlisting to be paid to jump out of airplanes, Wallace ultimately found that he loved the military lifestyle. An expert HALO jumper, Rip Cord was a perfect addition to GI Joe, who always has need of soldiers with his skill! Availability:

Rip Cord (MSH Classic)

Rip Cord (4C System)

Rip Cord (Marvel Saga)

Roadblock: aspiring to be one of the world's greatest chefs since he was a child, Marvin put himself through the Escoffier School in France. Subsequently enlisting in the Army to learn from their chefs as well, Marvin became quite the machine gunner, too! Availability:

Roadblock (MSH Classic)

Roadblock (4C System)

Roadblock (Marvel Saga)

Spirit: a psychologist and Vietnam veteran, Charlie is an expert woodsman that brings considerable talent to GI Joe. His fellows fail to understand him now and then, but they respect his skill and his ability to keep them alive! Availability:

Spirit (MSH Classic)

Spirit (4C System)

Spirit (Marvel Saga)

Thunder: raised in one of America's loudest neighborhoods, Matthew adores heavy metal - and any other ear-splitting noise. He joined the Army to wield artillery, and his love for his work got him a gig as the driver of GI Joe's Slugger. Availability:

Thunder (MSH Classic)

Thunder (4C System)

Thunder (Marvel Saga)


the GI Jane: in its early years, GI Joe didn't have access to expensive means of conveyance like its aircraft carrier or space shuttle. During that time, it relied upon a repurposed freighter to ship personnel and equipment about: the GI Jane! Availability:

the GI Jane (MSH Classic)

the GI Jane (4C System)

the GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits: GI Joe maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to mission success. Availability:

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

the Killer WHALE: a heavily armed and armored hovercraft, the Killer WHALE (Warrior: Hovering Assault Launching Envoy) can easily function on land or water, serving as either a patrol, assault, or liaison vessel, depending on the Joes' needs. Availability:

the Killer WHALE (MSH Classic)

the Killer WHALE (4C System)

the Killer WHALE (Marvel Saga)

the MANTA: the MANTA, or Marine Assault Nautical Transport; Air Driven, is a weaponized windsail used by GI Joe for quick infiltration missions where swimming or rowing in is too slow and motors would set off too many enemy sensors. Availability:

the MANTA (MSH Classic)

the MANTA (4C System)

the MANTA (Marvel Saga)

the Pit 2: regardless of its current location, the GI Joe team's main headquarters, the Pit, invariably takes the form of an underground facility hardened against all threats, up to and incluing a nuclear explosion directly above! Availability:

the Pit 2 (MSH Classic)

the Pit 2 (4C System)

the Pit 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Hawk: handy when standard air support and cover simply isn't practical and/or possible, the Sky Hawk is a small, lightweight vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can easily help the Joes attain air superiority! Availability:

Sky Hawk (MSH Classic)

Sky Hawk (4C System)

Sky Hawk (Marvel Saga)

the Slugger: the Slugger is an exceptionally large (175 mm) cannon mounted on top of a big ol' diesel engine. Weighing in at around 29 tons, this massive hunk of metal is one of the most powerful artillery pieces in the Joe arsenal! Availability:

the Slugger (MSH Classic)

the Slugger (4C System)

the Slugger (Marvel Saga)

the SHARC: a mainstay of the GI Joe naval arsenal for over twenty years, the SHARC - or Submersible High-Speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft - is a vehicle ahead of its time, in that it is a submarine that can take to the air at a moment's notice! Availability:

the SHARC (MSH Classic)

the SHARC (4C System)

the SHARC (Marvel Saga)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 2: the first of many variations this vehicle would see over the years, the Mark 2 VAMP sports a missile launcher instead of .50 mm cannons, not to mention a desert paint job, but is otherwise the same sweet ride. Availability:

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 2 (MSH Classic)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 2 (4C System)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 2 (Marvel Saga)

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