the Killer WHALE

Built with the lessons learned from Vietnam in mind, not to mention radical ideas 'borrowed' from Soviet experiments, the Killer WHALE (Warrior: Hovering Assault Launching Envoy) is designed as a patrol, assault and envoy vehicle, serving a role similar to seaborne light helicopters. The Killer WHALE has the following, impressive vehicular capabilities:

Armored Construction (s): constructed from a titanium alloy and nylon micromesh frame, the Killer WHALE is considerably resistant to enemy fire. It has an effective material strength of 13, and provides its operators intensity 8 (+2) protection from attack, since no matter where they are, they will typically be covered by at least half of the WHALE's bulk at any given moment.

Armored Cabin (s): while the pilot, gunner/navigator, and weapons operators are somewhat exposed while operating the Killer WHALE, the vehicle does have a large cabin that can hold passengers. This box, at the center of the vehicle, is heavily armored. It can hold a small, four-man assault team and boosts the intensity of the Killer WHALE's armor while riding within to 12 (+3).

Communications System (i): the Killer WHALE functions with significant range on land or sea, and as such it needs a good communications system to keep in touch with a main base. Functioning at intensity 6, the WHALE's radio allows it a 50 mile radio range, which is usually enough to either connect with a command ship or get a proper radio 'bounce' from friendly communicators in the field.

Depth Charges (i): the Killer WHALE is equipped with two depth charge racks. These can be loaded up with standard, 100 pound drums that are armed with pressure sensitive detonators (good for dropping them to specific depths to waylay submarines and such). These drums will explode to inflict intensity 15 damage to everything within near missile distance of their detonation point.

High Speed Reconnaissance Sled (i): similarly, the Killer WHALE is equipped with a small powered sled it can launch over the water, to assist in reconnaissance and surveillance on the water. While the WHALE itself is faster, a second pair of eyes never hurts, and this sled can also be used to get someone from one ship to another in a hurry. It has effective Super Swimming of intensity 1.

* Radio Transceiver (i): the Killer WHALE's recon sled is equipped with a mini-watt, highly directional radio transceiver that it can use to keep in contact with the main craft. This gear works with intensity 5 range, an approximate distance of 25 miles; this is almost the limit of its vehicular range as well, so this works out perfectly; after all, it can receive stronger signals more easily.

HL-66 Light Surveillance Cycle (i): somewhat slow on land, the Killer WHALE is equipped with a small, lightweight motorcycle to rapidly engage in reconnaissance and patrols. Stored just in front of the WHALE's fans when not in use, this vehicle can be broken out in seconds to assist in ground operations. The HL-66 Light Surveillance Cycle has effective Propulsion of intensity 4.

Pounder Cannons (a): mounted on each side of the Killer WHALE, these twin 105mm cannons can only fire at what is directly in front of the vehicle, but can strike to devastating effect. Fired in tandem, they will inflict +8 Shooting damage to whatever they hit, which is often enough to sink whatever it is that Cutter (or whoever else is manning them) is blasting at.

Quad Tube Missile Launchers (i): mounted on each side of the Killer WHALE, behind the Thrasher guns, these box launchers are loaded up with four anti-aircraft missiles each (and can be reloaded several times per mission). These powerful missiles inflict intensity 11 damage to their target when launched singly, with a +1 added for each missile fired (up to a maximum of 18).

Super Swimming (a): The Killer WHALE can move at approximately 35 knots (40 MPH) on the open water, though it is limited somewhat on land. If attempting a land crossing, the WHALE is limited to only intensity 1 speeds - 25 miles per hour - at maximum... which is why it is also equipped with a spare motorcycle in the event that the vehicle's driver needs to scout out an area in a hurry.

Thrasher Anti-Aircraft Guns (a): the Killer WHALE has two of these twinned, 50mm guns, each mounted in a 'Crow's Nest' ring turret for maximum range of fire. These can be fired to inflict their operator's Agility +7 damage at hostile aircraft, though they can also be wielded against other ships, vehicles, or even personnel. They have hundreds of rounds ready and loaded at the start of each mission.

1988 Variations

the Night Striker

A lightly modified Killer WHALE, the Night Striker has been outfitted and repainted in a primarily black color scheme - with nocturnal adventures in mind. A favorite of the Night Patrol despite the fact that its various fans make it rather loud while operating, the Night Striker gives that group all of the Killer WHALE's capabilities whenever they have need of them!

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