The MANTA, or Marine Assault Nautical Transport; Air Driven, is a small windsail the GI Joe team can use to make stealthy infiltrations - or to quickly move from one place to another on the water - without tripping enemy sensors. The entire vehicle basically consists of the sail, the main rail (to stand on), and the support rail. The MANTA has an m.s. of 5, as well as these vehicular capabilities:

.30 Cal Rapid Fire Machine Gun (a): mounted on the mast of the MANTA, this small yet powerful machine gun allows the 'captain' of the vessel to light up most targets in the water. This gun can be fired to inflict the pilot's Agility +5 damage in a short burst, or +6 damage in a full-auto spread. The latter burns its ammo rather quickly, however, for the MANTA can't carry a lot and move fast.

First Aid Kit (i): the MANTA comes equipped with a small first aid kit should its pilot find themselves wounded while sailing wherever they need to go; this happens more often than you'd imagine on missions with the Joes. This kit contains bandages, ointments, and everything else needed to stitch up bullet holes, knife wounds, shark bites, or whatever.

Surface to Surface Missile (i): the support rail of the MANTA has room for a small missile launcher, which is loaded up with a small missile that can be used for surface-to-surface combat. There is little aiming involved with this sort of attack; this one-shot projectile will typically only hit whatever is in front of the boat, which requires its pilot to aim the MANTA at its target. This missile inflicts intensity 10 damage.

Super Swimming (a): the MANTA is a windsail; it can move at varying speeds based on the wind present. Its maximum speed is about 60 miles per hour (50 knots, or intensity 2). In all reality the MANTA won't usually move faster than 30 miles per hour (25 knots, or intensity 1 speed), unless the wind is powerful enough. With little to no wind, it will likely be limited to a mere 15 miles per hour (12.5 knots).

Extra Goodies:

MANTA Saga System 13 Text File Download

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