the Slugger

The Slugger is a self-propelled cannon - essentially a very, very large gun on wheels. It is designed to defeat armored foes and installations in battle, its firepower compensating for being so bulky and unwieldy. The Slugger has these vehicular statistics and capabilities:

Pr 4
Ty 6
Am 50
In 40

.30 Cal Quick-Sequence Machine Gun: a backup for the Slugger's main gun, this weapon is great for dealing with infantry threats to the vehicle. It can inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, or Remarkable (30) Shooting damage in a full-auto spread.

175mm "Slugger" Howitzer: the main feature of the Slugger is, of course, its Slugger Howitzer cannon. This devastating weapon fires shells that inflict Amazing (50) Shooting damage per shot, each of which has a scatter effect, damaging everybody within their impact area equally well.

These caseless, high-explosive M-437A4 projectiles are aimed with an infra-red or electro-optical (radar-seeking) range finder that provides the Slugger operator a +1 CS to hit, and have an exceptional range. They can hit anything within 35.2 miles of the vehicle!

Communications Suite: the Slugger has a powerful radio transceiver with which it can exchange information with other Joes or a base of some sort. Functioning at Good (10) rank, it can reach allies as distant as 25 miles away.

Nylon/Titanium Honeycomb Armor: most of the Slugger's 29 tons is engine and gun barrel, but all of its exterior is comprised of a nylon-coated titanium steel honeycomb armor. This armor, and the Slugger's bulk, provide the Body and Protection scores listed above.

Quartz-Halogen Shielded Lights: the Slugger hash two front-mounted spotlights that allow it to drive at night - or spot nearby opponents in the dark. These lights can illuminate an area with Excellent (20) ability, and have grill-shields that protect the bulbs from up to like damage.

Self-Sealing, Run-Flat Tires: the Slugger is equipped with six heavy duty, self-sealing flotation tires. These wheels can withstand up to Remarkable (30) damage before being rendered flat, and they can still be driven on at that point. This makes for a rather bumpy ride, however.

1991 Variations

GI Joe continued to order new Sluggers over the years, because sometimes it's harder to get a Rolling Thunder to a mission site. The 1991 Sluggers are identical to the originals, save for a solid, Army green color scheme, instead of the former green camouflage paint job.

1997 Variations

When GI Joe was originally reinstated, the first heavy duty artillery piece they pulled out of storage was the Slugger. While they updated its electronics and color scheme (going to a desert camo pattern instead of a forest one), this vehicle is functionally the same.

Extra Goodies:

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